Wed. May 29th, 2024

I always go to the basement. My own secret hideout.

Only Derek and I have been there.

There are security cameras everywhere in my rooms so I just sit down and enjoy watching them clean, just in case they try anything stupid.

I went to get a fruit juice when I came back to see Blue on the screen.

Me: hmm, she’s here today. And why is she just looking around as if she’s looking for something.

Then they started to tease her

Me: I wonder who’s more obsessed with blue, you or me ?

I sipped my drink and watched them so their job

Then a maid asked her to clean up the kitchen.

Me: let’s see how you avoid me this time

I jumped off and ran up the stairs out of the basement.

It opened to the storeroom and the kitchen was just the next hallway.

I hurriedly went inside the kitchen and closed the door.

The kitchen was wide so I had to stay in a place she’ll easily see me

I stood beside the first cabinet and I leaned on it, with my hands in my pocket.

The door soon opened and she walked in casually.

Immediately she saw me, she turned and almost ran out but I stopped her.

Just found out that this girl has amazing speed.

The week that past, I saw her running down the hallway when I opened my door.

I didn’t know it was her but I guessed it

Which maid will run away if the prince who rarely comes out does?

And now she just proved to me that she can really be fast

She would have escaped me today again

I moved closer to her

Me: Blue, are you avoiding me?

She shifted and shook her head.

She wasnt looking at my face

Come on, raise your face let me see those eyes of yours…..

I really wanted to see those eyes.

Thats what’s controlling me now.

She kept shifting back as I kept moving forward with my hands still in my pocket and I wasn’t smiling.

Me: I repeat, are you avoiding me?

Her next action shook me to my bone marrow

She suddenly knelt down and broke down crying

Blue : I’m sorry Prince. I wasn’t avoiding you….. No I… Well… I was avoiding you but I just didn’t want to cause any problems again. I’m sorry Prince


My heart just melted down

My blue eyes are crying

My hands immediately went out of my pocket.

I stood still watching her palpitate.

Me: Blue…

My voice was calm this time

She began to shift back even on her knees

Me: stop

She stopped and bowed

I moved over and squatted down in front of her.

She shivered as I brought my hand close to her face.

I used my fingers to take her hair away from her face then I used my index finger to lift up her chin.

Our faces were Now facing each other but her eyes were looking sideways.

I wanted to wipe those ugly tears but she jerked back immediately

Me: I’m not a monster why do you keep doing that

Blue : I’m sorry, I’m just scared

Me: scared? Of me?

I brushed my fingers into my hair. With my other hand on my waist.

I could see that she was truly scared of me.

I didn’t want that

I sighed and turned to her with a smile

Me: why are you scared of me? Blue, you don’t have to be cause I won’t hurt you at all. And please don’t avoid me next time. Okay?

She nodded

I smiled and took a tissue and handed it to her.

She collected it and wiped her face.

Me: will you still avoid me?

She shook her head

Me: I want to hear your voice

She smiled

Blue :i won’t sir.

Me: that’s better. And anytime you’re free and they are cleaning my room, you’re free to join them since you’re no longer avoiding me

She nodded

I moved over to the fridge and brought out a drink, blueberry fruit juice.

I handed it over to her

Me: Derek told me you liked this

She looked at my hand and shyly collected it.

Blue : thank you sir

I smiled and walked past her

I knew she turned to look at me as I was leaving so I turned to look at her

She quickly faced forward

I chuckled and left

Back to my lair in the basement.

I left my phone there.

I quickly took it and called Derek

hey Derek

what’s up buddy

I just spoke with Blue Maid

really, how is she

she’s scared of me. So scared of me. Why?

He laughed

what won’t she be scared of you? What do you expect from a fragile gem like her? You’re so huge, and mean looking, you’re so older than your age the way you look now. You look like a bouncer. Even I was scared when I first saw you, the day you came back

I’m I that scary. Come on, that was what I was thought back there in England. To always look serious. They said its royalty. That was how we were trained. I’m used to it already

I can understand. Three years isn’t a day. I think the only person you haven’t changed towards is me. You’re still my same old buddy

Derek, what should I do now

Adrian cool off a bit. Are the other servants scared of you

maybe they are but I don’t care about them

so you have an interest in Blue now

I never said that

well you’re actually free to have an interest in her. She’ll be better off with you than a playboy who’s not willing to change

jeez Derek, don’t even think to that direction. In fact forget about that. Where are you? Let’s meet up

in Alice…

you know what, forget it

I cut my call

He’s with that Alice again.

I sat down on my stool and faced the screen.

Blue was still in the kitchen.

I kept smiling at what she was doing.

Her drink hadn’t finished yet

She kept it on the worktop.

They finished and rounded things up then left.

I went back up and went straight to the kitchen.

Her drink was still on the worktop.

Something urged me to take it.

I did and without thinking, I sipped it.

I smiled to myself and walked out with the drink


I’m glad that work is finally over.

I really need a shower

I went inside and refreshed then brought out some snacks

Today was really eventful

But he seems nice though

But he’s still scary

His face is too muscular

And he’s always standing tall

Anyway his voice is really masculine

Deep and smooth

He’s an exact replica of a prince

Just like Niel

Prince of Neptune City

Though I saw him only once

I better call mother before her bedtime


It’s been three days since I saw Blue.

It seems she’s really good at avoiding

Not that she can hide from me

As long as she’s in this castle

I could order her to be brought to me

Derek is presently with me today

Me: dad wants me to start thinking of marriage

Derek burst into laughter

Full laughter

That I couldn’t even laugh myself

He stumbled from the chair to the floor and held his tummy while laughing hysterically.

I stared at him for some time and I started laughing myself.

You know watching someone laughing like a coward will make you laugh too.

After I struggled to get myself I spoke up

Me: seriously, that’s enough. My tummy hurts already

We both were sitting on the floor with our back on the cushion

Derek: so you’re gonna be a husband soon

Me: what! Me, no way

He laughed again

Me: and the old man wants me to marry royalty

Derek: all those princesses right

I laughed

My phone began to ring

He handed it over to me


Me: seriously…..

Derek: Hmmm, your princess is calling

Me: she’s not my princess

Derek: Adrian, pick the call

Me : and you’ll talk to her right?

Before he could answer, I picked the call and slid the phone over to his side and then I ran up and ran into the pantry

I know he wouldn’t have any other choice but to answer her.

I spent about ten minutes before coming out.

He was drinking my wine again

Me: you’re really obsessed with wine, aren’t you?

Derek: are you just finding out

Me: I thought your dad warned you against drinking too much

He gulped down the remaining wine and refilled the glass

Me: so how did the phone call go

Derek: hahaha, her voice was so exciting when she spoke at first but when she found out it wasn’t you, her voice lowered. I actually had a boring conversation with her

Me: she’s boring

Derek: unlike my Blue, she’s so fun to be with.

He smiled and looked into nothing but kept smiling

Why is he smiling and why did he call her ‘his Blue’?


Has he….?

No way


The thought of Derek making love to Blue made me close my eyes.

I didn’t want to imagine it

Me: Derek!

He quickly looked at me and frowned

Derek: what!

Me: have you touched her before……

Jeez, did I really ask that question with all sincerity.

As if I need to know seriously

I don’t want him to start thinking that I’m into her

Derek: what? No! I wouldn’t do that. Blue is to special and unique. She’s not a cheap girl. And even if I wanted her, it would be a serious one but….. Nahh, I’m not going for that yet

My mind came down

We both were silent for some minutes

Me: she’s really avoiding me

Derek: make her your friend and treat her right. Don’t look at her as a maid

Me: preferential treatment?

He nodded

I stared at the television

Me: I’ll be right back

I stood up and went into the bathroom.

I washed my face and went back to my room.

I fell on my bed and looked through the window.

It’s about time I start going out

This castle is boring

I went back to the living room.


Derek was talking to Blue

How did she come here?


He called her

She wouldn’t come here by herself

She was sitting down on a chair adjacent Derek and they were chatting like good friends.

She was free with him and not acting scared


Did she just hold his nose?

And dragged his left ear?



I’m suddenly feeling bad.

So she’s this cheerful?

I moved into the living room and Derek was holding her hand

She quickly took her hand back and stood up and bowed


That made me really angry

Derek pulled her down and laughed

Derek: you don’t have to do that. Adrian is a friend

Blue : but…

Me: yeah Blue, I’m a friend. You don’t have to do that. Seriously

She smiled

Blue : okay sir

Me: don’t call me sir. Call me Adrian

Her eyes popped open as she stared at me. She brought down her eyes

Derek: yeah call him Adrian.

He laughed and stood up.

Derek: I’m going to the bathroom.

I nodded

I went to stay on the chair he just left

Me: come on sit down

She was about to sit down when I tried to stand up again, to pull her down.

Our body collided and we fell down

She fell on top of me.

Her hands were over my shoulders

My hands were on her waist

Our legs were intertwined

And faces directly over each other

Just imagine that position

It was as if we were a couple in love and making out

Everything happened so fast that we just stared in that position, bewildered

Just then Derek walked in

He was shocked and stood still looking at us

Me: not what you think……

To Be Continued

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