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Carol: mom that blue maid is no good

Chief maid : who’s blue Maid

Carol: one of the new maids assigned to Derek and Belinda. Her name is actually Blue

Chief maid : so she’s no good? What did she do?

Carol: I caught her flirting with Derek

Chief maid: hahaha. She’ll soon find his real attitude and run away. She has no idea who he really is

Carol : but he was letting her flirt with him

Chief maid : maybe he wants to use her and dump her like he does to those rich girls. You know he is a playboy. Why do you care anyway? You don’t want Blue to get used by him right?

Carol : what? No way, I don’t care about her.

The chief maid chuckled and went away

Carol : I don’t care about her at all. I really don’t care

Then she went away too

Audrey went to Derek’s garden and was trimming it.

It was fun for her because she liked to spoil things by hitting, smashing, or cutting them. And cutting the tips of flowers and bushes was much fun for her, though she was careful not to destroy the flowers.

After she finished, she was really sweaty and went to take a shower.

She checked her menu and didn’t have anything to do until the next two hours when she’ll have to order drinks for Derek and arrange them into his special bar in his large room.

She decided to take a nap but remembered that she had to see Blue to know what transpired between her and Derek.

She got to her room and saw her sniffing flowers

Audrey: are you crazy now? Why are you sniffing flowers like your whole life depend on it

Blue just looked at her and continued to sniff the flowers

Audrey: Blue, I’m talking to you.

She still didn’t answer

Audrey : give me those damn flowers

She reached forth to grab them abruptly but Blue shifted her hand immediately

Blue : leave my bluebells alone

Audrey : where did you get those? Did you pick them when you went to meet Derek in his garden

Blue: no, he gave them to me himself?

Audrey : what? OMG, your charm is working!

Blue: what charm? I’m not charming. And even if I am, will it work on him?

She said that sarcastically and continued to sniff her flowers

Audrey : you’re very charming Blue. You’re really pretty

Blue : oh come on Aud. He only gave me these flowers as a symbol of his apology and I accepted them because I accepted his apology

Audrey : what if he likes you. That’d be awesome right.

Blue : why are you even thinking to that direction Aud. You’re really odd Aud.

Audrey : yeah, I’m the odd Audrey. But seriously if Derek should love u, he’ll make you rich. And if you’re rich, I’m rich. And then we’ll be big girls. Then later I can brag it out that my friend is the wife of Derek Kit son of Sir Donald Kit, the Chief Security Officer of Edinburgh.

Blue : you’re crazy. You’re really crazy. Get out of my room you crazy girl.

Then she began to chase her round her room. Both of them were laughing happily

Belinda and her friends were at a pizza palace eating after they finished skating.

Stella: so are we going to Shelly’s Halloween party

Zoe: of course we are. We shouldn’t miss it

Belinda : yeah. She sent me an IV

Stella: so what are we wearing there? I mean our Halloween costume

Zoe: I was thinking maybe we should go there all black. You know steal the show with our black entrance

Belinda: wow. That’s great. The three witches

They laughed

Zoe: I’ll tell my fashion designer to get the perfect black dress for us

Stella: I’ll take care of the hair

Belinda : which means I’m taking care of the makeup?

Zoe: yes

Belinda : I fired my makeup artist.

Stella : then get one before Saturday night. Today’s still Tuesday

Belinda : okay

(the next day, Wednesday)

Derek was seated at his favorite restaurant with a class and bottle of wine on his table. He loved the quietness of the restaurant VIP room cause not all very important people come to the restaurant.

Whenever he felt like being alone, he always went there.

That day he was chatting with his best friend. Alice came to that restaurant because she needed something and that was the only place nearby where she could get it.

She was about leaving when she saw a familiar hairstyle.

Alice: Derek? What is he doing here?

She contemplated whether to go and see him or not.

She decided to swallow her pride and went to meet him.

Alice : Derek

He lifted up his face and began to stare at her as if trying to recall where he knew her from

Alice: will you stop staring at me that way?

He brought down his face and continued to chat.

Alice got angry, scoffed and tried walking away but Derek grabbed her hand. Still not looking at her, he pulled her back to where she was standing before.

Derek : sit

She hesitated before sitting down. For a minute, there was silence. None of them spoke a word.

Alice : what is wrong with you? Are you suddenly crazy?

Derek finally lifted up his eyes and looked at her

Alice: are you going to say something or not

Derek: what do you want me to say

Alice: why are you becoming a nuisance. You created a scene Monday night, you yelled at me and barged out. Does that speak well of you?

Derek : you got me angry

Alice: you got me angry too

Derek : you don’t even want my opinion in anything. You always want me to follow your ways. Does that speak well of you as a responsible girlfriend? Because of you, I got drunk and almost did something crazy that night. You almost got me into trouble Alice. What’s the point of having you as a girl…

Alice: so what do you want me to do now?

She knew there was no point arguing with him. She knew he would break up with her if she continued with her attitude. And she didn’t want that

Derek : apologize to me and don’t go to Glasgow

Alice: all right. I’m sorry. And I won’t go to Glasgow again

Derek smiled and so did she

Derek : get up, let’s leave

Alice: where are we going?

Derek : your place. I wanna stay with you

He pulled Alice and kissed her

Derek : you’re okay with that?

Alice smiled and kissed him again

Alice : sure

Derek : let’s get going

To Be Continued

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