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Me: sir, Derek isn’t back yet

He stood up and walked to the fireplace. There were books on the mantelpiece. He looked through them and selected one, then he walked back with it.

Prince: he’s always like that. Here take this

I took the book

Me: what is it about?

Derek: it’s a book about a mermaid who came to the shore and married the prince. And when the prince found out, he wasn’t happy. He parents, the king and queen ordered that she’d be thrown into the underground dungeon where no one would ever see her again… You’ll read the rest of it in the story

I screamed out of fright and he was surprised.

My eyes were widened, and my mouth open.

My heartbeat increased immediately


Why is this happening?

There’s always a way to make me feel insecure

First Belinda, I didn’t know the humans know about our existence.

She showed me a mermaid doll.

I learnt that humans are not so friendly towards mermaids

Though the children of humans seem to like us.

What if everyone finds out about my identity?

What if I lose all my friends?

Derek, Belinda, Audrey, Cindy, and now the Prince.

I’m so scared

I need to talk to mother

Prince: Blue say something to me already. I’ve been talking to you and you didn’t reply me. Why do you look so scared? Do you hate mermaids too?


Did he just say ‘too’?

Which means he actually hates them, before he’s asking me if I hate them too

I guess I got the Prince pissed off cause he yelled at me and brought me back to my senses

Prince : BLUE!

I jerked back and clutched the book in my hand

Me: I’m sorry Prince, I was just thinking far. Thank you for the book, I’ll go now sir

I stood up immediately and made for the door

Prince: wait…. Why are you so fast?

He walked up to the door

Prince: Blue I’m sorry for yelling at you

He tried to touch my arm but I withdrew it without thinking

To be honest, Prince Adrian is looking so mature and has this body structure of a soldier.

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So when we’re close, I feel like he’s going to squeeze me.

He withdrew his hand too and ran it through his hair

Me: I’ll go now

I tried to open the door but I couldn’t.

I gently and slowly turned back to him.

His face was expressionless.

He opened the door and I bowed and walked out.

Did I annoy him?

I mean, it was all okay until he gave me that book.

I’m just afraid

I went inside and telephoned mother


Blue my child, how are you?

I’m not fine

I’m scared my identity will be out. The prince and I are friends now and he told me about how a mermaid who turned human was arrested and put into a dungeon.

I’s that a fictional story or nonfiction

I think it’s fictional. And mother, I annoyed the prince too

you have to be careful the way you act Blue, your identity isn’t written on your forehead. Everyone has a secret, not just you. If you don’t tell anyone, no one will know. Be relaxed as if you’re normal

are you sure mother?

yes dear

thank you so much. Neptune bless you

hahahaha, Neptune banished us

I laughed too and she dropped the call.

I feel better, now I’ll just go and apologize to the Prince.


What is wrong with me?

I’m totally back to square one again.

Why did I tell at her?

Now she’s terrified of me again

What do I do now?


I threw my phone on the bed.

This is really frustrating.

I was really happy today when she became cheerful towards me too.


I’m back to square one

My royal alarm rang

dinner time! dinner time!

I rushed into the shower and refreshed then wore my princely outfit.

I’m not allowed to dress casually outside my main chamber.

And there’s another way that leads to the main castle upstairs.

I looked my whole chamber with my security remote and went upstairs to the elevator.

The elevator went through about three floors and it opened to the dinner hall.

My mom, dad and……

Princess Gladys?

What is she doing here?

The guards bowed as I walked to the dinner table.

I bowed to my dad, pecked my mother on the cheek and took Gladys hand, kissed it and placed it gently on the table.

I sat beside her and the royal maids, the ones in gold served the food.

This floor and the ones above is where we are supposed to stay as royalties but, I prefer downstairs where it will just be me and me.

Without interference from father or mother.

We began to eat and talk gently, in a royal way

Gladys kept bringing up topics and we kept talking.


I’m tired

At some point, I wouldn’t talk and she call my name and ask me questions.

I wonder why she’s here in the first place

Me: Gladys

She frowned

Me: I’m sorry, Princess Gladys. Why are you here?

She drank her juice and kept the glass down then smiled

King: the king of Birmingham is my long time friend and I know him for his discipline and ethics. And I thought it best that you and his daughter, will make a great couple. Princess Gladys is going to be the next queen of Edinburgh.

Me: whaaat??

My voice was loud and angry. I banged the cutlery on the table.

They were all surprised especially Gladys

Me: why will you take a decision over me as if I’m still a kid. You know me quite well, I’m not a fan of fixed marriages. Why will you go and hook me up with this woman

She gasped and stood up

Gladys: I will not have you disrespect me Prince Adrian

I didn’t even mind her, I was angry with my parents

Me: mother, why did you allow him hook me up. Can’t I choose my life partner by myself?

King: Adrian, keep shut! Apologize to the princess now

Me: why should I. I’m the one that deserves apology here

Queen: you don’t deserve any apology for disrespecting your parents and the princess.

I stood up

Me: excuse me

And I walked out

Queen: Adrian Adrian come back here

I stormed out towards the elevator, Gladys tried to run after me and she was calling me.

I didn’t look back

She was wearing heels and couldn’t run or walk fast

I entered the elevator and left before she could even reach it.

I got to my room with so much anger

How dare they?

I went to the shower and came out still very angry. I needed a place to cool off

I dressed up and went to the castle’s actual garden.

It was so large and filled with plants, trees and flowers.

It would be hard to see me if I hid somewhere.

No one was there

I was about going to stay in a place when I heard my name

Gladys: Prince Adrian

Me: don’t just call my name, don’t just try it. Leave me alone and go back to where you came from, you’re not accepted here and I’ll never accept you. You think I don’t know your mission here? I regret knowing you seriously…. How many times will I tell you that….

I turned to face her but was shocked

It wasn’t Princess Gladys

It was Blue

Me: Blue……

She just stood in awe….

To Be Continued

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