Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Blind in love


*Part 9*


Simon:Baby what are you doing here?


Just at hearing the word baby I put on my dress and flew out of the door. I could hear him calling my name but I didn’t look back. I got home and locked my self in the bedroom. I cried so hard that my eyes hurt.


Maria: Honey Nomsa is here.



I let her in my bedroom.


Nomsa:You look awful what’s going on?


Nancy:It’s Simon he has a girlfriend


Nomsa:(Looking down) Ohh Thando.


Nancy:(Angry)So you knew about this?And you didn’t tell me!


Nomsa:I’m sorry I..


Nancy:Worst of all I just had s£x with him.


Nomsa:(Shocked)You guys had what?


Nancy: Please leave!


She left and after a while I washed my face and went to my piercing appointment. I decided to pierce my nose and then I went to a spa. I needed to relax. At the spa I saw Sizwe and his girlfriend.


Sizwe:Where is your boyfriend?


Nancy:(Pretending to be okay)He couldn’t make it.


Sizwe:And your sister wife?






Nancy:(Smiling)I don’t have a sister wife. If you don’t mind I have to go.


I decided to be one of those “it girls ” at school. The next day I left early and when I got to school I went to the girls bedroom. I lifted my skirt to make it shorter,let my hair loose and put on some make up. Afterwards I went to class. All the boys were staring at me including Kristen, the captain of the soccer team.


Kristen:Hey Nancy


He had never spoken to me before. This new look certainly enticed him.


Nancy:Hey Kristen.


Kristen:You look hot.


Nancy:(Giggling)Thank you.


Kristen:Since well we are in the same class let’s go.



I walked with him. When we arrived at class I saw Simon. I felt like crying but I would ruin my makeup. I sat down at my table. Simon’s table is closer to mine.


Simon:Hi Nancy,we need to talk.


Nancy: About?


Simon:Thando… she’s my girlfriend. My parents want me to marry her. Nancy:What about you?


Simon:When you didn’t take notice of me I began to love her. But I love you more. Nancy:You love her!



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