Thu. Jul 11th, 2024


Did I just hear well?

We’re dismissed?

In other words fired?



What’s happening?


Chief Maid…..

I suddenly became angry

I looked at Blue, she looked really sad and my face saddened to.

I held her hand and gave her an encouraging look.

Lady Abbie : the agency will be responsible for your lodging and will be here to pick you tomorrow. I permit you to take whatever it is that you got while you were here and what you brought here.

You should start packing your things from now.

You can excuse me

We bowed and moved out.

I exploded

Me: what what what, is this how they plan on treating us. Just because Ms Loretta had us reported, how could they believe all those things she told them. Why are they having us dismissed?

I threw my hands in the air as I talked angrily.

I kept tossing about

Blue : you don’t have to shout it Aud. It’s obvious something is wrong and we can’t do anything but obey.

Come on, we have lots of things to pack. We can’t keep complaining, tomorrow’s just a few hours

I sighed and faced her.

Her voice was so sad

I followed her upstairs and we began to move everything we could carry into our boxes.

Seriously, we had a lot to carry compared to what we brought here six months ago.


I wonder if mom had given the news to them already.

Haaa, I’m really going to miss them so much.

Me: I’m sorry but we have to do this

Then I hugged my pillow

I felt like crying and suddenly I felt the hot tears flow.

Blue and Audrey have become my sisters the last few months. One would think we actually were if he knew nothing about my family.

Everyday when I get back from school, we play and talk about different things.

And Derek is now frequently at home than before. We all love Blue Maid and Audrey.

I wiped my tears and went to wash my face.

I headed out to their room.

I knocked on Blue’s door. No reply

Then on Audrey’s door

It opened

Audrey : Belinda

Me: HI Audrey, I heard the news. I’m sorry

She opened the door wider and signalled for me to come in

Audrey :you don’t have to be. It’s not your fault

I scratched my head

It’s not totally my fault

But it’s partially mine

I sighed and walked up to Blue

I said a few encouraging things to her and helped them to pack everything up.

We were really swift so there was no need calling the moving company to help in any way.

When we were through, I asked them to follow me out for dinner outside.

I asked for permission from my mom and she agreed

We went eating outdoors

Our last night together

When we were through with dinner, we went to watch the stars outside

Blue : where is Derek in all of this

Me: sorry, he traveled out. That was yesterday morning, sorry he didn’t tell you on time. It was an emergency

Blue nodded

I was surprised Audrey was actually watching the stars with us

That was so unlike her.



I’m crazy

So crazy

No way

This cannot be happening

Someone stop me before it’s too late


This is bad

I better go and see Lizabeth. She might make me feel better.

That’s my new side chick. Alice is not in Scotland yet.

I need someone to warm me up

I went to her place

She was so damn busy

I went to my club and began to drink

No, if I become drunk it will be worse.

I’ll definitely do it

I know I don’t love Blue Maid

And even if I did, she doesn’t deserve a bad boy like me at all.

I’ll just hurt her feelings so bad

I’m still trying to convince myself that it’s just s£xual desires I have towards her, right?

No, I can’t concentrate

I keep seeing Blue

But this feeling is different

I most do something before something happens.

Blue Maid

You have to go far away from me

Or else the demon in me will start working and I can’t stop it.

This same thing has happened before

Two years ago

I wanted a maid so badly

I had her not against her wish

I guess she fell in love with me

That was a mistake

I’m not the lovey lovey guy.

After I had her, I began to despise her.

Not giving her attention at all.

She felt used

Well that was true, I used her.

She was found about to commit suicide because of the emotional torture I was giving her.

She didn’t commit the suicide but instead was arrested for trying to take her life.

I didn’t care

But I heard dad helped her out.

My dad really dislikes my attitude towards girls.

Everybody does

Because of what happened between me and that Maid, every single person in my father’s house is scared of me.

Blue I don’t want what happened with her to repeat itself with you

You’re too sweet and nice for that

I’m sorry but I have to send you away.

Go far away to a place I won’t see you


I know if I should go home today

I’ll have my way

I don’t even want to think about it

I took my phone and called Belinda.

Explained everything to her

She will understand

She always do

I begged her to tell mom to have them dismissed

She knows me well and knows what might happen to Blue.

She reluctantly agreed to it.

I told her I wouldn’t come home till they’ve gone.

She agreed to it.

I was partially happy.

I’ll miss you Blue

I’ll miss you

I hope when I see you again, I’ll be a changed man then


To Be Continued

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