Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Blind in love


*Part 5*


My whole life is crashing right before my eyes. All because of a simple mistake…a forced mistake. The bell for school out rang. I went outside and met up with Nomsa. The other learners couldn’t stop looking at me.


Nomsa:(Hugging me) Ohh my dear Nan you didn’t deserve such humiliation.


Nancy: Now everyone is looking at me..while I am the victim here.


Nomsa: Sizwe told our class that you guys were having foreplay and that you had to act like you didn’t want to.


Simon approached us.


Simon:Let’s go home Nan has had so much drama for one day.


But when I got home I experienced even more drama.


Maria:(Crying) your father and I have become the laughing stock of the whole community.


Nancy:(Crying)Mom he forced me.


Sbu:(Hugging me)It’s okay honey


My parents were kicked out of church all because of me. I didn’t open a case because he had convinced people that it was foreplay. The teachers also started acting different towards me. The only people in my corner are my parents,Simon and Nomsa. Today is a Friday and we are wearing casual. At break I walk to the girl’s bathroom. I find 3 boys standing next to the door.


Boy 1: Hey whore!


Nancy:Fuck off.


Boy 2:(Grabbing my hand) We want to have fun with you.


Boy 3:Give us the same fun you gave Sizwe.


Nancy:And if I don’t?


Boy 2:We will just take it ourselves.


Simon approaches.


Simon:Get away from her!


Boy 1:Or what?


Simon:Come closer you will see.


The boy walks up to Simon while the other 2 hold me. Simon and the boy fight and Simon kicks the boy. The other boys in the meantime finger me…i am wearing a



dress which makes it easy for them. I just let them be. The pain and the crying makes me weak. Simon finally knocks the boy over and the others run away.


Simon:Are you okay?


I can’t even speak. I sit down on the floor and sits next to me. He cuddles me.


Nancy:(Wiping her tears)Please don’t tell anyone.


Simon:I would never do that to you.


We stand up and go to class.



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