Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024


I wanted pouring out what I felt to someone. I needed someone to talk to

I took my phone

Should I call Adrian?

No, I don’t want to disturb him with my problems again.

Besides I’ve already solved the problem

Blue and Audrey packed out yesterday.

I’m missing them so much.

Maybe I should leave this hotel and go for a walk outside.

I wore some free clothes and went outside for a walk.

With my hands in my pocket, I walked slowly and thoughtfully.

I breathed in and out

Finally I determined to forget about what I did to them. Making them loose their jobs because I find it hard to control my s£xual desires.

But I did it for her own good


I’m back from school.

Today was exhausting

And boring

Zoe is sick and Stella is out of town.

I’ll have to go and visit Zoe immediately after I have my rest.

It’s been two very boring weeks since Blue Maid and Audrey left.

The house is so boring

Derek hardly comes home nowadays. He said he wants to be on his own now.

Carol was assigned to be my maid.

I don’t like her

I do most things by myself now except cleaning.

The cleaning I mean is the floor and the bathroom.

I even do my laundry by myself now

But Carol irons it.

One reason I don’t like Ms Loretta and her daughter is because they think they’re responsible for my friends dismissal.

Mom told me that Ms Loretta came to see her a couple of hours after I told her what Derek wanted.

And since she dismissed them the next day, she thought my mom listened to her


Maybe Carol thinks I can treat her like Blue and Audrey but no way

I either ignore her

Or make her life a living hell

I showered and came out to see Carol in my room

Me: can you even knock?

Carol : sorry I thought you weren’t back yet

Me : what are you doing here

Carol: I came to see if I could do your laundry before you get back

Me : fine, you wanna do laundry? Look at those heaps of clothing in that old wardrobe in my second closet. They’re my old clothes. Wash them all, have them ironed and neatly folded into neat boxes. I’ll have them donated to the orphanage

Her face changed

I laughed inwardly

She wanted to work right?

Or did she think I was going to give them to her since they’re my old clothes?

In her dreams. She wouldn’t even fit into them. She’s the exact opposite of slim.

Carol: but… Don’t you think…..

I cut her short

Me: I’m not thinking anything. Excuse me I want to dress up. Be back here in the next ten minutes and start your work

She left and her scoffed

I’m in a bad mood

I better quickly go and see Zoe, she could lighten me up


Blue called me and said she was fired.

Her voice was sad but I smiled

Being fired isn’t the end of the world Blue

I encouraged her and sang her baby songs for her

We laughed until it was my shift so I had to cut the call.

After I finished from work that day, I went home and all of my childhood memories with Kyl came flowing back.

I refused to cry

There’s no need for that

Then Blue came into my mind. If only Rainbow didn’t die, she wouldn’t be having inferiority complex right now.

She would have been happy in Neptune’s city

Then my tears fell when I tried to put myself in Kyl’s shoes. I tried to imagine what it felt like to lose a daughter

I understood what Kyl was going through

My tears fell

I won’t loose you Blue


Jace is now paralyzed

Yes he’s paralyzed and it’s all his father’s fault

When he made him elope to his mother’s city, he met an accident on the road.

He was attacked by some star gazers together with the guards.

They had electrocuted them unknowingly and they blacked out.

Later they were found by some other surveying guards and were rushed to the herb centre.

The electrocution was so bad that only Jace and one other guard survived.

Jace couldn’t move his tail and the other guard had a problem with hearing.

Mr Olaf was attending to Jace.

He comes to see him every mid week for application of herbs to his tail.

He was slowly healing but still needed time

Mr Olaf : you’ll be well soon. Just a few months more

Jace looked away.

Mr Olaf : Jace you really have to brighten up. You can’t remain like this forever

Jace turned to look at him

Jace: I’ll brighten up when I see Blue and her mother. I accept that rainbow is gone already and that hers was an accident. But I’ll never accept that Blue and ma’am Nina are gone. I’ll never forgive this city for their injustice.

Why wasn’t I banished too?

Why wasn’t I thrown into the wild with them?

Now look what that half fish man who calls himself my father caused me.

I hate you all

Mr Olaf stood speechless

He began to think that Jace needed therapy

Serious therapy

To Be Continued

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