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Neptune City


Ma’am Nina swam as fast as she could towards the city.

She stopped when she saw what it has now turned into

Ma’am Nina : oh my goodness

The city was ruined

Mer-beings looked like death sentenced creatures.

Nina gasped and couldn’t believe it.

No one even noticed her

Everyone was dull

The mer-folks were so reduced in number

The once lively city was now so dull and empty

Nina : what happened to the guards?

She asked herself looking around

She swam to the heart of the city and felt a force that made her weak

Nina: it’s this place. It has a bad aura

She looked around

She recognized some people

Ma’am Lyn swam past her

Nina: Lyn…

Lyn looked back and saw Nina

Lyn: oh sweet Neptune, Nina you’re alive

They hugged

Nina: yes I’m alive

Lyn: everyone thought you were dead. But how did you survive

Nina: it’s a long story. Please what happened here? This isn’t the Neptune City I know

Lyn sighed and told her exactly what happened

Nina: oh no, this is not good. I have to see Kyl, take me to her

Lyn swam ahead and Nina followed her.

They got to a place where everyone was lying down except some few people who were attending to them

Nina: what is this place?

Lyn: it’s where all sick merfolks are attended to.

Nina: Kyl is here?

Lyn nodded and pointed to a pale and old mermaid at the end of row.

Nina recognized her because of her tail

She swam there and held her hand

Nina: Kyl…

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Nina

Kyl : Nina, Nina is that you??

Nina: it’s me Kyl, it’s me

Kyl began to cry

Kyl : forgive me Nina. Please forgive me for being so stupid and immature. I’m sorry Nina

The two mermaids began to cry

Nina: it’s okay Kyl. Everything happened for a reason. Please don’t blame yourself

Lyn: I’m sorry for causing problems between you

She narrated her schemes and Kyl was so angry with her

She felt really furious but Nina calmed her down and told her to forgive

Kyl: but I can never see my Rainbow again. My Rainbow is still gone

Nina consoled her and told her it will be okay

Nina looked around and saw Jace too.

The queen was standing beside him

Nina : Jace is here too?

Kyl : he should be the worst case among the youths

Lyn nodded

Nina swam there and greeted the queen who was so happy to see her.

Jace opened his eyes and saw Nina

He was so happy

He sat up immediately

Nina hugged him and he asked about Blue

Nina: she’s very fine Jace

Jace: which city are you staying? Which city allowed you in?

Nina smiled and arranged his hair

Nina: you will know at the right time Jace

Jace smiled and nodded

He was so happy

Jace: I want to see Blue. I really want to. Why didn’t you come with her?

Nina: she has to take care of some things while I’m away. That’s why

She stayed there and attended to other people.

Her presence made everyone happy

The king apologized for the hatred they showed them and Nina forgave them.

Queen: we are waiting for someone to liberate us. And take us out of her

Nina: why can’t you all just leave?

Queen: it’s not possible. No one wants to receive us. And this place is killing us

Nina: what can be done

Queen : before ma’am Mabelle died, she said someone who we rejected was going to help us

Nina brought down her head and began to think




Princess Gladys

The human gave me something that made me feel dizzy

Later I woke up in a different room.

Everything was weird

My head was hurting so bad I felt like my brain would pull out.

I sat up and wondered what happened

Me: while I’m I not in Neptune City?

I looked around thinking I was kidnapped by aliens

Then I looked at what used to be my tail

Me: why do I have legs? I’m I human? Or maybe I was just dreaming?

I shook the thought off

Me: no.. I’m Rainbow. Where is Blue? What about mother and ma’am Nina? Where is Jace?

I began to cry because I felt crazy

I felt a sharp pain in my head and I screamed loudly and held my head

The pain was persistent

The door opened and humans rushed in and calmed me down.

I felt better as I laid down

I closed my eyes and it all began to flow in

How I was sucked up by the grey ditch

How I blacked out and woke up in this type of room

I remembered that I didn’t know where I was or who I was

Then my full memory worked in

Me: oh no!

I said when I remembered

Me: I’m Princess Gladys

I yelled

Me: no, I can’t. No it can’t be

I began to cry

I remembered everything I did

Me: I’m not a killer. No I’m not. I’m not a killer

I cried so hard and began to destroy things

The doctor came in again.

They tried to inject me but I stopped them

Me: I wanna leave this place. I need explanation. I need to stop being confused

Doctor: you’re not fit for it yet

Me: yes I am

Please let me go

I was late discharged but I knew within myself that I needed help.

I got back to the castle and wished the king didn’t die

But I went to the queen who was Princess Gladys’ mother.

Because I know I’m not Princess Gladys

I tried to forget everything about my mermaid self and be a human till I get explanation

Queen : Gladys dear, why did you leave the hospital? The doctor’s said you were acting strange and I was just getting ready to see you

Her voice was so gentle and kind but I still felt angry at my situation

Me: who I’m I?

Queen: what

Me: who exactly I’m I? I know I’m not Princess Gladys. You told me I lost my memory when I was younger but now I don’t understand anymore. I’m not who you say I am. I’m not your daughter

The queen’s face changed

Queen: what are you saying Gladys? Is your daddy’s death affecting you this much?

I could see pain in her eyes

Me: he’s not my daddy and you’re not my mommy either

Her face changed again

Queen : please Gladys, I don’t have time for this drama. I have a lot on my plate

Her voice was choking with tears

Me: I’m not your biology daughter right?

I asked her but she didn’t look back

Me: you said I lost my memory. But it’s back now, I remember everything now

She turned abruptly

Queen: what?

Me: I need answers now. How did I become your daughter?

She sighed and sat down then began to cry


Sixteen year old Princess Gladys is getting ready for a picnic lunch with her father at the beach.

She loves being with him and decided they should have a good time.

She walks over to the balcony of her room.

Her room is large and has a balcony.

She was on heels and she tried to take her blankie from the closet when her mother came in.

Queen: Gladys, your dad is already at the beach

Gladys: what he didn’t wait for me?

Queen: he asked me to come with you. He’s checking some things out there

Gladys: with guards I guess

Queen: yes, quick come down

Gladys stepped on a towel and wanted to dodge the wardrobe but her feet hit the railing and she fell down the balcony

The queen screamed and ran to her

She was not talking but laying motionless and her skin had already turned red.

Servants hurried up and helped her to the hospital

She was immediately attended to but she didn’t wake up.

Her brain was damaged.

She stayed unconscious for two years

The king was contacted about his daughter’s condition and he didn’t want to believe it

He turned all his anger to the queen for being so careless

She was not to be blamed but he blamed her and threatened to divorce her

Her queenship was all she had and she cried because of her misfortune.

She knew how much Gladys meant to the king.

She went to the beach where Gladys wanted to go and cried there everyday.

Her life was becoming miserable

It was late and the sun was setting when she saw a naked girl on the shore.

She was surprised

She went to the girl and looked her over

She was alive but unconscious.

She quickly took her to the hospital with her guards.

The girl was in coma.

It was that day that Gladys died.

The news shattered the queen’s world

Since she was in the hospital, she was the first to hear about it and she immediately asked the doctor to keep it a secret.

She paid him huge amounts of money and begged him to perform a secret plastic surgery on the girl she brought.

To make her look exactly like Princess Gladys.

Since the real Princess Gladys died at eighteen, there was resemblance in the body structure of the two girls.

The doctor was paid double money and he performed the surgery

No one knew about the death of the original princess.

They thought she was still in coma.

Two months later, the girl woke up.

The queen was so happy

She wanted to pay the doctor to have her memories wiped off but therapy confirmed that she had already lost her memory.

The king was happy that his daughter was alive and the queen was happy that her problem was solved.

She however felt bad for her real daughter

That’s why she was never really close to the girl.

She always felt guilty




To be continued

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