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Blue Maid

I quickly ran behind a tree and stood firmly behind it.

The guard came and looked around.

He saw footprints and wanted to follow it.

I caused the water to make bubbles and he turned and went there.

He saw Gladys drowning and he screamed.

He then got into the water and tried to bring her out.

I used the opportunity to run away since there were no lights on.

I got back to the hall, clutching the phone in my hand.

I sighted Adrian taking wine so I hastily walked over to him with a worried face

Me: Adrian

He turned

Adrian: Blue. Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you

Me: can we please go home?

Adrian: sure. We would have gone since but I didn’t see you

He dropped the glass on a waiter’s tray and held my hand

Me: have you seen the others?

Adrian: they were hanging around but I don’t see them anymore

I sighed as I felt his hand slip off my hand.

I really needed him to continue holding me or else I’m actually going to fall down

Then I felt the same hand brush over my back and held my waist firmly

I smiled and felt better

We got to the limo and the guards opened the door for us.

I got inside and sighed heavily

I rested my head on the seat and he looked at me.

The car already started moving and the demacation between us and the driver was already wined up

He drew me to himself and I hugged his chest tightly

His strong and comfortable arms surrounded my slender body and he pecked my hair

Adrian: Blue where did you go and what happened there

I sighed and held his shirt

Adrian: baby

He used his hand to lift my face up

He kissed me

Me : it was Gladys

Adrian : Gladys again

Me: it wasn’t her fault this time. I felt bored so I went to the lake to relax my brain. I got tempted to play with the water. I began to freeze and levitate it.

The place was dark so I wasn’t expecting anyone else there

Actually, Gladys came and videoed it

Adrian : what?

Me: I used my powers on her and collected the phone.

She looked scared

I lifted my hand to erase her memory but a guard was coming so I had to run away

But I knocked her out first

He sighed and looked away

Adrian : where’s the phone?

Me: here

I brought it out and gave it to him

We watched the video.

He began to laugh

Me: why are you laughing?

He looked at me

Adrian: you’re so cute

Then he kissed my nose

I smiled and kisses his lips

Me: but what if she exposes me

Adrian : without this video, she can’t. No one will believe her

Me: are you sure?

He nodded

Adrian: and if she gets into the hospital. We might visit her and erase her memory

Me: you’re sure about that?

He nodded again

Adrian : aren’t you missing your mom, Cindy and Audrey. Its been almost two weeks already

I nodded

Adrian : how about we all go home tomorrow. I mean all of us

Me: yes, please.

He chuckled and arranged my hair

We were already home.

We got inside and I hurriedly took a shower and slept off in my room


Blue and Adrian are coming home today.

I just can’t wait to see them

And they said they’re coming with Belinda and two other guys.

We know everything that happened

Blue always tells us

Mother and Cindy have forgiven Clint or whatever his name is but I haven’t forgiven him

Why should I forgive that ass hole?

He might be an assassin but I’m definitely not gonna spare him.

I helped mother in the kitchen as Cindy was cleaning the house.

Everything was set soon and I’m sure they’re gonna be around for lunch.

I sat in the living room when I heard a car honking

I and Cindy ran out and it was them.

We jumped and screamed happily

Blue came out and we hugged her the same time

We’ve missed her so much

Mother hugged Adrian first

I saw Belinda and we screamed and hugged each other

I was so happy to finally see her

Me: and where are the guys you guys came with?

I asked looking into the car

Blue : they’re coming with their own car

Belinda: oh, here they come

I got ready to harass Clint or probably do something awful

Make his life miserable

I looked at the water hose on the ground and took it

Me: which one should be Clint?

Belinda: the one with the long hair

Immediately the door opened and the first person that stepped out was a tall dude with long hair.

I immediately turned on the hose and showered him

Everyone gasped

I chuckled

Me: oops sorry

I said

He gently packed his wet hair away from his face and my jaw dropped

I think I’ve mistakenly showered the wrong person

This can’t be the Clint

This guy standing here is an angel on earth

I whispered to Belinda

Me: are you sure he’s the Clint

She nodded

Me: but he’s too handsome

I mistakenly screamed it out so everybody heard me.

They all began to laugh except him

Even the other hot dude beside him was laughing

Clint glared at me and I knew I was in trouble

Cadio : haha, come on Clint let’s get you inside

They all laughed and went inside except of course Clint who didn’t laugh

I was left outside with the stupid hose in my hand

But seriously

How can someone be so handsome??




To be continued

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