Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Blind in love


*Part 8*


I kissed Simon deeply.


Nancy:Sizwe I already have a boyfriend.


Sizwe:This weakling?


Nancy:(Looking at Simon)Let’s go we have a class to get to.


We went to class holding hands.


Mr Nkosi:Look what the cat dragged in.


Nancy:Look what the ostrich with dusty smelly boots looks like.


The whole class laughed. I was done being belittled by people. After school Sizwe waited for me at the gate. I arrived with Nomsa and Simon. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


Nancy: What do you want?


Sizwe:Just listen to me …I love you


Nancy:(Slapping Sizwe)That is for leaking that video.


Sizwe:But I said I’m sorry


Nancy:(Slapping Sizwe again)And so am I


Sizwe:Look I bought you a mango juice. I know you like Mango.


Simon:(Laughs) Actually she doesn’t eat Mango.


Nancy:True you don’t even remember what I like. You are such a jerk.


I took the juice and poured him with it then I pushed him out of my way. We went home and I later met up with Simon at his house. We sat on his bed watching movies.


Nancy:Where are you parents? Simon: Spending the night at a hotel. Nancy:(Kissing Simon)Wanna take this a level up? Simon:(Takes out a condom in his drawer) Definitely.


We had sΒ£x and it was quite enjoyable.


Simon:(Breathing heavily)Wow!I can’t believe we just did that.


Nancy:(Breathing heavily too) Me neither.


The door pushed and I covered myself with the sheets.


Thando: Simon!


I have seen her once or twice. She is in the same class as Nomsa class 12B while Simon and I are in 12A.


Nancy:(Looking at Simon)Who is this?


Simon:Look I can explain





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