Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Blind in love


*Part 3*


I couldn’t believe that they just kissed. He’s never even taken me out in the park. I turned and walked as fast as I could. I was trying to contain my tears. I passed the spot where Simon sells. He ran after me and stopped me.


Simon:Are you okay Nan?


I turned to face him and he could see I wanted to cry so he hugged me. I cried.


Nancy:It’s Sizwe he is cheating.


Simon: Don’t cry he doesn’t deserve you. There are a lot of guys who would die to


have you.


Nancy:Show me one.


He kept quiet.


Simon:I have an idea.


He took his wheelbarrow which was almost sold out. Only 2 strawberries were left.


Simon:Sit down on the wheelbarrow.


Nancy:Are you insane?


Simon:Sit down.


He pushed me and it was fun. I forgot about Sizwe for a while. We went all the way home. I got off at my gate.


Nancy:(Laughing ) That was fun





We go and sit under the tree next to my house. I take one strawberry and give him the other. Funny enough I didn’t notice how Simon was a good friend I spent all my time with Sizwe.


Simon:You are funny you know


Nancy:No you are




Nancy: Thanks Simon for brightening my day.


We were close to kissing when I saw Sizwe. I went to him.


Nancy:You cheating scumbag!


Sizwe:Chill pill girl…what’s wrong?


Nancy: I saw you kissing another girl!


Sizwe:She kissed me.


Nancy: And you didn’t pull back.


Sizwe: Seriously how long were you there?


Nancy: I…I walked away after seeing you guys kiss.


Sizwe: Exactly I did pull back


He holds my waist.


Sizwe:I wouldn’t cheat on you Sthandwa sam


He kisses me deeply. I don’t even enjoy the kiss nor feel any chemistry between us.


When I turned back Simon took his wheelbarrow and left.


Sizwe:So you coming around tonight? Nancy:It will be a school day tomorrow I can’t. Sizwe:Okay


I got into the house and found my parents already there. The rest of the day continued normally. The next morning I looked around and I didn’t find Simon on the street. I got out at our usual time but Nomsa arrived.



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