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I’ve made the prince all soaky.

Gosh I’m in big trouble

Derek quickly helped me up and the prince came out.

I was so scared

Me: Prince I’m so sorry, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it. It was the bird that caused it. I’m so sorry Prince

I suddenly began to cry

I didn’t like the way I got into trouble so easily. I was already not a part of their world and I was still harassing their important people.

I wasn’t ready for any punishment at all.

The prince just stood there staring at me, both of us were dripping.

I didn’t look up at his face

I couldn’t

Then I felt someone get closer to me

It was Derek, he held my face and I looked up tearfully

Derek : I thought I once told you not to cry with these beautiful eyes. You don’t listen, do you?

His voice was so calm and soothing.

I blinked out tears and he wiped them with his thumb.

Prince: you know this know this freak?

Derek smiled and turned

Derek : Adrian, meet Blue. My friend. Sorry for the wrong impression at first. I mean the water, you know fountain stuff

He chuckled and continued

Derek: sorry though it looked

He chuckled again

I think he wants to laugh but he’s controlling it

Derek : you looked hilarious when you fell. Hahahaha

He began to laugh really hard that his eyes turned teary.

Prince Adrian frowned at first but later began to laugh too.

It was funny seeing two handsome guys laughing that I wanted to laugh myself but only forced a smile out.

Derek was holding my hand still and it made me feel secure. At least he would stand up for me if the prince tried to punish me.

Prince: okay okay, enough with the laughter already. I’m really catching a cold now

Derek: you’re talking about yourself. How about the young lady? You’re strong you know

Adrian : I’m going to change. Good thing I have another spare. But I’m really going to have someone punished

My heart began to beat faster

Please Derek do something

Derek : don’t worry Blue, it’s not you. It’s me he’s talking about

Me: you? Why would he punish you when I’m at fault

Derek: because I laughed at him and made him laugh too

Adrian : idiot, the lady needs to change. She’s already shivering

Derek : she can’t leave her with this clothes. It will be worst.

He looked at Adrian, left my hand and placed his two hands on his waist.

Adrian looked at him back

As if they were communicating

Adrian : so what exactly are you saying

Derek: I’m just saying that she can’t leave here with these clothes

I was really getting too cold. I used my palms to cover my arms without my notice and I suddenly began to shiver.

I sneezed and quickly covered my nose.

Me: sorry

Then I bowed. I was really getting embarrassed

Adrian : okay she’s really catching a cold. Let her change in one of the rooms here in the castle.

Derek : no way

Then he swiped me off my feet and carried me up.

Me: whoahh what are you doing?

Adrian : yes, whoahh what are you doing?

Derek : taking you inside

Adrian : one of the rooms in the castle right

Derek : yes, what did you think? Your room?

Adrian shrugged

Derek took me to a large ladies room upstairs.

He called some maids to attend to me

Derek : run a hot bath for her and you get something for her to eat. Then you, wash and dry her clothes. Make sure she’s okay

They echoed ‘yes mister’ before he smiled at me and left the room.

I went into the bathroom and had the time of my life in the hot bath prepared for me.

The bathroom was really clean and spacious, royal style I guess.

After my bath, I went to the room and a maid was there arranging food on a table for me.

My clothes were already on the bed

Clean and dried

Mechanical machines handiwork

The Maids excused me and I sat down to eat.

I felt relaxed

I wish I had a cool life like this

Being attended to

Not the one that attends to people.

After the food, I felt sleepy

I dressed up and got ready to go

I’ll have to get home and sleep directly

I’ve also got explaining to do to Audrey.

I sat down and waited for Derek to come


I went straight to my chamber, changed from my wet dark blue tuxedo to another tux but this time I didn’t wear the suit, just the inner.

I can’t believe Derek went as far as calling on a waitress for himself when he can easily get a princess for the night.

And he even got a clumsy waitress.

And why was he calling her Blue?


Because of the uniform and he didn’t know her name?


Derek can be really funny

I headed back to the party

It was almost over but I really had to give my vote of thanks.

Someone tapped me from the back

Princess Gladys : you’ve changed my prince

Me: yes I have Gladys

Gladys : you look great though, all your muscles are out

I chuckled and she smiled

The music came up and people were heading to the dance

Me: care for a dance princess

Gladys: I wouldn’t mind

We began to dance slowly, royal style.

Soon everything went by and the party was over.

I still haven’t seen Derek.

The royal guards surrounded me and escorted me to my chamber.

I was really tired.

I went straight to my room, changed and fell on the bed.

Within minutes I was already offline


Me: Blue are you ready to go now

She stood up from the bed

Blue : yes I am

I held her hand and led her out.

The walk out of the castle was silent. She kept looking around. I think she is amazed

I walked her to my car and opened the door for her.

She smiled and entered

I started the car and zoomed off

Me: I informed the agency that you got into an accident so I had to take care of it. That’s why they didn’t see you when the party was over. But don’t worry, you’ll still get your pay

Blue : thank you Derek

Me: how’s Audrey

Blue : she’s good. We work together

Me: waitresses?

Blue : yeah

I began to think for some minutes then opened up

Me: would you like to work in the castle. It seems you like that place

Blue : what.. Well I… Uhm I don’t know

She bowed her head

Me: hahah, okay you’ll start your work there next week

She smiled and punched me

So soft

Blue : thanks Derek

Me: so I’ll still talk with you tomorrow and tell you what to do

I took my hand into her hair and rubbed it gently.

She smiled and pinched me

I withdrew my hand and uses it to open my briefcase at the back seat.

She was concentrating on the road

I brought out some cash and popped it in her face

She was startled again and I laughed

Blue : what’s this

I kept it on her lap

Me: for you and Audrey

Blue : jeez, thank you so much Derek. Audrey will be really glad

I stopped the car by the roadside

I smiled

Me: my pleasure

She leaned towards me, placed her soft palm on my left cheek and pecked my right cheek


She shouldn’t have done that

I managed to smile but still couldn’t start the car.

I turned and looked straight into her eyes

Me: I miss you my Blue Maid

Then I reached for her hand and held it tight

To Be Continued

Brought to you by Hossy Rich

Please if you’ve read this story before, allow the rest to read it without you telling them everything that happened. How will the story be fun if they already know what will happen next.

So please stop telling them that Blue is going to be this…

Blue is going to be that..

Thank you



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