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He just had her pinned to the wall, making it hard for her to even breathe. She was still trying to break free but Derek was really strong. Or was it the alcohol?

Derek tried to kiss her but she made use of that opportunity to lift her hands up cos he released his grip a little.

She pushed him and tried to freeze him but right then the door flung open and Belinda rushed in.

Belinda : what’s going on here? Derek, is he drunk again?

Blue nodded

Belinda: ahhh, he’s so nonchalant

Derek : shut your mouth you fool

Belinda: you even smell like alcohol. Ugh,! Come on Blue, let’s go.

She pulled Blue out of the room and closed the door.

Derek began to hit his fist against the wall until he stumbled back and fell on his bed.

Blue : thank you

Belinda: but how did you get into his room? Did he pull you?

She nodded

Belinda: but I hope you’re okay?

She nodded again

Bel: never mind what just happened. Derek is a good guy and only gets very drunk when he’s angry. Someone might have enraged him. Sorry

Blue : it’s okay. Thank you. I’ll go to my room now

Belinda went into her room and Blue raced down to the second hallway and entered her room.

The where the only maids who lived in that part of the building because of who they work for. And of course the maid that attends to Lady Abbie, and that’s the chief maid.

Audrey : what took you so long. Just to bring down curtains or you were doing other things?

Blue: I went to attend to Belinda

Audrey : and why do you look so gloomy? Did something happen?

Blue sighed and dropped on the bed beside Audrey

Blue : Derek, he… He tried to uhmm, rape me I think

Audrey jerked off from the bed

Audrey : what? How dare he? Is he drunk or something?

Blue : yes, he was drunk

Audrey : well I don’t care about that. He shouldn’t temper with you that way. If I was the one, I would have kicked him so hard. Make him bleed in the nose

Blue : actually it was Belinda who came to my aid

Audrey sighed

Audrey : girl, I need to teach you some karate.

Blue laughed

Audrey : I’m serious. You need something you can use to defend yourself

Blue laughed again. If only she knew that she was about to freeze Derek then move him to his bed with a move of her fingers. He will actually just wake up in bed the next money and remember what he did, not knowing what she did.

It was already morning, Blue had sneaked out of the bed without waking Audrey up. The sassy girl had slept off in her bed.

Belinda was going skating today with her friends. So she needed to pack snacks and drinks for her. Plus some towels and sun lotion.

She dropped them in her car and cleaned it up too.

She went upstairs to see if Bel was up.

She knocked gently and the door opened

Blue : good morning ma’am

Belinda: good morning ma’am Blue

Blue smiled

Blue : you’re up already. Won’t you come down for breakfast? Or you want breakfast in bed?

Belinda: I’ll come down for breakfast. And please, could you take those extra skates into the car and also the helmets.

Blue : sure

She went and took them over to the car.

Belinda went down for breakfast. It was just her and mom and Derek.

She refused to say hi to Derek, only her mom

They kept on eating without a word. Which was quite unusual because their father was not around.

Lady Abbie : are you too fighting?

Derek : no

Lady Abbie : are you sure?

Derek : yes

And that was all that was said

Blue and Audrey were in their room having breakfast. The chief maid’s daughter brought it up for them.

They were laughing and eating and throwing the cereals at each other.

Blue began to choke and Audrey started laughing at her.

Blue : look Now, we’re supposed to be through with breakfast and aren’t you supposed to trim Derek’s garden

Audrey : ugh, I hate his garden. Too many butterflies. They keep bugging around me

Blue : what, butterflies are adorable. Are they blue butterflies?

She shrugged

Audrey : I don’t care about them

Just then, the chief maid’s daughter came in

Audrey : weren’t you taught how to knock before entering a room that’s not yours

Girl: as far as you guys are maids too, I have every access to your rooms anytime I want. Don’t you know that I’m the chief maid’s daughter?

Blue : even Belinda would knock before entering. Who are you not too?

The girl scoffed and rolled her eyes

Girl : sir Derek wants to see you now at his garden.

Audrey : I’m still on my breakfast

Girl : not you. The Blue Maid

Audrey : Blue Maid?

Girl : that’s what he called her.

Then she left

Blue : seems I’m Now Blue in color

Maybe he wants to apologize for yesterday

Audrey : be careful Blue Maid. But just know that your delicious breakfast will be gone by the time you get back

Blue : hahahaha

Derek was sitting at his garden table. The garden was really beautiful and small sized. Different from the mansion’s actual garden

He had a soft spot for flowers and animals.

And didn’t care when butterflies flew round him as if he had nectar on him

Blue : good morning sir

Derek : ohh, Blue Maid. Good morning. Sit down

Blue hesitated. She was a maid, she shouldn’t do that

Derek : don’t worry I mean no harm. Just sit.

She did so gently and he smiled

Derek : Blue. I really want to apologize for yesterday. I was really drunk and couldn’t control myself. I’m really sorry I tried to hurt you. It won’t repeat itself

Blue saw sincerity in his eyes as he looked at her. She smiled and bowed her head

Blue : it’s okay sir. I understand. And besides you didn’t do anything

Derek : I would have, if Belinda didn’t intervene

Blue : ohhh, well thank goodness she did

Derek : so are we good now?

Blue : yes

Derek : do me a favor

Blue : okay

Derek : close your eyes

Blue : huh?

Derek : just do it

She obediently did so

Derek : open………. TADAAA!

Blue : jeez! Sir Derek

Derek : do you like it

Blue : I love it

Derek : I knew the blue maid with the blue eyes will like the blue flowers

Blue smiled

Blue : are they from your garden?

Derek : yes. I always have bluebells in my garden

Blue : thank you sir. I’m really grateful

Derek : now, shift them to the side of your face. Let me see both the eyes and the flowers

He helped her use her hand to take the flowers to her face and even adjusted it to the best position

Derek : yeah perfect. Wow, they are so beautiful together. You have such beautiful eyes Blue

Blue : {smiles} thank you

From afar the chief maid’s daughter was passing by when she sighted them

She began angry

Girl: what the hell is wrong with this Blue Maid. She doesn’t know her boundaries? And she’s openly flirting with the young master. I better report her to mom

Then she went back inside hurriedly

To be continued

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