Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Me: not what you think

He was still staring at us blankly.

I got myself back and tapped Blue.

She rolled off me.

I got up and helped her up.

Me: sorry Blue

Blue : it’s okay

Me: are you hurt?

She shook her head

I moved closer to her and held her shoulder then screened her. Maybe she had bruised her leg because of the fall.

Blue : I’m okay Prince

She smiled and I felt really happy

It seems she’s not that scared of me

Derek cleared his throat

Blue : uhmm Derek, I fell down and I fell on him again

Me: yeah like my birthday night, but we didn’t fall into the fountain this time.

I heard her chuckle and I laughed.

Derek: hey, I never asked for an explanation

Then he sat down on the sofa

Derek: so do you have any other thing to do today, Blue?

Blue : no Derek, just dinner.

Derek: great. You’ll be here till then

Blue : what?

She sat down beside him

Derek: I know you love this place. It’s all blue, I haven’t forgotten the look of your room yet

I chuckled and sat down on the other chair

Me: then she’s free to stay here all she wants. A lover of blue is a lover of mine.

Derek chuckled

He stood up and carried his car keys

Blue : where are you going?

Derek: I’ll go get something from my house. I’ll be back in an hour. You’ll wait for me here

Me : yeah she would

Blue : uhmm….. Okay then, I’ll try

Me: I’m not a monster remember

She smiled

Derek turned to go

Blue : my regards to Belinda

Derek : sure

He moved to the door but he turned and winked at me before going out.

Blue didn’t see that

It seems Derek deliberately left here.

Blue : hmm, does this prince have anything fun here

I looked at her

Me: should we water some blue flowers. I have a collection

Blue : yes

Me : come on let’s go

I held her hand and we went to my green house.

Just blue flowers of different types.

I sometimes give them an artificial colouration.

Like dipping white flower stems into blue ink.

It will turn blue overnight

Blue : whoahh

Me: so blue right. Do you like it

Blue : I love it. It’s so beautiful

Me: like your eyes…

She laughed

We went ahead to water all my flowers.

It was fun working with her.

She was a little bit free with me

But not as she was with Derek.

Maybe I should change my looks

We finished up and washed our hands

Me: want something to drink

Blue : yes

Me: wine

Blue : no

Me: why

Blue : I’m not Audrey

I chuckled

Derek told me about her

Me: okay. Let’s leave here first

She followed me and we left the green house


I had to leave

I wanted them to have a time apart.

Knowing the type of person Adrian is, he loves attention from people who are unique.

Blue is really unique

He should get her attention

If I’m there, she’ll want to spend more time with me than him and I don’t want that.

I’ve got plans for Blue.

She doesn’t deserve the kind of profession she has.

I wanted to do better things for her before that nonsense Lust for her came up.

And now that I’m back to seeing her, I want her and Adrian to get closer cause I can’t try that.

Let me just make this plain

I want Adrian to love Blue

I mean they fit each other

Blue deserves to be loved and cared for

She’s already 20 years

She needs love now.

Adrian can love her the way she deserves

This is going to be my first matchmaking service and I’ll make sure it’s perfect.

I drove home and went upstairs.

Her met Bel in the hallway as usual but she was looking pissed

Me: Bel, why do you look like you’ve seen the girl who pushed you into drugs

Bel: I am not into drugs but I just saw a girl who pushed my brother into excessive drinking.

Me: what? Alice is not responsible for that.

Bel: yes she is Derek

I scratched my head

Me: where did you see her?

Bel: the bitch is upstairs in your room

Then she walked past me

I hesitated before going to the room.

I opened my door and she was right there on my bed.

Alice: surprise!

Me: this isn’t a surprise. It’s an unexpected visit

Alice: that’s not the attitude I came here to see

I moved and unbuttoned my shirt.

I removed my shoe and dropped my keys.

I wonder what Alice is thinking

That I’m going to make out with her?

No, I’m going to freshen up then get something for Blue and get back to the castle

Alice: what are you doing?

I didn’t answer

Alice: don’t even think of it. You’ve already spoilt my mood. There’s no way I’m gonna let you have your way

I smirked

Me: excuse me. I wanna undress fully Now. I need to take a shower

Alice: what?

Me: excuse me miss

She scoffed, took her bag and stormed out.

Me: I was expecting that

I was clad in only my undershorts and I went to the bathroom.

I came back with a towel round my waist and a towel over my neck.

Alice was in my room.

I wasn’t frightened

That’s her way of doing things

Alice : baby, I’m sorry for the unexpected visit okay? Can’t bear see you being angry with me

I looked at her seductively

Yes I wanted her so badly

She got closer to me and hugged me.

Me: you’re a witch

She smiled

Alice: and you’re my wizard

Then we started kissing and moved backwards till we fell on the bed

To Be Continued

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