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Kyl and Nina are spending time together just like old times. They were sitting in front of Kyl’s home and weaving flowers together.

Nina: how about we intertwine pink and white flowers together. It’d be beautiful.

Kyl: yes it would. Let’s use water lilies for it.

Nina: oh my! Kyl do you remember when…

She looks around and whispers covering her left jaw slightly to prevent anyone from hearing

Nina: …..we went to the shore and ran into some humans dressing like flowers and plants

Kyl: hahaha……. Yeah that was about 25years ago. It seemed they were having some sort of festival… Haha, we were wearing our leafy covering then….

Nina: hahahaha, then one of the humans with a leafy outfit admired ours and took a picture with us. He said we looked like savages together

Kyl: that day was really fun. Hmm, the human world seemed so lovely and safe but it never was. It’s just a mirage.

Then her expression changed and Nina held her hand in a bid to comfort her.

There was a day they went to the shore and decided to go into the city. They wore good human clothes of which they’ve been gathering for a while now.

They went into the city looking like normal girls and had lots of fun. But unfortunately, a riot started between some gangsters and they began to shoot violently. The two girls didn’t understand what was happening and while people were running.

Nina decided that they run too but unfortunately, a bullet hit Kyl’s left arm. She began to bleed and cry out in pain.

Bullets were still flying and people were running. Nina grabbed Kyl and ran towards the shore, found a desolate place and sat her down.

Tried some magic and the wound healed up instantly but the bullet was still there.

She felt really weak and couldn’t use her arm for anything at all.

Nina took Kyl into the water and swam to the king’s castle where the wound was reopened and the bullet was taken out.

Neptune was really angry and forbid them from leaving the city. He made them to relocate to the average villa where they would be under watch by the royal guards.

The two mermaids, were so unhappy. They threw their pearls away out of anger and all the things they got from the shore.

Ma’am Shell was a kinky old mermaid with uncompleted teeth. Grey haired and really short and stumpy tail. She was short tempered and a no nonsense lady.

Blue, Rainbow and Jace happened to be in her class.

Ma’am Shell : now do you understand? You mustn’t be found anywhere near the prickling plant. It could eat up your whole tail. And also, the Gig. It’s really dangerous and poisonous if swallowed but it can be used to drive away Stone fishes. Do you understand!

Class: yes ma’am Shell

Ma’am Shell : You! Red haired girl sitting next to the ugly looking creature. Up on your feet now and tell me why your hair is red.

The Red haired girl was really scared, she hastily stood up and stammered while answering her. Ma’am Shell really frightened them and they were all like tamed animals in her presence.

Rainbow : (in very low whispers) did she just call Jenette the ugly looking creature? That’s mean

Blue: (whispers too) I know that’s mean, really mean. Now look, Jenette is all red cheeked. I bet she’s going to cry

Jace: (also whispering) she’s asking Fiona, why her hair is red. While don’t we ask her why her tooths are out

That statement made them laugh a little too loudly.

Ma’am Shell : you three! Up!

She barked at them

Blue : OH no! We’re doomed

Ma’am Shell : why are you laughing in my class? Come to the front now!

The trio like chicks drenched by the rain gently and obediently came out.

Ma’am Shell : my students have always graduated as the best with good etiquette that this city needs. And they don’t go about laughing oddly. I don’t take that. For this, you’ll have to be punished.

Rainbow : Oh ma’am Shell we’re really sorry. Please do not punish us. We will be good students

Ma’am Shell : shut up! You must be punished.

Jace: what’s the punishment? Spill it out

He said that with a tinge of authority that made Shell look at him as if she wanted to tell but seeing he wasn’t smiling and didn’t look scared she decided to tell them.

Ma’am Shell : you’ll sweep, dust, and clean up my library for one week.

Class : eeelll. Gross

Ma’am Shell : shut up or you’ll do it with them.

Everyone knew her library was situated in the slime region of the city which was occupied by snails and slugs. So it would be so much hard work to clean up the slimes from the place. It was really a disgusting job to do.

Ma’am Shell : you’re dismissed!

All the students quickly swam out of the class because no one wanted to be called to help her with anything.

Ma’am Shell : now you three, you must be at my library before the dolphins come back. Do you understand?

Jace: sure

Now the three of them were left alone, Rainbow was really happy to be beside Jace for almost a day. She wanted to spend more time with him and secretly wished he would like her too.

Blue: so the dolphins will be back in the next 3hrs. Which means we still have about an hour before we go there. Cos she said we have to be there before they get back.

Rainbow : let’s go racing

Blue: what? Racing? Do u want us to exhaust all our strength and energy before heading to her library. And it’s pretty far from here

Rainbow : ohh. Okay then. Let’s just stay here and rest then

Jace noticed the sadness and somewhat embarrassment in her voice and so he decided to take sides with her.

Jace: no I’m okay with what she suggested. Let’s go racing to the library. And we could also grab a bite on our way

Rainbow : really! That’s awe……..some

Blue:so how about me? I’m like the slowest mermaid in Neptune’s city

Rainbow : hahaha, u could just tag along….. Last one there is a rotten fish

Then they dashed out of the room leaving Blue behind.

Blue: ohh great! Now I’m the rotten fish. Yuck!

She swam as fast as she could and saw them afar off. They were laughing and trying to overtake each other. Blue knew she couldn’t catch up with them so she decided to get them something to eat.

She got some sea fruits and vegetables then swam slowly towards the slime region when she suddenly remembered that they couldn’t eat there. That place was disgusting and could make them puke.

Blue: what I’m I gonna do now? I guess I should stay here and wait for them. I’m sure they’ll turn back and look for me

Rainbow :i won! I won! I won! I won!

She was swimming in a circle and causing something like a ripple in the water. That was her method of celebrating and whoever looked at her swirling around could get really dizzy.

Jace: okay okay you won! But you’re getting me dizzy and nauseous

Then she stopped and looked at him

Jace:thats better. You almost made me fall to the bottom of the ocean

Rainbow : hahaha sorry

Jace: you’re definitely the best at swimming. No one’s defeated me before. Maybe I could take some lessons from you

She blushed and bowed her head without replying

Jace: come on. Let’s go back to Blue and get something to eat, we still have about half an hour.

He stretched forth his hand towards Rainbow. She took it and they both swam away holding hands…….

To Be Continued

Do you guys think Rainbow and Jace would be a great couple ?



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