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Blue: Rainbow…..Rainbow….. Rainbow come back….. Don’t die on me please…… I need you Rainbow. Rainbow remember our promise.

Jace holds her tight and doesn’t let her swim towards the ditch as she wanted to do. He too was sobbing silently. He had lost the first mermaid he liked liked that liked liked him too.

He pulled her closer and turned around and met the royal guards staring at them. She didn’t lift her head up and so didn’t see them on time. Then she muttered silently

Blue: I killed her

Jace didn’t hear her properly

Jace: huh, what did you say

Blue: I killed Rainbow. I killed her. I killed my best friend

She suddenly began to cry and pushed Jace away. That was when she sighted the royal guards ahead of them.

Chief guard : don’t move! And you move away from her now!

Blue didn’t understand what was going on and so did Jace.

Then it dawned on him, they were going to tag Blue as the culprit because of what she said.

Jace: chief guard it’s not what you….

Chief guard: shut up! Cadet, take him back to the city. We’ll be right behind you

Jace was forcefully taken away from the scene back into the city. He knew he wouldn’t be tagged along in the case because of his father’s influence and connection. But he was scared because of Blue. He would have helped her but he couldn’t do anything without his father’s help. And he’s father was strict and wouldn’t help.

The chief guard assigned soldiers to take Blue away to the royal dungeon until the king called for her and for her case.

As they got into the city, mer-beings were out waiting for them, seems the first soldiers had already spread the news and told them that the culprit was behind them.

They were expecting to see the wicked mermaid who killed her bestfriend but we’re surprised to see that it was Blue

what no! It can’t be

Isn’t that Blue?

what? She killed her best friend. Impossible!

ohh child! I don’t believe she did that. She looks so innocent

you never can tell. I’m sure she was jealous of her and pushed her into the ditch

Blue felt really embarrassed, she kept crying. She lifted up her face and saw the people looking pitifully at her.

Soon she was thrown into the dungeon like a piece of trash. She couldn’t help crying. She curled her tail up and hugged it.

Soon she fell asleep but was awoken by the sound of metals. A guard was opening the dungeon door.

Then her mother swam in looking dejected.

Blue: mother!

She swam up to her and hugged her tight.

Ma’am Nina : Blue my child. It’s okay, don’t cry my beauty. Everything is going to be fine my dear

Blue: mother, Rainbow…. She’s gone and it’s all because of me

She was choking on her words because she was crying

Ma’am Nina : no Blue, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault.

Blue: mother…. I’m so scared. The king might not believe me

Ma’am Nina : whatever happens we’ll scale through this okay? Besides, the matter is clear. It was an accident. It could have been anybody. She was just faster, that’s why it caught her first

Lifting up her face in shock, she asked her mother

Blue : how did you know?

Ma’am Nina : Jace came to me and told me everything

Before Blue could reply, a guard came and announced that it was time for her mother to leave

Blue: mother, please don’t leave me alone. Stay with me please

Ma’am Nina : I’ll be back by sun down. I’ll bring food for you

Guard: old lady time to go

He was getting impatient, from the fact that he called her mother old lady while she was just a middle aged woman.

Her mother left so as not to invite the guard’s anger.

She felt lonely again and curled up, feeling really weak. She couldn’t believe that Rainbow was gone and wasn’t gonna come back. She wished the myth about the Grey ditch wasn’t true and that Rainbow would just swim out.

But unfortunately, Rainbow was never going to come back.

The waters in the dungeon were getting really cold, Blue tried to make herself feel warm by wrapping her arms around themselves and staying all curled up.

She stayed like that for half an hour until she fell asleep again.

Ma’am Nina couldn’t go back and see Blue because something came up right at the point when she was about leaving with the food.

A royal guard came to take her to the castle without delay. She knew all wasn’t well from the look on the guard’s face and because of the trouble they were in.

She got to the castle and saw angry faces staring at her.

Looking from left to right, it was some guards, a duchess, two noblemen, the King, the queen, two other women, another nobleman, and lastly an angry and sad looking woman. That woman was ma’am Kyl. She had filed a report against ma’am Nina on account of her daughter’s death. Plus the case of the necklace.

Ma’am Nina bowed before the King and his council.

Ma’am Nina : greetings from me to you all. My king, you sent for me

King Neptune : yes I did. Do step forward as we await the prisoner.

Ma’am Nina felt a sharp pain going through her chest as if she was pierced by a hot sword when she heard the king referring to Blue as the prisoner. She looked to her left and saw the pale looking mermaid in the middle of two guards, with her hands tied forward with a strong cord.

Seeing the state her daughter was in, she couldn’t control herself

Ma’am Nina : Blue!

She ran to her and hugged her tight, sobbing silently until the king cleared his throat loudly, so they disengaged.

King Neptune : without wasting any time. We’ll go straight to the point. Ma’am Kyl her has filed a report against you and your daughter. The first is concerning the murder of Rainbow her daughter and second is concerning the theft of her necklace given to her by the council, signifying that she could move from the average villa into the high class villa.

Now, Blue why did you kill your friend?

Blue looked at her mother’s face, her face was expressionless.

She turned and looked at all the faces staring at her. She suddenly felt really angry and mad at them and all the citizens of Neptune City.

how dare they accuse me of murder. When everyone knows how close I and Rainbow was.

you all are all so corrupt. Just because we’ve got no authority or power, you’ve decided to push the blame on us.

was Jace not there with me? Why wasn’t he put in prison too?

and you ma’am Kyl, how can you be so thoughtless. Why would I kill your daughter? Why do you believe the worst so easily? I so much hate you right now

King Neptune : speak!

Blue jerked off when he barked at her. She was busy lamenting about them in her mind and forgot to answer the king

Blue: I… I…. I didn’t kill my best friend

King Neptune : what?

Blue: I said I didn’t kill my best friend

Her tone was a little bit high and harsh. She was really angry

Queen : don’t speak with that tone

The queen’s voice was rather calm and peaceful.

It was obvious she didn’t find any fault with Blue.

King: we have lots of evidence against you and your mother and we have witnesses. Ma’am Kyl, you may speak

Ma’am Kyl: my king, Nina here has bewitched her daughter. Earlier I found out that Nina was very envious of me, and wanted the necklace you sent for me. She actually stole it and when I found out and confronted her she denied. I took my necklace and cut all ties with her. When I got home, I went further to warn my daughter not to associate with Nina and her daughter for they are bad people. She didn’t listen to me and went to hang out with Blue. Nina connived with her daughter to kill Rainbow as a way of getting back at me. And now they have succeeded in taking my Rainbow away from me.

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She began to cry and sat down while one of the women tried to console her

Blue: that’s not true!

Blue tried to protest but was cut short

Nobleman 1: shut up you murderer, the proof against you is very strong. You can’t fool us

Nobleman 2: don’t think you’re going to come out of this easily. If you didn’t plan to murder her, why take her to the Grey ditch and send her ahead of you?

Ma’am Nina : she didn’t take her there, they got there without their knowledge and the two weren’t alone. They were with Jace, the son of a nobleman

Nobleman 3: what! How dare you accuse my son as being part of the murder. My son Jace has been out of the city for almost two days now. And he’ll be back from his mother’s city in three days time. How dare you call his name because he’s not here?

Blue could see pure deceit in the man’s eyes, she had detected that he sent him to another city to avoid the problem.

King Neptune : now my council. What punishment should we give to them. Both Nina and her daughter?

Ma’am Kyl: throw them into the ditch

Queen : no, there will be no need for that. Why don’t you send them away my king. Away from the city forever

Duchess : yes, I agree with the queen. Killing them is of no use. Let them live but live in anguish. Send them away but do warn the other cities in all the seven oceans and the seas not to accept them. They can go and form a mother-daughter civilization of their own.

Nobleman 3: I agree with you. Let them serve as a lesson to others. They will be permitted to take only a few of their properties and are not permitted to do what other free people are doing. They are only permitted to live at the outskirts and forests of the sea. That is if the wild creatures don’t use them as supper.

Blue felt hot tears falling from her eyes. How could they send them away to die.

Ma’am Nina held her and gave her an “it’s okay” look.

King Neptune : you are hereby banished from this city and all other water communities, small or great. I hereby declare you vagabonds. Depart and never be seen around here again.

Ma’am Nina hugged her daughter tightly until the guards came to escort them out. They swam out and headed home to get their properties and leave Neptune City.

When they got home, the guards followed them inside and supervised their packing. They also instructed them on what and what not to take.

Ma’am Nina : Blue my dear, why don’t you go and get your own things. I’ll finish up with these ones

Blue: alright mother

At this time, the guards felt lazy and went to stay outside. Out of the three guards, two fell asleep while the other one just sat down eating.

Blue got to her room and took everything she had. All her seashell collection and everything that she got with Rainbow. She knew the guards won’t allow her to take them all so she hid them among the other things that they will allow.

She moved over to her to table and saw the song book she got from ma’am Shell’s library there.

Blue: OMG, I should definitely return this.

Then she kept it among her body accessories.

She swam to her mother’s room and found most things packed. She sighed and wanted swimming away when something sparkling caught her view.

She went over to the back of a cock her mother used as a writing table and looked. She saw the sparking substance. She reached forth and took it. It was two beautifully arranged pearl bracelets.

She loved it immediately and felt the presence of magic in them. She took them and hid them in her things then carried them outside to meet her mom and the guards

Guard: what have you been doing In there

Blue: I’m sorry, I’m still not happy that we’re leaving

The guards laughed at them and led them out of the city.

They got to a place with so much bushes and the smell of wild fishes.

Guard : this place looks dangerous

Guard 2: let’s get going

Guard 3: good luck with this place

Then the three of them turned and swam away as fast as they could.

Leaving only Blue and her mother in the forest of the sea

To Be Continued

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