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It’s been a month since the girls left. I haven’t changed a bit. Still the playboy

Anyway Blue calls me sometimes but she and Audrey always keep in touch with Belinda

I’m really excited today because I’m going to the castle to see Adrian.

He’s finally back from his royal training in London.

I miss him so much

He’s my buddy

And we’re also going to be planning his birthday party and welcome home party scheduled for next week.

The planners have been doing their work already but we are just gonna add our own extra touches, you know we love to do things we like.

Haha, it’s gonna be real fun

I took my shower and dressed up to meet him.

I met Bel in the hallway

Bel: hey, getting ready to see Adrian?

Me: yeah. I’m so excited

I can’t wait to see that face. I’m gonna punch him so bad

Bel: hahah, and the whole of Edinburgh is going to deal with you for hurting their Prince on the day of his arrival

I laughed

Me: then they’ll get confuse when we team up and beat them up for trying to deal with me

She laughed

Bel: go now, you don’t have to be late to see him

I smirked and went away

My phone buzzed and I checked it, a text message from Adrian

I’m home

Geez, why I’m I this late.

He’s already home, I couldn’t meet him at the airport.

I’m going straight to the castle then.

I entered my car and zoomed off

I got to the castle gate, showed them my private entry card and entered.

Most of the royal servants were bowing and greeting.

I didn’t have time for them.

I was informed that Adrian was already in his chambers.

I went to the large white door with golden designs round it. The door hand two golden handles facing each other.

The Royal guards bowed and simultaneously opened the door and I walked in.

The large hall was really beautiful and expensive. Everything was white and gold colored.

Flowers were at the sides of the room and a fountain stood in the middle.

The hall was really decorated with ornaments and royal stuff everywhere.

I walked inside and looked around. Things have changed. Better than before

Maids were moving around attending to different businesses.

There was another door, that was his actual chamber. Maids weren’t allowed in there.

I smiled and opened the door.

I wasn’t surprised that the room was better than before.

Blue everywhere

Blue walls

Blue and white curtains

White floor but Blue center rug.

The cushions were Blue and white too

Blue flowers were everywhere

I’m really not surprised

He’s been a blue freak since childhood

I looked to the bar, he was facing it and had his back turned to me

Me: I’m gonna punch you big time

He quickly looked back with a glass in his hand

Jeez is this Adrian or I’m I seeing double?

I know he sent me pictures and we do video chat but no way, this can’t be him

Adrian : Derek. My buddy

He dropped the glass and came running to me

I smiled and ran to him

We hugged tightly

He punched me

And I felt a sensation in my shoulder as if I got shocked by electricity

Adrian : geez mehn, I’ve missed you big time

I used the other hand to punch him

Me: what exactly were you doing in London, learning or training

Adrian : hahaha, both. I’m determined to win you this time

He raised his arms up and showed me his muscles


Okay I have really got to gym

I laughed and hit him.

I’ve really missed this dude.

Adrian : come on, we’ve got lots of things to talk about

We went to the bar and I filled a glass of wine for myself.

Then we began to talk just like old times

Today is Adrian’s birthday.

The castle’s ballroom was filled up with invited guests.

All the kings, queens, princes, princesses, noblemen, dukes, duchesses, and all the high ranking citizens were invited.

The ballroom was lit up with beautiful things from all over the world.

An orchestra was playing a cool slow song. People were meeting up and talking.

The waiters all dressed in blue trousers and white tops were moving around with trays of different delicacies and different drinks, which they stylishly held on their fingers and palms.

Adrian and I were wearing the same outfit though he was with a five star badge that told everyone that he was the prince.

People came to give him a handshake and welcome him.

Everywhere was filled with smiles.

Pretty princesses kept coming up to him



They were coming with smiles and we gave them our best.

I got attracted to some and Adrian would codedly give me a red signal.

Adrian tapped me and I looked at him.

Adrian : Princess Gladys of Birmingham

Me: that’s Wales

Adrian : no England. I met her at a ball in Birmingham

Me: sooo?

He looked at me

Adrian : hey……. I just said I met her that’s all

Me: you know there are different types of meeting

Adrian : definitely not the one you’re thinking

He looked away.

A waiter moved by and I signalled to him to come over

I took a drink and do did Adrian.

Good thing they don’t contain too much of alcohol

Or Adrian and I would be whooping around already.

Princess Gladys spotted us and began to move towards us with a beautiful smile across her face.

Gladys : Prince Adrian

Adrian : Princess Gladys

He took her hand and kissed it.

I just bowed and she smiled

Gladys: Happy Birthday Prince

I decided to excuse them since she was centred only on him.

She might have a crush on him like the other ladies

Me: please excuse me your highnesses

I bowed and turned to leave but I gave Adrian a wink only him could see and he smiled.

He understands what I meant

I needed fresh air outside but changed my mind and went to meet a very pretty girl.

Me: hi

Girl: oh HI

I reached my hand for a handshake and she took it

Me: I’m Derek, Prince Adrian’s best friend

Her face lit up

Girl: oh that’s lovely. I’m Courtney, the Duke of Preston’s daughter

Me: nice to meet you Courtney

Courtney : nice to meet you too Derek

We began to talk about other things and I was glad we were getting along.

One night stand on the way

I smiled to myself

She suddenly began to flirt with me

The exact thing I was waiting for.

I began to do the same

We were already going haywire

I held her by the waist and we began to walk towards the exit.

I saw someone and stopped

All my desires left immediately

My hand fell off her waist

She was standing right there, serving drinks to some guys

Blue Maid


I was now working as a waitress in a five star restaurant.

The agency transferred Audrey and I there.

Sometimes we travel to different places in the country just to serve as waitresses in any occasion.

The job was fun. Mostly for Audrey.

This rich people don’t finish whatever they eat. Always leaving leftovers.

Audrey was always helpful to them by finishing up all their leftovers at dark corners.

The Prince of Edinburgh was having a birthday party and I was part of the waitresses to be there.

Audrey was to stay back at the restaurant and she was so angry.

But I promised to sneak up some things for her.

I was so happy when my uniform arrived.

Blue trousers and white long sleeved shirt.

It fitted well and it matched my eyes.

I just love blue color.

I tied my hair in an attractive ponytail, my hair was long enough to hide my birth mark, and the collar of the shirt also covered it a bit.

The shoes were heels. Blue heels

Classic right

Me: I’m a classic waitress

I laughed and left.

We entered into the double decker bus and went to the castle.

Me: whoahh

I couldn’t help but open my mouth when we arrived

Jeez, this castle is so awesome

So huge, I could get lost here.

I looked around, everything was really royalty. Fountains, flower, trees, towers….

Gosh, the building is so high

I wasn’t the only one looking around.

The others were too

I really wish Audrey came.

We went into the large ballroom, so lovely

The party started and we began to move round.

The arrival of each guest was announced

Everything was orderly.

The prince and his family moved in

I saw the king and queen but didn’t really see the prince because I got too busy to start looking.

I was attending to some good looking guys close to the exit.

They seemed nice and foreign. Their accent was different.

Maybe Irish accent

I finished with them and turned to see someone staring at me with a lady by his side

Me: Derek?

I smiled and bowed my head.

My tray still had two cocktails so I moved towards them normally.

He understood my move and held the lady by her waist.

His girlfriend I guess

I moved to them and bowed

The lady took the cocktail first and Derek slowly took his while smiling at me.

Derek used his head to point to the exit signifying that I should meet him there.

I nodded and left but stayed around the corner

Derek : Courtney, why don’t you go to the restroom and freshen up.

I’ll meet you later

Courtney : okay

She touched his cheek and left.

He went through the exit and went to stay close to the fountain

I went out too but met him talking to someone who was backing me.

I went closer and Derek saw me

Derek : Blue

The guy turned and I saw him

Wow so handsomely muscular. He was mature looking.

Derek was wearing the same outfit as him but he had a golden badge on his right.


OMG, the Prince

I gasped as I stared at the badge

I didn’t talk at all but just stared

But right then a bird flew across my head and went across my face too.

I was really startled and fell down

Oh my goodness

I fell down on the prince and we both entered into the pool underneath the fountain

This is not a good first impression at all

I’m dead

To Be Continued

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