Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

Girl: hi, I’m Cindy

Blue: (dull voice) nice to meet you Cindy. I’m Blue.

Cindy : huh Blue? That’s a lovely name. And I love your Blue eyes, Blue. It rhymes with the uniform.

She nudged her with her elbow and gave her a wink. Making Blue to laugh

Blue: thanks Cindy

Cindy: wow it’s a relief to see that you smiled after that weird girl created a scene. Don’t mind her, she’s paranoid or something.

Wow, what an outspoken girl. Blue thought

Blue: it’s okay

Cindy: so where are you from and why do u want to enrol here to be a Maid. You look really beautiful and I don’t think you’re being a maid for nothing. Even your skin is so smooth. You look rich.

Blue was struck, how was she going to answer that. Should she tell her that she’s from Neptune’s city in Atlantic Ocean and that she was a mermaid so since she was new to the human world, she needed something to do and the only thing possible was to come to the service school?

Blue :(to herself) no way

Cindy : what

Blue didn’t know that what she said was a little bit audible

Blue: oh, nothing

Cindy : so which part of UK are you from? Wales, Ireland, Scotland or England?

Blue : uhmm, Scotland

She didn’t even know what that was but she just said it to save herself

Cindy: lovely. You look really Scottish. Well I’m English. Born and trained up there but relocated here to Scotland last year

Blue: nice.

Just then the man at the counter spoke into the intercom

Man: number 207. You’re needed

Cindy : oh my! That’s me. I’ll see you inside Blue.

She said and took off to the office where the screening was conducted.

Blue sighed in relief

Blue: what a human! She’s just like Kiera, ma’am Lily’s daughter

For the next few minutes she sat down in silence but then something hit her mind. HER NUMBER?

How on earth I’m I going to know it? She looked around and saw that each uniform had a number badge on it. She hastily looked at hers and sighed.

Not less than two minutes, she heard her number. Number 211.

She headed to the room she saw Cindy going to earlier. When she got to the door, she didn’t know what to do. She touched the handle and it moved down and creaked. She applied more force and it opened.

But she saw different desk with different people on it. She looked around and saw that one woman had no one attending to.

She went to her and greeted her, according to her instincts and how she saw others doing

Woman: do sit down young miss and hand me your papers.

Blue handed her the envelope . She opened them and looked through them with Blue just watching. The woman looked up and smiled. Blue smiled back.

The woman was impressed.

Woman: you have an excellent result. I hope you’ll do well in the service school.

Blue: yes I will ma’am.

The woman smiled and began to arrange some papers and files. She took some things from the envelope and kept them in the file.

Then she stamped some papers and handed it over to Blue, including her envelope.

Woman : you can now go through the door over there and meet the young man there.

Blue: thank you

Then she stood up, smiled and left.

She met the man who checked the stamped papers and directed her to where the other girls were gathered.

Blue was tired and her legs hurt.

It seems I’m hungry. She said to herself

She got to where the ladies were sitting and sat down.

Their were categorizing them and putting them into dorms (dormitory)

It got to her turn and she was put into the C dorm. All the ladies in the C dorm were asked to enter into a long double decker bus.

All this things were new to Blue and she couldn’t help wondering. She kept looking about until they reached the dorm.

Their all got down and each one of them were assigned to different rooms with bunk beds.

Everyone that had friends kept talking and chatting but Blue was lonely. She wasn’t with any luggage and didn’t know what to do. She was about moving to her bed which had her number on it, when she tripped and almost fell but someone held her.

The person helped her stand properly and they saw their faces.

Girl: oh it’s you the clumsy feet stepper. You’re in this dorm.

Then she scoffed and let go of Blue’s hand and walked away to her bunk at the other end of the room.

Blue : (yelling a little) uhmm, thank you. (to herself) Well at least you came in handy, or else my face would be all red and swollen now.

She turned and faced her bunk bed not knowing what to do

Cindy: Blue!! Oh my goodness we’re in the same dorm. We’re going to be pals and do things together. Isn’t that lovely

Blue looked back and saw Cindy.

She sighed,

Blue: (to herself) this human is really going to make me to be talking always

To Be Continued

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