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Blue Maid

My joy knew no bounds when I saw him.

I quickly ran into his arms and held him tight

If I could stay here forever, I definitely will

I miss him so much

We unlocked from the kiss and he stared into my eyes

Adrian : I miss my blue eyes

Then he kissed my eyes

I hugged him again and stayed there

Clint cleared his throat and we looked at him

Clint : you guys might wanna go inside and continue your lovey lovey dicey

I chuckled and pulled Adrian inside.

Adrian : how did you get here Blue?

Me: it’s a long story. Sit down, let me get you a drink.

He sat down and I left.

Clint followed me with a cigarette in his hand

I entered the kitchen and placed my hands on the kitchen table.

I sighed deeply

I suddenly became very nervous

My heart was beating loud enough to hear

Clint leaned on the wall beside the door and watched me while smoking

I nervously washed the cups and poured out some drinks.

My hands were shaking

Clint : you’re scared aren’t you?

I looked at him and nodded innocently

He smiled and moved towards me

Clint : you love him right?

I nodded

Clint : and I’m sure he loves you too

I nodded again

Clint : don’t be scared to tell him about your misfortune. From the way I’ve seen him, he’ll understand you

Then he kissed my forehead and left.

I breathed in and took the drinks to the living room.

Adrian was looking at the blue flowers on the mantelpiece

Me: sweetie

He turned

Adrian : yeah baby

I handed the cup over to him and sat down.

He sat beside me

That was when I saw his arm

Me: baby, your arm. It’s still not really okay

Adrian : yes it isn’t. I’m not supposed to be out of the hospital yet but that place sucks

I touched the arm and he looked at me and whispered

Adrian :wanna heal it

I laughed and he pulled me to himself

He dropped the drink and made me drop mine too

Adrian : I need some medication right now

Me: I can’t heal it Adrian. Clint saw it already

Adrian : who’s Clint? The weird guy

I nodded

Adrian : where did you know him from? I don’t like the looks of him

I sighed deeply

Me: Adrian he’s the guy that kidnapped me

His eyes popped open

Adrian : what?

I swallowed the lump in my throat

Me: he was hired to kill me but he spared me

Adrian : OMG. Who the hell hired him?

Me: hmmm

Adrian : tell me

Me: it’s Princess Gladys. She even came to his house and asked him to show her my body. But he lied to her and sent her away. Then he brought me here because it’s safer

Adrian : gosh! How dare she do this? She’s such a bitch! That’s what she is. She dared to take you away from me? I’m going to kill that witch

Then he smashed the cup from the table to the floor

I closed my eyes

Adrian : is she responsible for Derek’s death too? Is she?

His tone was angry, harsh and venomous

I opened my eyes and saw that his own eyes were already red

His veins popped out and his muscles were stiff.

Adrian : I’m talking to you Blue

He grabbed my hand and tightened his grip.

Me: ouch Adrian you’re hurting me please

He released his grip and looked away

Adrian : I’m sorry….

I moved closer to him and hugged his injured arm

I could see he was at the verge of tears

I kissed his arm, below the bandage

Me: baby, cheer up. Derek’s not dead yet

He abruptly turned and looked at me

Adrian : what?

Me: he’s in coma. It was Clint that shot him and he said he didn’t shoot a delicate place so he can’t die

His face brightened up

Adrian : please tell me you’re not joking

I laughed

Me: will I joke about a thing like this?

He laughed and hugged me

Adrian : I’m so happy. I thought I lost the both of you. But why was he declared dead?

Me: because of some security reasons. Only his immediate family knows

He smiled brightly and stared at my lips

Me: don’t look at them

I playfully covered his eyes and he held my waist

I laughed as he used his mouth to trace my face

He found my lips and engulfed them

I held his neck and kissed him back

He carried me and made me sit on his thighs.

I held him tight and kissed his neck

He chuckled

Adrian : first time you’re doing that

I laughed and bite his neck

Adrian : ouch……

We laughed and he tickled my back

The door opened and it was Belinda.

She went to get some groceries.

Bel: oh my gosh Adrian….

She dropped her grocery bags and came towards us.

I quickly jumped off him and he stood up and hugged her

Bel: I’m so glad you’re safe

Adrian : yeah, I’m really happy to see you. You’re now a woman. Not the girl who always has a fight with Derek

We laughed

Adrian : so you stay here too

Bel: this is actually my home. I ran away from Scotland

Adrian : why??

Me: Princess Gladys…..

He was surprised and looked at me

Bel: it’s a long story though. We’ll talk later. Where’s Clint?

Me: check the yard. Let me help you with those

Adrian : let me help too

He came to carry a bag but I stopped him

Me: no no no PR..I..N..CE.. Adrian.

I stressed the Prince to he’ll know that he’s a prince and he’s not supposed to be doing things like this

Bel: hahaha, yeah Prince Adrian. Your highness should be resting. Allow us the subjects to do our duty

We laughed and Bel and I took the bags to the kitchen.


I sat down on the sofa with a smile on my face

I didn’t let the anger I felt towards Gladys make me irritable.

I bowed my head and Imagined myself kissing Blue again

I smiled and licked my lips

Me: Blue what did you do to me?

I rested my head on the top of the sofa and closed my eyes

Blue came back into the room and sat on my legs

I looked at her and she placed her hands on my Adam’s apple.

Me: soft hands

I laid my hand on her hands

She chuckled

I made her lie down on my chest and she wrapped her hands round my body

Me: baby, what happened to your hair

Blue : uhmm, well. It was during the kidnap. Uhh, Clint actually

Me: he touched your hair?? Why??

Blue : calm down baby. I don’t know why he did it but I like it

I sighed and touched the hair

Me: well it’s nice

I massaged her back and she smiled.

Then I saw a blue dot behind her neck

I touched it

Me: what’s this Blue dot?

Blue : huh, blue dot? Oh my goodness. It’s my birth mark

Me: what?? You have a weird birth mark??

She sat up and took her hand back and touched it

Blue : it’s magical. It’s one of the reasons my name is Blue

Me: wow. Is it supposed to be seen by everyone?

Blue : no it’s not. My hair always hid it but now, I really don’t know how to hide it

Me: how are we sure the others haven’t seen it?

She sighed

Me: you need clothes that will hide it. How about turtle necks

She nodded

Me: okay, I’ll order them online for you

I pulled her and kissed her cheek

Blue : there’s something you need to know?

Me: what’s that??

She sighed and held me tighter

She also closed her eyes

Me: baby, is something wrong with?

She nodded

I felt warm liquid sinking in, through my shirt

I quickly brought up her head

Me: Blue, why are you crying?

She didn’t answer

I became scared

Did another terrible thing happen?

Or is it about her bracelet?

Me: baby if it’s about your bracelet, it’s with me. You didn’t loose it

Blue : it’s not about the bracelet

Me: then what is it? Tell me baby

Blue : will you leave me?

Me: what? No, I can’t. I’m in love with you. I want you forever. There’s nothing that can make me leave you

She wiped her tears

Blue : something happened to me?

Me: tell me what it is baby. I won’t leave you. I’ll stand by you. Talk to me. We’re in this together baby

Her tears still flowed

I pulled her head closer and kissed her passionately

I wanted her to feel free and tell me anything

I wanted her to know that I’m hers and she could confide in me

Her stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes

Blue : I… I… I’m no longer a.. A virgin

Me: whatttt???

I released her and she shivered and closed her eyes

She opened them again and tears flowed out

Blue : I was raped during the kidnap. Clint didn’t know I was a virgin. He was not on our side then. I got raped by him. But he apologized already. He said he was sorry.

Please don’t leave me

I’m sorry please

My eyes widened

I was angry a little

Well I didn’t even know she was a virgin

But the thought of my Blue Maid being raped by some weirdo was driving me crazy.

I wanted to kill him

And it would have been awesome if my Blue was still a virgin for me

I would have felt really special

But now it’s not going to be so

Me: ahhhhhh

I screamed loudly and closed my eyes

She fell off my legs and began to cry on the floor

I opened my eyes and the sight of my princess crying pulled my heart out

Me: Blue

I called her and sat beside her on the floor

I hugged her tight and kissed her forehead

Me: it’s okay baby, it’s okay. I’m not gonna leave you okay. I’m still here for you

She looked up at me and I wiped her tears with my thumb

Blue : you’re not angry?

Me: well, I’m truly hurt but there’s nothing I can do about it. The deed is done already. But I’m still glad that if we’re gonna be intimate someday, I’ll be the first person you’ll be willing with right?

She nodded and I smiled and kissed her

Me: so don’t cry over spilled milk baby. I love you so much

She smiled

Blue : I love you too

I hugged her

Me: but I’m still gonna do something to Clint

Blue : what??

I stood up and pulled her to follow me

We went to the yard and found Clint smoking

Me: hey Clint

He looked at me and I moved to him and gave him a punch on his face

His lips broke and began to bleed.

He looked at me in surprise

Me: that’s for taking what belongs to me

Blue gasped and looked at me in surprise

I looked at Clint as he touched his mouth

Me: you deserved it

He chuckled

Clint : yeah, totally

I laughed and punched him

He gave me a fist pump

Me: we’re good??

He nodded and smiled

Clint : yeah, we’re good

Blue smiled

I looked at her and carried her up

Me: let’s go have a fun time baby

Blue : what are we going to do?

Me: you’ll know…..





To be continued

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