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I kept rolling and moving form one end to another as if am been chase until i finally fall down to the ground. OMG I slept off yesterday here on this old couch. I winced in pain as i held my waist and stood up, i was sweating already and my heart was beating faster, i quickly check on my grandma and mom, they were all sleeping peacefully. I went back to my room and open the window, the cool breeze caress my hair, i looked around then up to the sky when i felt my cheeks getting moist, am crying already! but why? what sort of dream was that, a dream i can’t even remember. I went outside and sat at the veranda enjoying the cool breeze, i closed my eyes but i could only see scary things, i quickly return back to my room and check the time which was 2:00AM, i force myself to sleep but couldn’t so i just pick up a book to read.

I later checked my time which was 4:45AM. That’s when i drop my book then slept off.



OMG Irene you’re late for school,” my yelled as she banged the door and entered my room.

“wake you! she yelled then slapped my butt.

“mom,” i said frowning my face as i sat up.

“i had a terrible dream, something bad might happen,” i said rubbing my eyes, hearing that from me she quickly sat down beside.

“what is it all about? she asked.

“i don’t know, i can’t remember anything, but it something bad, i couldn’t even sleep,” i said my eyes were just too heavy.

“something bad, what else again, haven’t i suffer much,” my said while i hugged her.

“you always tell me prayer conquers everything right? so i believe prayer can cancel it,” i said.

“am just sacred Irene, that was how i once lose Jones, i mean so many things keep happening to us,” she said while laid down properly on my bed.

“so you mean you gonna skip school today? she asked while i nodded.

“no Irene, you have to go to school,” she quickly said.

“is just for today mom, i will stay with grandma, and you should also go to work,” i said to her.

“if that’s the case then we need to pray,” Grandma said as she walked in, i wonder if she has heard us earlier.

“mom, don’t be scared okay,” i said holding her hands, she seems so scared. We prayed together before mom left for work while i continue sleeping.



Vanessa’s POV

I just hope no one will gonna die, cos i do love my mom and daughter, i arrived to office and work begins immediately, i was given some few documents to go and photocopy. On my way back to the office i was shocked when i saw Toby.

“hi sweetheart, long time,” he said smiling devilishly while i froze looking at him.

‘you still look good, even more beautiful as before,” he said, i tucked my hair behind my hair and turn to leave but he grabbed me by the wrist.

“look Toby, you’re my past what else did you want from me? i almost yelled at me.

“Vanessa don’t be stubborn, because i can make you fired, with just a phone call,” he smirk.

“you don’t have to do that, i will personally will quit this job, so just let me be,” i said.

“you’re still my wife and i have …” Before he conclude that i landed a hot slap on his face.

“i wish you were death, i hate you Toby and am not your wife, stay away from me or my family,” i scoffed my eyes were already filled with tears.

“you almost killed me Nessa, and you still have the right to slapped me, this company actually belong to my brother and you are hereby….

“i resign Toby, am not gonna work here with an animal like you, i hate you so much,” i cuf him off, then quickly rushed to my office to submit the files given to me before living cos am resigning. I walked passed him but i could hear him chuckle from behind which make me so angry.



Irene’s POV

I was awake by 9AM as i quickly return went outside to check on my grandmother, i heard a strange footsteps at the veranda as i quickly went to check on the person.

“grandma,” i called out but was shocked by what i saw grandma was lying in the pool of her own blood, she was stab with a knife.

“grandma,” i said in tears as i squat down and held her, she was still breathing.

“what happen? i asked in tears but she couldn’t talk. I quickly rushed out to call for help then hailed a cab to the hopsital. I was already pacing up and down at the hospital, i called my mom but she wasn’t picking up the call, i tried calling Rita my friend but her line wasn’t reachable, so i ended up calling Sean, i told him what happen and he promise to come. I sat down crying waiting for the doctor to come, i knew something like this will happen, what if i was in school, grandma would have lose so much blood and die.

“Irene! a familiar voice called my name, i raise my head and saw Sean as i quickly stood up then hugged him so tight.

“my grandma is stab,” I said crying while he patted my back.


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Vanessa’s POV

After leaving Toby their i find a quiet place and sat down as i cried out my eyes, i remembered those days i have suffered so much from Toby and i wish Jones was still alive i know he was the good person for me, i still don’t understand why life isn’t in order yet, i do pray, i do go to church, i serve God with all i can and also make sure my daughter did the same thing, why do things keep happening. I kept crying how would i be able to take care of mother and Irene if i resign this job, where else will i get a good job again, and how will Irene continue her studies i don’t want her to pass through what happen to me. I wipe away my tears as i stood up to go back home, my phone vibrant and i picked it and saw ten missed calls from Irene with a message. What could she doing in the hospital again. I quickly took a cab and rushed their i meet her with Sean.

“what happen Irene, where’s mother? i asekd her looking so scared.

“she was stab mom, i really don’t know by who,” she said in tears, i pulled her closer to me then hugged her. I just hope Toby is not behind this, cos if he’s the one i will personally make him suffer.

“i quit my job,” i said to Irene.

“quit! how? she asked confused while i told her the whole story.

“could he the one that did this to grandma, he might send his boys or anyone to stab her, why is he back to our lives again,” Irene said with so much sadness on her face as she sat down.

“everything will gonna be fine,” Sean said assuring us.

The doctor came out of the operation room.

“doctor, is she alive? Irene asked.

“that was a poisonous and a sharp knife, the wound she sustain is a serious one, we need much money $200 for the treatment to commence if not we gonna lose her,” he said.

“Please doctor do everything to save my mom,” mom cried.

We all went in to check on mom, she was connected with lots of wire, i felt like crying. .


Irene’s POV

Seeing grandma in that condition really breaks my heart. Sean escort us back home and has promise to help us out.

I and mom freshen up and she told me what happen at work i was surprise about Toby back to our lives again, he’s such a bastard.

” i really don’t know where to get another job again, how can we pay for mom’s bill,” mom said in tears which breaks my heart.

“i can apply for a job at *High Taste restaurant*,” i quickly said

“are you sure about it? She asked.

“yes mom, just last week eligible workers are needed and their salary is $50 per week, mom i need to do this for grandma we can’t lose her,” i said in tears then hugged my mom.

“what about school? She whisper to me.

“mom what important now is grandma life, we need to raise money for grandma’s bill,” i said in tears.

The next day we were already at the hospital and Sean also came along.

“have this for your granny treatment to commence,” he said and i was surprise by the amount he gave me.

“$100, Sean this too much,” i said then hugging him so tight. “thank you so much Sean, i said in tears. he’s such a true friend.

Mom really appreciate his help and we use the money for grandma treatment to commence so she can survived. Later in the evening i went to the restaurant and i was glad they consider to accept me work their, i just needed the money to complete grandma’s bill.

I was already dressed in the uniform given to me while mom was ready to go and see grandma at the hospital.

“working in such high class restaurant isn’t that easy, you need to be careful with everyone you meet,” mom said while i nodded.



I arrived at the restaurant around nine in the morning, the manager gave me some files to sign, it kinda hard to get the job cos am still a students and the manager said they don’t need student who would start and couldn’t finish their job, i have to plead with him and tell him my condition which he agreed and decided to replace with another one when am done with it.

Being a waitress was kind of stressful but anyway i’d enjoy it. Only rich people with high class seems to be in the restaurant.

I picked two glass of wine and place it neatly on the beautiful fashionable tray then worked towards the door. OMG, I mistakenly bumped into someone making the drink splash on his white shirt, i could perceive the sweet scent from his shirt.

“am sorry, sorry sir, am really sorry,” i apologies as i raise my head and saw the handsome guy that save me at the beach, OMG is so handsome than i thought, but he looked at me so angry.

“am sorry,’ i said trying to clean the stain on his shirt with my fingers but he fling my hands away, suddenly my phone rang, i know it mom calling i quickly receive the call then shifted a bit from him.

“mom, how is grandma doing? I asked almost in tears but before i knew it, my phone was already on the floor broken to pieces while i still receive a hot slap on my cheeks by the handsome dude. I held my cheeks as tears slide down from my eyes……





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