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Blind in love


*Part 1*


Nomsa: He’s playing you!


Nancy:(Looking away)You are only saying that because you don’t have a boyfriend.


Nomsa:Wow!That’s a low blow.


Nomsa turns to walk away.


Nancy:I’m sorry Nom!


Nomsa:(Turning)I feel sorry for you.


She leaves.


Nancy:(Talking to herself)Sizwe wouldn’t do that … would he?


My phone rings.


Nancy:(Trying to speak cute)Hey Sizwe


Sizwe: Sthandwa sam please come over.


Nancy:My parents won’t let me.


Sizwe:Come on girl


Nancy:I’m telling you they….


Sizwe:You are dumb!Sneak out.


He hangs up. I wait for my parents to sleep then I sneak out. I arrive and knock on the door. He opens and I find him Shirtless. I stand there with my mouth wide open admiring his body.


Sizwe: Close you mouth. Are you gonna come in or should I call the cops?

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(Join Group)


I come in.


Nancy: What can we do?Watch movies perhaps?


He kisses me and starts to undress me.


Nancy:Sizwe we spoke about this I’m not ready.


He continues undressing me.


Nancy:No Sizwe!


He doesn’t listen. He puts his Penis inside of my v***na. All I feel is pain. Luckily he’s put on a condom.


Sizwe:You are supposed to be screaming like other girls.


Nancy:(Pretending to scream)Ahh Ahh


But deep down I feel pain. I feel like I’m in jail. I feel controlled. Even hearing him say “Other girls” hurts me a lot.




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