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Everything is set.

Different guests have arrived already and the ball room is lively

I can see my parents welcoming guests on our behalf.

I’m really happy

Derek: hey buddy

He patted my shoulder

Me: I’m kinda thirsty

Derek: some wine could do the trick

Me: I’m not gonna get some wine. I’d rather take water

Derek: hahaha, you don’t wanna get tipsy right. Because I know you know that you have a lot of drinking to do while talking to guests. Wait, Blue.. She has to drink too

I groaned

Me: uhhh, I never thought of that. She doesn’t drink

Derek: well I’m sure they’re be nonalcoholic drinks. She should take only that one

I nodded

One of the workers walked up to us

Worker: Sir, the party starts in 10mins

I nodded and she left

Derek: where’s Blue Maid?

Me: let’s go and check on them. In her room

We went upstairs and to her room

They were taking pictures


She’s so beautiful

She saw me and smiled

The most beautiful girl in my world

I love this girl

I walked over to her

Me: hey

I hugged her

Me: you’re the most beautiful woman tonight

She smiled brightly and I kissed her neck

She was wearing this long pretty red gown

I hired special people to make her up

But not too much because her natural beauty needed to come out.

We looked up and saw Cindy and Rainbow hugging themselves and staring at us with ”awwns, so cute, so pretty, gosh he’s so handsome”escaping from their mouths.

We laughed and disengaged though I slipped my hand over her waist

Derek: we’re all set for the party?

Belinda : yeah

Audrey : absolutely

Cindy & Rainbow : can’t… wa…it….

Then they giggled

Me: what’s with this two?

Blue : haha, they have absolutely the same character

Derek: who’s the pretty girl with Cindy?

Me: Blue’s childhood bestie, Rainbow

Derek: weird name but she’s pretty. I guess the name suits her

Me: come on guys, let’s go

Then we all moved out

Derek and the rest went to stay at the front of the ball room, waiting for us while we went behind the curtains.

We sat down at first because there were performances going on, on the stage.

When they were finally through, it was time to introduce us.

We stood up and I tucked her arm under my arm.

She smiled happily

Me: why ain’t you nervous

Blue : mother helped me.

I smiled and kissed her cheek

Then the voice said “…….Prince Adrian and his betrothed”

The curtains opened and we walked forward

Everyone clapped and cheered on us

Camera lights flashed on us from different angles.

Then my parents came and hugged us.

Then other kings and queens came.

Everything was going on smoothly.

We laughed and talked with lots of people.

Then we danced

Derek was dancing with Blue and I left to get a drink.

I felt someone looking at me

I turned to see the person but he entered the crowd

I shoved it off and went to talk with a Duke.

We talked for some time and I went back to Blue

Blue : hey, where did you go?

Me: get a drink

I lifted up the glass and she smiled

Blue : I wanna dance with you

Me: I’m just wondering how you already know how to dance

Blue : Audrey always taught me and Cindy too

I dropped the glass on a waiter’s tray and took her to the dance floor

We danced and laughed

I desperately wanted to kiss her.

I began to wish today was actually our wedding day.

She rested her head on my shoulder

Me: Blue, I love you

Blue : Adrian, I love you too

The party’s already over.

Blue has gone upstairs with the others.

I just need to get something from my chamber for Blue.

It’s something I know she’ll love

Has to do with the ocean.

I entered my room and felt an unusual presence

Me: something’s not right

I whispered to myself

Just then I felt a presence at my back

I turned and saw someone who was covered in black outfit from head to toe.

The only visible part of his body was his eyes

He kicked my neck with his leg and I fell down and blacked out


I’m suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

As if a heat brooded over me.

My eyes began to hurt and my heart beat increased.

I sat down on the bed and held my eyes

Belinda: Blue, are you okay?

She held my hand

Audrey came in right then

Belinda : Audrey get me water, quick

Audrey : what’s wrong with Blue

Belinda: just get me water

Audrey quickly brought the water from the fridge and Belinda opened it and gave me to drink

But before I could actually take the bottle, I fell down and everything turned dark.

I woke up and looked around

I was lying on the bed with a different dress.

A short white gown.

My friends were sitting beside me on the bed

Rainbow : Blue, you’re awake

Audrey : thank God

Cindy: how are you doing?

Me: what happened?

Belinda : you fainted

Audrey : must be stress

Their voices were all gloomy and sad

I looked at them

Me: you guys aren’t telling me something

Audrey sighed

Belinda: we’re sorry Blue but, Prince Adrian was declared missing two hours ago

Me: whaat!

Cindy: it’s so weird

Audrey held me

Me: how can he be missing? What exactly happened to my Adrian?

Rainbow hugged me

Cindy: he’ll be found soon. The government is already into it

Me: the government, what government. Last time, the government couldn’t find him

Belinda : calm down Blue

My tears welled up and I felt sad.

I have to put an end to this

Whosoever is after my Adrian

The door opened and mother walked in

She came and hugged me

Me: mother, Adrian is missing

Mother: I know darling. I know

I began to cry on her shoulder

Mother: Belinda, there’s a maid looking for you outside. She says a guy wants to see you

Belinda: oh that must be Cadio, I called him. Guys I’ll be right back

She left and shut the door

Mother: okay, Blue and Rainbow buckle up. I know where Prince Adrian is, he’s at an island called Douglas on the waters of the Isle Of Man.

We’ll take you to Solway Firth now and you’ll swim there and get him.

Then we’ll tackle down who his abductors are by ourselves. Understand?

We all stared at her in surprise

Then we suddenly hugged her at once and laughed happily.

I’m going to get my Adrian





To be continued

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