Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Me : Blue…

She began to move backwards with a terrified look.

She tried to turn but I grabbed her hand and pulled her to myself.

She was surprised

Even I wonder how I did that and why

We were very close to each other

I shifted back but still held her hand

Me: Blue I’m sorry for yelling again. But I didn’t know it was you. I thought it would be someone else

Blue : but it felt like it was me

Me: believe me Blue, it wasn’t.

Blue : then who was it supposed to be for

I left her hand and and moved aside with my hands in my pocket

Me: some set of people

The thought of my parents and Gladys made me angry again.

And I had to turn away from Blue, because my face was all tensed up and squeezed in anger.

Then I heard her chill voice

Blue : I thought you were still angry with me that’s why you yelled when I came here. But I actually came here to apologize



I turned to see her with her head bowed and her hands together.

Me: did you annoy me?

She raised her head

Both of us looked confused

Blue : weren’t you angry with me for the way I acted earlier before leaving your chamber?


I thought she was actually angry with me for yelling at her

And I thought I was back to square one.

I should be the one apologizing

Me: no, Blue I thought you were angry with me for yelling at you. I was sad because I thought you’ll be scared of me again

Blue : no I wasn’t angry

Me: I guess we just misunderstood everything

Blue : yes

I held her hand

Me: come with me

I took her to the place I wanted to stay then.

Me: I like here. It’s cool

Blue : no Blue flowers are here

I laughed and sat down on a bench surrounded by flowers all round. It was like a covering or a verandah.

It was a bit dark because the thick bushes didn’t allow the lights to pass through it.

I helped Blue to sit beside me and my hand was still locked with hers.

I couldn’t remove it

I didn’t have the energy

My hand felt weak

Blue : Prince can you tell me why you were angry?

She removed her hand

I used the hand to rub my forehead.

I felt happy that she showed signs of care.

But I didn’t know if I should tell her

Well I needed someone to talk to

Definitely not Derek

Me: my parents want me to uhmm, settle down and start making plans for my future throne


What an amazing lie

So amazingly stupid

Blue : huh, is that a bad thing to do

Me: no no it’s not. Just their motive behind it. They want to be the ones to make the decisions for me

She smiled and rested her head on the top of the bench

Blue : parents only do that when you show signs of irresponsibility

Me : what? Are you saying I’m irresponsible?

She laughed

Blue : you’re so irresponsible

Then she stood up and ran away

Me: what

I stood up and ran after her. She was laughing and running in between the spaces in the garden

Me: you can’t run faster than me Blue Maid. I’ll catch you

Blue : hahaha, let’s see how it goes

She ran to my right and was heading to the roses section.

There was just one flower fence between the two of us.

If I should go round to the opening, she’ll be very far away from me

So I jumped over the fence which was just reaching my waist and I ran from behind her and grabbed her waist.

She screamed and we both laughed

Me: I caught you

She was still laughing happily when I turned her around to face me.

She began to hit my chest playfully

Me: ouch it hurts

I left her and began to run

Blue : what get back here now.

She pursued me but I didn’t run fast.

I just kept saying that it hurts

We were getting to where the flower fences were really tall.

I hid behind one and she didn’t see me

She stopped running

Blue : Adrian? Adrian where are you?


She called my name without adding Prince

Isn’t today the best day ever?

She came to where I was and I popped out.

She got frightened and I sweeped her off her feet into my arms. Not bridal style though, my hands were below her butt. I carried her straightly

She screamed and I laughed

Blue : put me down! I’ll bite you

Me: bite me please

Blue : hahaha, I’ll bite your ear

She lowered her mouth to my ear and I tickled her.

She wriggled herself free from me as she was laughing.

Blue : I can’t breathe

She was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe. I laughed and told her to calm down.

I held her hand and used the other hand to make ‘calm down’ gestures to her.

After her breath normalized, I checked the time.


We’ve been here for two hours already?

Time flies

Blue : Cindy should be looking for me

Me: who’s Cindy?

Blue : my bestie, we’re three Cindy Blue and Audrey right from service school. But Cindy was sent here while we were sent to Derek’s home

Me: oh that’s great. But I hope you know Derek doesn’t actually live there. He has his own house. But he hardly stays there

We began to walk

Blue : ohh, how about you?

Me: I have a personal mansion too, here in Edinburgh. There’s a glasshouse of mine in Glasgow and a duplex in Aberdeen.

Most of my assets are not here in Scotland

Blue : okay

Me: what do you love most apart from anything Blue. I mean something natural

She thought for awhile

Blue : water

Me: huh

Blue : I love water, so much

Me: wow, which means you must know how to swim

She chuckled

Me: I won’t be surprised if you love water because of seas and oceans

Blue : I don’t understand

Me: seas and oceans are blue in color

She laughed

Blue : that’s part of it

We already reached the gate of the garden.

Me: I guess this is good night then

Blue : yes, thanks for making the evening fun

I smiled

Me: you made it awesome

I squeezed her hand softly

We’ve been holding hands since

Blue : good night prince

Me: goodnight princess

She chuckled and let go of my hand then left

I stood to look at her and when she went out of sight my heart ached

What was I expecting?

A good night kiss?

Or maybe I was expecting a hug or what?

But it hurts to see her leave like that

I don’t even know why

I scattered my hair and left my hand on my head with my other hand on my waist.

I turned to go when Princess Gladys came out of nowhere

Gladys: you’re seeing a maid?

I ignored her

I don’t want my mood to get spoilt because of her

I walked past her

Gladys : Prince Adrian

I turned

Me: how may I help you?

Gladys: we’re getting married soon, why are you bringing down your reputation by going to your maids when I can give it to you even though we’re not yet married. You really shouldn’t stoop so low to maids, where you that desperate?


What is wrong with this girl?

She thinks I use my maids for my desires

I’m not like that

But I wasn’t ready to explain myself to her at all

Me: we’re not getting married. And even if I choose the girls on the street, it’s none of your business

I began to walk away from her

Gladys : I thought you were decent? You’re just a s£xy beast. I don’t want to see you near any maid or any girl, whoever they are.

Me: and what authority do you have?

She laughed

Gladys: you might wanna go find out from your father the implications of not marrying me

Then she walked away


She just left me confused and angry at the same time

My mood has changed

This lady talks with so much confidence

What’s behind her?

I better find out

But whatever it is, Gladys will never end up with me……..

To Be Continued

Here’s Princess Gladys, she looks like a good princess but something is up her sleeves

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