Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Derek : oh my goodness! Blue eyes. So beautiful

Blue bowed her head as she was busy blushing.

Derek : Adrian’s gonna love you

Audrey : who’s Adrian?

Derek : some kid

Audrey: ohh

Derek : well I’ll leave you to your work. Take care

Then he walked away

Guard: ladies shall we continue or you’ll want to go back to your rooms for now

Audrey: we’ll go back to our rooms please. We’ve got something to talk about .

Then she threw Blue a look

Guard: okay. This way please

He began to move and they followed him. Audrey folded her hands against her upper abdomen and kept scoffing at some intervals. As if she was thinking about something she disliked.

Their got to their doors and the guard went away while Blue entered her room with Audrey.

As soon as the door was shut, Audrey scoffed loudly and began to pace forward and backward.

Blue: okay, why have you been acting all weird ever since we saw the CSO (chief security officer)’s son?

Audrey: ahhhh. This is absolutely ridiculous

Blue: what’s ridiculous

Audrey: I can’t believe that’s one of the kids we’re supposed to take care of.

I mean, he’s not a kid. He’s more like a young man. I thought we were employed her to take care of their kids. I thought the job wouldn’t be that stressful because they were kids I could yell on. Not knowing they were actually our age mates. Come on, this doesn’t make any sense at all.

Blue:(sitting down on the bed) I know right. I thought they were children too. The way Lady Abbie kept calling them her kids. I didn’t know we were going to attend to old people

Audrey : I’m definitely not going to take any bag of rubbish from them

Blue: Audrey. You’re a maid! Not their elder sister! Don’t get us kicked out of here.

Audrey : well the pay is good. And the house is awesome. I could even take selfies here.

She said as she stood in front of the mirror and held an imaginary phone

Blue: as if you have one. Well we haven’t even seen their daughter yet. She might be 15 years

Audrey : yes. Then I could yell at her

Blue: hahahahah

Derek : hey you! Have you seen the new maids?

Belinda : no I haven’t. They are here already?

Derek : yes

Then he fell on her bed.

She looked back from her dressing table and gave him a glare

Belinda: get off my bed you idiot

Derek :what! Is your bed Paradise Island? Or do you have bed bugs and don’t want me to know?

Belinda: eeeel…. No I don’t

She rolled her eyes and faced her mirror.

Derek : the new maids. One is s£xy. The other’s a pretty girl

Belinda: that’s better. Ursula and Liz looked like demons

Derek: and you what do u look like?

Belinda: an angel of course

Derek began to laugh. He laughed so hard that he fell off the bed

Belinda: heyyyy

Derek : you don’t look anything near an angel. You’re hundred percent artificial. Everything about you is make up and cosmetics. I think the only real thing about you is your internal body system. In not, everything external is artificial

Bel got enraged

Bel: what? How dare you insult me. You’re so out of your mind. Get out of my room

Derek just stared at his phone and Bel got up and tried to push him out. When she couldn’t, she stormed out angrily.

Ma’am Nina now works in a bakery in Aberdeen making her far away from Blue. None of them had a personal phone and so couldn’t reach each other. It has been just three days that Blue started working in Edinburgh. But she was missing her already.

She had learnt how to cook different human dishes and bake different type of cakes.

Presently she was to bake cupcakes and she wanted to make something special.

Ma’am Nina : how about I make something that will remind me of Blue.

She went through her cupboard and and brought out her ingredients. She then brought out her recipe book and looked for the perfect flavor.

She then decided to make the cupcakes blueberry flavored.

Not up to 3hrs, she was already through with the baking and almost through with the decorating.

When she was done, the cupcakes looked really attractive and tasted delicious.

Ma’am Nina : I really wish my Blue could have a taste of these.

She then set them in the glass box in the bakery for display.

Her customers began to troop in.

Cust 1: hi Nina. I want some cakes. Uhmm, can I have those blue cupcakes over there. They look good

Cust 2: I want to buy some sponge cakes for my kids. Ohh, wait no. Give me those Blue cupcakes instead

Cust 3: do you have any cupcakes that are fruit flavored? Oh, yes give me blueberry. They’re my favorite

And in less than two hours, the cupcakes were bought all. Nina’s Co workers were surprised and her boss was happy that she made a great sale.

Inwardly, she smiled to herself and muttered : Blue, I love you

Derek had styled his hair and dressed up looking good. He was going for some date and he was looking his best.

He walked down the hallway and was going down the stairs when he met Blue with a mop and a bucket, heading to their room.

Derek : hey Blue

Blue: sir Derek

Derek : where are you heading to

Blue: Belinda’s room sir. I have to clean it up

Derek : you haven’t even spent three days here and she’s already leaving everything for you

Blue : sir she doesn’t know I’m going to clean her room. It was the chief maid that ordered me to do it.

Derek : and where’s the other girl? Your friend?

Blue : she was asked to water your garden sir

Derek : does she know how to do it

Blue: yes sir. She does. We had gardens back then in service school

Derek : okay.

Then he walked past her and took the turn leading to the inner garage.

Blue climbed up the stairs and stopped

She sniffed and took in the air around her

Blue: he smells so goooood.

Then she went into Bel’s room.

Blue: wow. This is some high class girl room. If this was my room, everything will be Blue color.

She went over to look at the pictures that hung on the wall in form of hug frames. It was all her pictures and some of her and her friends.

One was of Derek

Blue: Derek is so handsome and Bel is so beautiful.

She totally forgot what brought her there and she sat down on her bed. And started bouncing on it while giggling.

Just then the door flung open and Belinda walked in

Belinda: jeez! What the hell are you doing here and why are you on my bed!

To Be Continued

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