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Girl: uhmm, HI I’m Audrey

She looked at them and they stared back at her

Cindy: Audrey, so that’s the weird girl’s name. It’s lovely. But I’m really angry with you for harassing my friend earlier. Hmm, but thank goodness you harassed her cause it was when you did that I noticed her and saw she was sad and lonely. That’s why I walked up to her. So you did a great job.

Blue looked down and continued to do whatever she was doing.

Audrey: I’m really sorry for what I did earlier. I tend to overreact when I’m angry. I’m sorry for it was a transfer of aggression

Cindy: what does that mean?

Audrey : it means į was initially angry with someone else but still transferred the anger to her which is usually without a genuine reason.

Cindy: oh I get now.

Audrey looked down at Blue who really didn’t care about her apology. She felt so bad and hurt. Everyone kept rejecting her, she felt she wasn’t needed at all.

The reason she was angry then was because her family tagged her as the trouble maker and suggested she should be taken away from home. That day, her dad had told her to dress up in the uniform and carry her certificates. She didn’t know what was going on but seeing the look on his face, she decided not to ask any questions or they might misunderstand her again.

She was so surprised and angry when he dropped her off for the screening. She couldn’t believe her family was sending her off to be a maid.

Her dad later came back with her luggage and left without saying goodbye.

That was when she sat down somewhere and Blue had accidentally stepped on her.

That was the reason for her outburst.

It was when her conscience began to blame her that she came to apologize.

And seeing that Blue didn’t respond to her, tears tried to well up in her eyes. She turned to go when Blue spoke up

Blue: it’s okay Audrey. I’m Blue

Audrey : (lightens up) thank you Blue.

Blue: mind sitting down with us?

Cindy held her hand and pulled her to sit on the bed and she smiled

Cindy: have you been crying? Your eyes look puffy

Audrey : uhmm, well….

Blue: Cindy let her be

Cindy: here take some snacks. You’re hungry right? I think we’ll soon go for lunch

Audrey collected the cookies from her and muttered a thank you and began to eat.

They was afterwards and awkward silence.

Cindy desperately wanted to talk but didn’t because everyone seemed busy.

Cindy: where do you come from Audrey. I’m from England and Blue is Scottish. Are you Scottish too?

Audrey : yes I am. I even live here in Aberdeen.

Blue : with your family?

Audrey : yes

Cindy : wow, Audrey…. Aberdeen…. Rhymes

All: hahahaha

Intercom : it’s time for lunch ladies. Come over to the dinning hall

Cindy : yay! Food!

Blue: come on Audrey. Let’s eat

Blue was really looking forward to eating human food.

Well the lunch was okay

But Blue couldn’t eat much, cos it seems she had a really small stomach and so she got filled quickly.

Cindy: can I have yours?

She pointed to the plate

Blue : sure Cindy

She finished hers and also finished that of Blue

Lunch time was over so they went off to shower before coming back for their orientation.

Cindy went off to her room while Blue and Audrey went to theirs.

The shower was to be in one large bathroom with demarcations for each person.

The total number of demarcations were 6.

For each lady.

Blue: what on earth I’m I going to do. Didn’t mother put that in my instincts?

Audrey : Blue here’s a towel for you. The matron was sharing them

Blue: (confused) uhmm, thanks

Audrey : so undress and wrap it round your body and let’s go to the bathroom

Blue:(in thoughts) wrap it round my body?

All the ladies were already undressing and Blue watched them. Then she understood

It was just like changing sea shells.

She began to undress too.

She wrapped the towel as she saw others doing

Audrey walked up to her and they both moved to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, the shower was sticking up and buttons were on the wall.

Audrey was in the other one and she could hear the sound of water.

She read what was on the buttons and pressed the one with cold.

Very cold water began to fall on her and the towel.

She screamed and withdrew from underneath the shower then looked up at it.


She remembered that she drank water during lunch.

Water had never penetrated her throat before, despite living under water. That was how they were made.

She looked over at the buttons again, she pressed warm and a different water began to fall.

Her instincts immediately took over, she took off the tower. Got underneath it and showered without any difficulty.

She came out feeling fresh.

In Edinburgh, a city in Scotland, sat a high class family eating dinner.

The dinning hall was large and the table filled with exquisite food.

The hall had a golden chandelier with plenty little bulbs bringing out bright light.

The hall itself was decorated with golden ornaments and gold colored curtains hung around.

A cool slow orchestra was playing and guards were stationed at the door of the dining hall.

Sir Donald Kit was sitting with his wife beside him and his two children, Derek, a young handsome gentleman and Belinda, his younger sister. A beautiful girl in her teens.

The family was eating silently, and the only thing that could be heard was the sound of cutlery on the plates, busy cutting steak or chicken nuggets.

Belinda, kept looking up and making signs to Derek. Telling him to speak up.

Derek will in turn shake his head in the negative, telling her he can’t.

She gave him a glare and tried to throw a nugget at him but he would dodge.

Their father noticed that they were acting weird and he looked up.

Belinda noticed immediately that he was going to scold them so she spoke up first.

Belinda: daddy, Derek here has something to tell you but he’s too scared to say it.

As she spoke she kept taking glances at the surprised looking Derek.

Sir Donald : what do you want to tell me?

He was quiet and she looked at him with eyes that could kill.

Derek: uhmm, dad. I was thinking…. No we were thinking… That… Uhmm

He looked at Belinda who gave him a thumps up, encouraging him to continue

Derek : dad, we don’t want the servants you assigned to us. They’re too cold

Their dad looked up and they bowed their heads in fear and looked away

Their mom looked at them and smiled

Lady Abbie : how does their coldness concern you two

Belinda: mom I’m scared of them. They look scary, they look like dummies too. They only do what u ask them to do and don’t do anything extra. Can u imagine mom, my nail polish remover was on my bed and I was looking for it. Ursula knew where it was but didn’t tell me. After I got tired of searching, I asked if they saw it and she said it was on my bed. I asked her why she didn’t tell me, she said I didn’t ask her.

Who does that mom?

Lady Abbie :(smiling) and what’s your complain Derek

Derek: that Liz is really getting on my nerves. She’s disrespectful and tempers with my stuff. And she’s way too clumsy. Dad, please change them

Both looked at their dad with pleading eyes.

He didn’t answer but kept eating

Belinda: daddy

He looked up and looked at his wife

Sir Donald : your mom will take care of it. I’m tired of getting things for you, because mine always turns out bad

Then he smiled, but his family laughed

Belinda: thank you so much daddy. I love you

Derek: thanks dad

Lady Abbie : as a matter of fact, I got a call from Jessica and she said the service school enrolled new maids today and will train them for a month or two. When they graduate, I’ll tell her to send me the best of them. So they’ll work for you. Is that okay?

Belinda: a month or two? That’s still far

Derek: as long as those servants get off my face. I can wait. And Bel, you should start doing some things for yourself while waiting for the maids or you’re gonna be lazy forever.

Belinda: what? I’m not lazy. But you don’t expect me to wash the toilet or take cobwebs off. And you, what can you do your self

Derek: lots of things. At least I can…

Sir Donald cleared his throat loudly and they both stopped talking and faced their food.

Lady Abbie just smiled and continued eating….

To Be Continued

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