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Blind in love


*Part 7*



He gave me a letter and went off to sell. The letter was inviting me to a picnic date in the park at 3pm. I wore my track pant and top and went to the park. I saw Simon and went over to him. He had laid a blanket and some fruits,cream and juice. I sat down on a cushion.


Nancy: Is this your idea of putting me in a diet?


Simon:No I was just…


Nancy:Relax I was just playing.


We ate and after a while he began to speak.


Simon:Seeing you dying in front of my eyes made me realize how short life was and that I didn’t want you to die.


He moved the picnic basket and got closer to me.


Simon: I love you Nancy..I always have.


Nancy:I just have one thing to say… What took you so long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that. I love you too Simon.


He reached to kiss my cheek I moved and he kissed my lips. For the first time I felt some chemistry between us. He kissed my upper lip…then lower lip then both. I enjoyed it a lot.


Simon:(Looking at Nancy) That was amazing.


Nancy:(Looking at Simon) Totally.


I got a call from Sizwe. I ignored it.


Nancy:Shall we go for a repeat?


Simon smiled and kissed me yet again. When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Sizwe continued to call me. I ignored it I wasn’t willing to ruin my day. On Monday , Simon came to get me and we walked to school holding hands. Nomsa watched and smiled.


Nomsa: Finally!


When we got to school. Sizwe ran after me. I turned and folded my hands.


Nancy:What do you want?


Sizwe:I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you.


Nancy: I’ve already forgiven you.


Sizwe:Can you please be my girlfriend again.


I looked at Sizwe then at Simon.

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