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Blue was getting so late for the waitress class. She had enrolled to be a waitress cause it sounded fun and entertaining. Getting to be in public places and serving rich people with exotic wines and other stuff. The second reason she enrolled for it was because of Cindy and Audrey. Those two girls were pushing her to do it for one reason : the food!

Crazy right.

At first Audrey seemed cool and easy going except when angry but she’s quite the opposite. She was a crazy girl. Always picking up fights and playing pranks. She was also very scary. More like a bully. But she does it for fun. And imagine if she’s angry. Then she was capable of murder.

She also seemed to dislike people except only Blue and Cindy.

The similarities between Audrey and Cindy was that they both loved to eat and fight for food. And both were very abnormal.

And the differences were very much.

Cindy was sweet and a talkative

Audrey was very sassy and always yelling at others

Cindy is most times active

Audrey sometimes preferred to be left alone

And Blue was just in the middle. She is the only fire extinguisher to Audrey’s anger and the only person that could calm Cindy down.

She never got tired of the both of them.

She was just like their mother.

The only person who could tame them.

Well, the three were always together.

And Blue was glad she had them as friends.

Cindy : come on. Let’s go already. They are about to start.

She dragged Blue who was adjusting her collar

Audrey: hey wait for me you guys

Blue: we’re late Aud. The tutor is going to be happy with us

Audrey: do I care?

Cindy : well I care. So sit down if you don’t

Audrey: whatever!

She sat down on her bunk bed and brought out her Emery board to file her fingers.

Cindy : ohh you’re so unbelievable!

Blue: come on Cindy let’s move. We don’t wanna be late for the wine tasting. They are going to teach us how to recognize wines right.

Audrey : what? Why didn’t you guys tell me? Let’s go already

She dropped her Emery board and dashed out with her friends.

In Edinburgh

Belinda: uhhhh, why does mum always buy blue stuff for me?

Zoe: its probably because she thinks it’s beautiful

Belinda: well it’s beautiful but I really prefer yellow. Blue color is really tarnishing the image of my room

Zoe chuckled and looked around.

Belinda’s room was painted yellow with yellow and white striped curtains. Her bed covers were yellow, with white dots.

Everything in the room was yellow.

The floor was high class designed with white shiny tiles.

Zoe moved her eyes to a heap of Blue stuff. Clothes, shoes, teddies, etc.

Zoe: yeah True. They somehow disfigure the room. Give them out then

Belinda : take them then.

Zoe : no way. I’m purely for pink

Belinda: and Stella is for red

Zoe: together we are the…..

Both: YRP

Then they laughed.

YRP is the abbreviation for yellow, red and pink.

Right then Derek walks in

Belinda: how many times have I told you to at least knock. Quit barging in.

Derek: not when you keep entering my room when I’m not around and take my stuff. What is my trophy doing here?

Belinda: come on! I just wanted to take pictures with it.

Derek: take pictures with your own trophies not mine.

Belinda : I don’t have any trophies

Derek : then do something to have yours. It’s not my fault that you’re not good at anything except make up and dressing up.

Zoe laughed while Belinda sat down in frustration as she watched Derek take his trophy away

Zoe: why are u two always at loggerheads with each other

Belinda: he’s just crazy

Zoe: so when is the new maid coming?

Belinda: mom said the next few weeks. They’ve already spent a month there

Zoe: I’m sure you’re tired of doing your personal stuff. You’re so lazy

Belinda: hey! I’m not. And I’m not complaining

Zoe: blah blah blah

In Aberdeen

Audrey : how do I look?

She gave a pose without smiling. She was wearing their black and red graduation gown with a black dress inside. Her make up was purely black and she let down her hair

Cindy and Blue stared at her in shock

Blue: you…..look ……

Cindy: scar….rrry

Blue: yeah you look really scary

Cindy : are you going to a Halloween party?

Audrey: hahahaha. I just wanted to feel good

Blue: change the makeup please. At least to red, it will blend with the gown

Audrey: sure! Or else the national maid and servants agency will not sign me up.

Cindy : cause you look like a witch but Blue looks awesome with her dyed hair. From brown to blonde. Blonde fits you Blue

Blue laughed

They waited for Audrey and then they went down to the hall.

After everything that was needed to be done first, including the giving of certificates.

Then the director of NMSA came up with the patron to call out the list of maids that will be sent out immediately to different homes as maids.

All the ladies were signed into the agency but not all of them would be given jobs immediately.

Patron : and here are the names

Kira Cowel

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Clara Shipman

Cindy McPherson …..

Cindy : oh my goodness….. My name is there. My name is there. Yeah yeah. My name is….

Audrey: will you shut it? Just shut it. Leave the celebration for later

Patron: ..Lilah Manny

Grace Philips

Audrey Peters

Audrey : OMG. I’m in. That’s awesome. So awesome. I’m now going to prove to dad that I can do things and be successful. Yes, yes, yes.. In your face dad….

Cindy&Blue: will you shut it. Just shut it. Leave the celebration for later.

They both chuckled as they gave Audrey a taste of her own medicine

The patron kept calling names. Blue almost lost hope when she heard her name last.

The trio jumped up and hugged each other, despite in the midst of others.

Lady Abbie : and I hope you two will do your very best here. Don’t worry, my kids are good kids. They won’t give you trouble

Audrey: it’s okay ma’am. We’ll do our best

Blue: yes we will ma’am

Lady Abbie : that’s good. Well, the guard here will show you your rooms. And you’ll meet my kids later

Audrey&Blue: thank you

They got to the room

Audrey : wow, spacious room and awesome

Blue looked around.

Blue: it’s really nice. We could play hide and seek here. I wish Cindy was here

Audrey: she’d be running around like a coward now.

Blue: are we going to share one bed?

Guard: miss, this isn’t your room

Blue: ohh

The guard showed her her room which was right opposite Audrey’s room.

She loved it.

After they unpacked, the guard began to show them around.

They got to the upper floor, close to the kids room.

The guard told them where they were.

Right down Derek opened his door and got out, looking down at his phone. Seems he was texting. He looked up at the guard and the two ladies.

Derek : I’m I safe?

Guard: this are your two new servants. Audrey and Blue

Derek : ohh they’re here already. And they’re damn s£xy. Hahaha, sorry you guys just look good.

Blue who was in front smiled and Audrey did same.

Derek noticed Blue and he looked closely at her face.

So beautiful

Derek : oh my goodness! Blue eyes. So beautiful

Blue bowed her head as she was busy blushing .

To Be Continued

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