Sat. May 11th, 2024



I shook my head and dropped the hose.

I went into the house and looked at them all.

No sign of Clint

I went towards them

Me: he’s not going to kill me right?

Blue chuckled

Adrian : maybe he will. He’s pretty dangerous

Mother laughed

Ma’am Nina : he’s not gonna hurt you. He’s harmless

Me: how do you know?

Cindy: come on Audrey

She nudged me with her elbow

I then remembered that mother can see through

I sighed and sat down to eat.

We began to eat and the two guys walked in.

I quickly looked down

They we’re two empty chairs

One beside me and the other one between Belinda and Blue

I began to pray that Cadio should sit beside me

Too bad, he went to Belinda’s side

I quickly drank water to moisturise my suddenly dried throat

Everyone was talking and laughing happily except I and Clint

I was too scared to talk.

Thus is my first time being so much afraid of a human being.

Cadio : omg, she’s calling me

Clint chuckled but I didn’t look at him

Clint: I told you she will. You’re to good to let go


He finally spoke

He has a deep voice

So scary

I couldn’t wait for lunch to be over so I could stay away from him

Cindy : I’m I the only one who has noticed that Audrey isn’t herself again. I mean, she never stays quiet during meals and she’s not fighting with me over the cheese

I looked up

Blue : maybe she’s trying to impress our new friends

Adrian : especially Clint

Me : what…. No…. I just have a sour throat

Cindy: that’s a filthy lie. When did the sour throat begin

I became enraged

Me: Cindy don’t get on my nerves. You just made me lose my appetite

I dropped my cutlery and stood up to go

Clint: you should be pouring out your anger on me. I thought you wanted to deal with me, why are you now dealing with her. Or did my good looks make your anger change direction

Everyone bust out laughing, I looked back and crossed my arms

He looked up at me

Cadio : I am so loving this drama

I still walked out and went to stay upstairs in my room

I then started feeling hungry


I chuckled

Me: is she always like that?

Blue : no, she’s a fun character

Cindy: really sassy

Adrian : she’s a little bit of a bully

Belinda: addicted to hot guys

Mother: helpful and a foody

Cadio : and she’s that s£xy??

Belinda glared at him and I chuckled

Me: I think she’s scared of me

Adrian : haha, don’t worry buddy. Blue was once scared of me too but now….

He pecked her hair

We laughed

I think I like this family

Lunch was soon over and we went out to the front

We were all talking about different things.

I needed to take something from my bag upstairs so I went inside.

I saw Audrey sneaking in to the kitchen

I smirked and followed her

I stood by the door watching her and I chuckled

She hastily turned and saw me

I walked towards her

Me: if you had the appetite for food, why didn’t you just finish lunch with us

She turned back and dished out the food.

She began to eat it

Me: helloo, I’m talking to you

Audrey: what??

She yelled

Me: you’re pretty sassy, aren’t you?

She tried to walk away but I held her back

Me: no one walks out on me

I spoke coldly and with bloody eyes

She shuddered and I smirked evilly and walked out

I heard her plate and spoon smashing on the floor

I guess I really frightened her and it slipped off her hands


Mother suddenly became quiet and staring into space

Cadio and Belinda were playing and arguing

Cindy and Adrian were playing truth or dare

Silly things like when did you cry last

And I dare you to give me your phone

I was talking with mother when she suddenly became quiet

I held her hand and spoke to her

Me: mother

She looked at me

Ma’am Nina : Neptune City is in trouble

It was a whisper and I gasped

Me: what’s happening

Ma’am Nina : I don’t know but Kyl is a victim. I have to pay them a visit

Me: but mother, we were banished from Neptune City

Ma’am Nina : I know but, it’s not in existence anymore. Something isn’t just right. I have to see Kyl

Me: are you sure you’ll be fine

Ma’am Nina : I know I will.

Me: so when will you go

Ma’am Nina : three days from now

Me: I should go with you

Ma’am Nina : it will be safer if I go alone

I nodded

Me: let me get something from my room

She nodded

I stood up and went upstairs

I met Audrey

Me: hey

Audrey: hi

Me: whoah, what’s up with you? Are you okay?

Audrey: yeah, I heard my mom’s in town. I wanna go and see her. Haven’t seen her in two years.

Me: really? You should definitely go and see her, ever since we left service school you haven’t seen any of them

Audrey: they still think I’m a loser

Me: I should go with you. Probably with Adrian

Audrey: no, I wanna go alone. Tomorrow

Me: okay dear. Be careful

I patted her and she entered her room

Something tells me she’s trying to avoid Clint

I laughed and entered my room

I faced my mirror and realized I was getting skinny

And my blue eyes were getting light instead of deep blue

Me: oh no I’m getting ugly…..




To be continued

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