Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

Ma’am Nina and Blue woke up the next day and ma’am Nina wore the pearl bracelet and took off. She said she was going to see if the coast was clear. She was going to find out the best route to take without alerting the guards and what they would need if they got to the shore.

Blue was really scared and didn’t want her mother to go but the woman had already made up her mind.

After she left, Blue decided to stay with the fishes outside. She was still nervous but felt a little bit relieved when she was with them. Chloe decided to take her to the octopus habitat and spy on them

Blue: aren’t they dangerous with their ink and tentacles

Chloe: we are not going close to them. We’re just watching them from a distance

Now you should know that fishes can’t talk but only do so under magical spells. Ma’am Nina had thought Blue how to make animals talk using magic

Blue: okay, let’s go

They went there and peeped at the eight legged animals. With different colors, some red, some brown and some orange.

The way they moved as if their head was dragging them backwards made Blue life.

Blue: why is it that octopuses do not have a body apart from their big head with eight legs sticking out of the head?

Chloe: well legend has it that the first octopus was enchanted by an evil witch who didn’t like his family. She took his body away

Blue: ohh, that’s sad

Just then, an octopus swam their way and opened up it’s pores to spring ink on Blue

Chloe: oh no, Blue watch out

But it was too late, the ink was all over her tail and kept spreading round it

Blue: oh no! My tail. It’s stinging

Chloe : what’s happening to your tail?

Something was really happening to her tail. It was fading. From its bright Blue color to a faded one.

Chloe : let’s get you home immediately. Your mother might be able to fix it.

Blue : but she’s not at home

Chloe : let’s just go

Then they left and luckily ma’am Nina was returning home. Blue was really happy that she forgot about her tail

Ma’am Nina : what happened to your tail

Blue: it was an accident mother. I’m so glad you’re back. Tell me what news you have

Ma’am Nina : yes but first let’s get you fixed up.

She twirled her fingers and pointed them at Blue’s tail till it went back to normal

Blue: thanks mother

Ma’am Nina : get all your precious things ready. I figured a route free from the guards. And I got some human clothes for us. It seems tomorrow, they’re admitting maids into the service school. Where they will be taught how to attend to high class families and public events. We’re sneak in to the queue and get admitted too. From there we can make a living

Blue : sounds like a plan but…

Ma’am Nina : no buts. Quick, get your things ready. We’ll live very early tomorrow morning.

Blue had to obey though she wasn’t happy. She had this strong feeling that she was not going to be accepted in the human world………

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