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Blind in love


*Part 15*



I looked at his cheek he had forged the writing and it now looked like “Nasty”.


Sizwe:Hey Nancy


Nancy:Hy Sizwe I’m sorry for what happened the other day.


Sizwe:Well you made me realize that I was a jerk and I’m also sorry.


Nancy: it’s okay


Sizwe: The good that came out of it is that I’m now in a relationship…a real one.

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I looked behind him and I saw Nomsa. They held hands.


Sizwe:Nomsa is now my girlfriend…my only one.


Nancy:(Smiling) Finally


Simon hugged me from behind and whispered to my ear.


Simon:Let’s go I got something to show you.




I went with him to his house. He showed me a painting of me and him. We sat on the bed. We kissed and then the door opened. For a minute I thought it was another girl. Luckily it was his mom.


Simon:Mom meet my girlfriend Nancy.






I could tell his mom was disappointed that he was no longer in a relationship with Thando. She left the room.


Simon:She will eventually like you.


We kissed and he started to pull up my top.


Nancy:No don’t


Simon:(Smiling)Okay let’s watch a movie on my phone.



I’m glad I’ve found someone like Simon. He really understands me. We watched a horror movie.


Nancy:This movie is scary


Simon:That’s my plan I want you to let me cuddle you.


Nancy:(Hitting him with a pillow)Stop it!


Simon:(Laughing)You are crazy but I love you.


Nancy:(Clearing her throat)Say that again


Simon:I love you


Nancy:What did you say?


He kissed my lips.

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Simon: Aren’t you gonna say you love me too?


Nancy:(Smiling and looking away)Nope


He tickles me so hard that I laugh.


Nancy:Ok ok I love you!


Simon: Obvious I’m too hot you can’t even resist me.


Nancy:(Laughing)You wish!


Looking back the rape helped me to grow stronger. I believe I’m now a better person. I’m Nancy Smith and that was my story.



The end


How was the story?







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