Fri. Feb 9th, 2024


Oh no, I have to get a stylist, no make up artist or whenever.

I just have to get something before Saturday night.

I don’t want the girls to think I’m lazy again.

Now where did I keep that laptop.

It’s not on my bed.

Ahh, neither is it on my bedside table.

Gosh, this is frustrating

Just then someone knocked.

Me: the door’s open

Then Blue walked in

Thank God

Since Blue came everything always turned out right. She has a good aura around her. She could just help me out

Me: Blue…..

Blue : HI ma’am

Me: you really don’t have to add that last word.

Blue : why you don’t like it?

Me: I do. A lot. I always want all the workers here to call me that. But you……. You’re an exception. We’re age mates you know

Blue : uhmm, okay age mate. But what are you looking for?

I checked under my bed before answering her

Me : my laptop

Blue : you mean the one on your yellow butt pillow

She pointed to the floor, where my huge butt pillows were. They were all yellow though of different shapes and designs. I looked through all of them in neuroseconds and finally saw my laptop.

Me: yay, I found it

Blue : you must really like yellow to make everything here yellow. I’m sure you would have found your laptop on time if it wasn’t designed to yellow and white stripes.

Me : yellow is my best color. I even wish my name was yellow, just like you’re Blue

Blue laughed.

I must say, this girl is really beautiful. I’m being attracted to her as a girl, I wonder how many guys flock around her.

Blue : uhm, is there anything you think I could do for you right now ma’am

Me : Hmmm

I really don’t like it when she calls me ma’am

I guess she read my mind

Blue : oh sorry, I meant Belinda

Me : that’s better. Well, I really have to get a stylist or makeup artist now. So I’ll want to check online. And I need you to help me out

Blue : sure

Me : good. Let’s stay here on my huge and comfy pillows.

We both stayed on the floor while sitting on the pillows which were very huge and soft. We kept going through the list of stylist and I didn’t find any which suited my taste.

Me : all this searching is making me thirsty

Blue : should I get you something to drink?

Me : yes please. I need a smoothie. Check my fridge, banana flavor.

She stood up and walked to the fridge which was next to my closet. She opened it and brought out a smoothie can and was about closing the fridge but I told her to take one for herself too.

She smiled and looked through the fridge, found the one she wanted and closed the fridge.

Blue : here it is, your banana smoothie

Me : thanks, there’s nothing like a chilled drink on a hot day

She chuckled and sat beside me

Blue : thanks for letting me take one of your smoothies

Me : you’re welcome.

I dropped my smoothie beside me, that’s on the other side because Blue was on the first side.

I decided to check what flavor she took.

Hmm, blueberry.

I guess she likes blueberries just like I like bananas.

Just then I remembered I haven’t seen Derek since morning

Me: Blue, have you seen Derek today?

Blue : no I haven’t. Have you?

Me : no I haven’t either

I dropped my laptop and took my drink

Blue was playing with her can, or maybe admiring the blue color

She then turned to me

Blue : shouldn’t you maybe, call him

Me : I guess I should. I think my phone is on the bed, help me with it please

She obediently stood up and walked to my bed and returned with the phone.

Me : thank you

Blue : I’ll have to get going. If you want anything, you can call on me

Me: kk, later Blue

She took her smoothie and left the room.

I changed my mind from calling him with my phone.

I pressed a few keys on my laptop and his phone began to ring.

I was video calling him

He picked up after what seemed like eternity. And he was shirtless

hey whatsup

Derek, where are you

who’s looking for me

I am

haven’t seen me today right

yes you’ve not been at home

I’m at Alice’s place

what? You’re with that damn girl again


what is wrong with you Derek

I’ll be home by evening before dinner


Then I cut it

Eish, Alice! I hate her. I so hate her. She keeps seeing herself as the only one with the final say.

And she only believes in herself.

Always thinking she needs nobody’s help.

She’s just too independent for my liking.

What did Derek see in that witch?


I really got myself into trouble by breaking a bottle of wine. And it was expensive. Really expensive.

I quickly cleaned up the place, but good thing the whole wine didn’t pour out. I took the bottle to my room and poured out the content into a jug. I’ll deal with it later

I was just going out with the broken bottle when I bumped into Blue.

The broken bottle injured her left arm and it began to bleed seriously.

Me: OMG, Blue, I’ve hurt you

Blue : jeez, I’m bleeding so much

Me : and it’s so red, I actually always thought your blood was blue because of the way you like Blue so much

Blue : ahh, my arm hurts

Me : come on, let’s have you treated

I dropped the bottle in a trashcan nearby and rushed her to my bathroom.

I bathed the injury with warm water and applied methylated spirit. Then I had it bandaged, though I don’t know if what I did was even correct. I didn’t care when they were teaching us in service school.

Blue : it stings

Me : I’m really sorry for doing this to you.

Blue : it’s okay.

Me: Do u want to stay here or you want to go to your room?

Blue : I’ll stay here

Me: okay, I’ll just get you water

I went back to the bathroom and washed my hands after I arranged my bed for Blue to lie down.

I don’t take any crap when it comes to Blue and Cindy. Those two girls are my life.

I don’t joke with them

They were the only ones who accepted me for who I am when I needed acceptance.

Truth be told, if I was still as lonely as I was that day and didn’t make any friends, I would have committed suicide.

I quickly got back to the room and gave Blue water to drink from the water filter.

Me: I better go and continue to clean up Derek’s room. I accidentally broke his wine bottle

Blue : and why did you bring the broken bottle to your room huh

She asked me sarcastically, I know she knows why

Me: hey, the wine was remaining. You want it to waste

She laughed and I smiled.

Me : I’ll be back in a jiffy

I left the room and walked down the hallway and was about taking the turn leading to Derek’s room.

Derek and Belinda’s room were along the same hallway, but you’ll meet Derek’s door first

Just as I was about taking that turn, I bumped into the chief maid’s daughter.

What’s with me and bumping into people today.

Carol: watch where you’re going?

Me : same thing applies to you pumpkin pie

She scoffed

Carol: don’t you dare call me that

Me :don’t you dare raise your tone at me

Carol: and what if I do

Me : then you’ll understand the real meaning of having a taste of your own cake

She chuckled

Carol: in your dreams girl

She tried to walk past me but I grabbed her hand and twisted it badly.

She gave a yell, but I covered her mouth and pushed her forward.

Me : don’t you try to take me for granted.

Then I walked away

I so hate nonsense

I didn’t even bother to look back at her, I just went into Derek’s room.

I was so angry I couldn’t even concentrate.

I decided not to touch anything and just look things out with my eyes.

Anything I saw was not right, I gently corrected it.

I checked the time, 6:47pm. Almost time for dinner.

I went back to my room but Blue wasn’t there.

Where did she go?


It was almost time for dinner, I told Bel I’d be home by now. Alice didn’t want me to leave, she wanted me to spend the night with her.

I dare not do that today or Belinda is going to skin me alive. She really hates Alice and I think Alice doesn’t like her either.

I was so exhausted that I climbed up the stairs as slowly as I could. My phone was in my left hand and I used my right hand to support myself against the railing.

When I got to the end of the first staircase and was about to start the other one I saw Blue coming down from upstairs.

She stopped immediately she saw me and bowed her head, took her left hand behind her and slowly walked towards me.

I didn’t move, was just looking at her.

Her hair kept falling over as she bent her head and her right hand kept adjusting it and keeping it in place.

I wonder why her left hand is behind her

She got two steps ahead of me and bowed her head

Blue: good evening sir

I didn’t reply

Just stared at her

She lifted up her face and looked at me.

Our eyes met and she instantly brought her face down

Me : how are you doing Blue Maid?

Blue smiled

Me : I hope you’re okay if I call you Blue Maid?

Blue : yes sir, it’s okay

I smiled and climbed up the stairs, she shifted and stood very close to the railing creating enough distance for me to pass.

Her left hand was still behind her, and her right hand tucked her hair behind her ear and stayed there.

Is she hiding something with the left arm?

I walked to the step she was, still very slow.

When my left leg was on the step above her, I quickly grabbed her left hand and pulled it forward.

I wish I didn’t.

She gave out a very painful shriek and snatched her hand back.

It began to bleed again showing through the poorly applied bandage.

Who did this rubbish?

Blue began to cry and my heart fell.

I felt really bad

Me : Blue I’m sorry please. I didn’t know you were injured

She nodded and said amidst tears

Blue :I’ll.. just go and…. fix…. fix this up

She tried to move back upstairs

Me : no wait. Let me help you. The other bandage you applied earlier wasn’t good enough.

She didn’t say anything and I took that as a yes.

I held her through her back to the left shoulder and held her right arm as we slowly walked up the stairs.

I liked her height, I was a bit taller than her. But I love her hair, blonde and long.

I looked into her hair again.

Wait, it was dyed.

She dyed her hair blonde.

As we walked she missed a step and almost fell but I held her. She looked up and smiled at me. I smiled back.

She faced forward but I couldn’t stop smiling.

Why I’m I still smiling?

Can someone tell me why I’m still smiling

To make matters worse, I almost burst into laughter.

You know that kind of joy you feel by yourself and you suddenly start laughing.

Finally we got to my room and I opened the door.

I helped her inside and had her sit on my bed.

She still held her bleeding arm.

Maybe I should wash that

Blue : we should wash it right

Me: yeah, come over

She came and I washed her hand gently.

Smooth skin, no scars.

Okay maybe I haven’t seen the other parts of her body. She definitely should have a scar.

We went back to the room, she sat on my bed and I squatted in front of her and held her hand.

I felt her shiver

Is she afraid?

To Be Continued




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