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Haha, she looks shocked.

And happy too

Well I’m glad I’m finally gonna get this stuffs outta my closet. I need to fill it with my things.

Blue covered her mouth with both hands showing that lovely bracelet.

Me: what are you just standing there for. Come on let’s explore before we have them taken to your room

Blue : jeez, they’re so cute. Those stuffed animals

Me: yeah they are

Blue : but why are you giving me all these

Me: well, my mom travels a lot mostly when daddy is at home. So she always buys things for me and Derek. Until when Derek asked her not to get things for him, that he wasn’t a baby.

I would have been glad but almost everything she gives me is Blue color. As if they only sell Blue stuff.

And I prefer yellow. So she started getting me yellow stuff just last month.

Blue : wow

She went to take a teddy and hugged it. The teddy was medium sized, with Blue fur and sparkling white eyes.

Each knee and ankle was studded with tiny gems that reflected.

She ran her finger across it.

I showed her a mermaid stuffed toy. With Blue tail and blue hair.

The teddy fell from her hand and she gasped.

She looked scared

Me: are you scared of mermaids. They’re lovely don’t worry.

I stretched it towards her and she hesitated before taking it.

I heard Blue lived close to the Atlantic Ocean in Aberdeen. How then did she cope, if she’s afraid of water creatures.

She suddenly smiled while stroking the mermaid’s hair

Blue : I love it. It reminds me of the ocean. I grew up close to it

Me : I thought you were scared

She laughed

Blue : no I wasn’t.

We looked through the stuffs and were showing each other different things.

We’re really getting along.

After about 30mins, we were through.

Me: I’ll have Carol help us take them to your room.

I called downstairs and her mother picked up. She said Carol will be up soon.

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In less than a minute, Carol was up looking all smiley.

But immediately I told her what to do, her smile died down and she threw Blue and Audrey a look.

Well Blue called Audrey.

And the two girls were giggling and Audrey was mischievously picking what she wanted.

Actually, Carol did most of the job in packing them to blue’s room.

The three of us just arranged them and giggled as we were doing that. Only Carol wore a face.

Audrey : wow, I love this

Me : Audrey isn’t that scary

Audrey : I like it

It was a terrifying ghost book. I wonder why mom bought it for me. I once came across it but closed it when I got to the second line.

So scary

Blue : take it. I hate nightmares

We laughed

In about an hour, we were through.

The room looked so bluish. I never knew the things were that much.

Me : I feel like I’m under the sea

We laughed except Carol who was standing behind us.

Someone knocked and Carol opened

Derek : whoahh, why is this room so Blue. Blue Maid your room is now Blue

Me : huh, Blue Maid?

Audrey : that’s now her name

Then she chuckled and nudged blue with her elbow

Me: how come I didn’t know

Derek : wait, what are you doing here Audrey

Blue : chill Derek, she helped ME out

Blue stressed the word me and pointed at herself.

Derek began to smile and drove his fingers in and out of his hair.

He was still smiling

Why is Derek still smiling?


He was holding a package

Me : what’s that?

Derek : it’s for Blue. I overheard you telling Audrey that you really wanted to talk to your mother but you didn’t have a phone. So I got you one

My eyes widened, Blue was shocked with her mouth open. Audrey was so surprised and was smiling.

Carol was equally shocked with an open mouth too.

He handed the parcel over to her and she collected it joyously.

Blue : oh my goodness. Thank you Derek

She hugged him tight

What’s happening?

He didn’t hug her back, he’s hands just hung up behind her.

She let go of him and opened the package.

It was my type of phone, I smiled and went to her.

Me: it’s lovely Blue. It’s the same model with mine

Blue : thank you so much Derek

Audrey : mehn, I love this. Selfie time

We laughed

Carol : uhmm I’ll go now

She bowed and left.

Audrey :there’s something else in the bag

She brought them out, a pouch for the phone. Blue pouch with silver touching or silver dots all around it.

And boldly written at the back was BLUE.

It was silver and it sparkled

Me: oh my, oh my. So so so awesome!

Blue : I love it, I really love it

Audrey : I’m not supposed to like stuffs like this but I like this one. It’s a good thing what’s yours is mine.

Derek smiled and stared at Blue as she fixed the pouch unto the phone.

I looked at him and he looked away



I can’t believe this

First Belinda giving her all those stuff

Now Derek giving her a phone

A brand new phone

Come on I’ve been here for five years

No favor

They even hardly speak to me

And I can’t forget what happened in the kitchen with Derek.

I hate this

I went to look for mom, I found her giving orders to the janitors.

When she was done, I walked up to her

Me: mom, this is not happening

My mom : what’s wrong

Me: Derek and Belinda are giving those maids preferential treatment. Belinda gave out so many things to her and Derek gave her a brand new phone with her name on it

My mom : which maid

Me: Blue Maid

I saw my mom’s face change

Then she smiled

My mom : do you want to be in their shoes

Me: I wish I could

I shrugged and looked away

My mom smiled and tapped me on the shoulder then walked away

What’s she gonna do?


Today was the best day ever.

Just the best day ever

I’m loving this guy’s.

Audrey is already using the phone to take pictures round the room.

She said she always wanted to do that.

Anyway life’s going on well

Derek and I are getting closer

Belinda is just the best

A few days later, Derek got Audrey a phone too.

Black and red pouch, with a knife at the back

Not a real knife

A portrait

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months.

Everybody now calls me Blue Maid.

Even Lady Abbie

Only Belinda calls me Blue beauty, sometimes though.

Three months ago, Derek stopped us from wearing uniforms. He said we weren’t maids to them anymore.

But I really think Carol and her mother don’t like me.

They seem angry at me all the time. And at Audrey too.

Just yesterday I saw Ms Loretta talking to Lady Abbie and calling my name and Audrey’s

I overheard a little of her conversation

She’s reporting us.

I wanted to listen more but the two women began to move to my direction.

I ran off.

And now Carol just came to tell Audrey and I that Lady Abbie was calling us.

I earlier told Audrey what I heard and we knew Ms Loretta was at something

We got to Lady Abbie who was taking coffee in her private living room.

She told us some things she liked about us and we thought she was gonna increase our pay but….

Lady Abbie : I’m sorry but you can’t continue working here. You’ll have to be dismissed…….

To Be Continued.



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