Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Blind in love


*Part 13*


I undressed him ready to cut his p*n*s. Then I got a better idea. I scratched his chest writing the word “Rapist”. I could hear him screaming, pleading and begging for mercy but at that moment I didn’t care.


Nancy:You drugged me and raped me!


I removed the blindfold and took him a picture. I showed it to him.


Nancy:Let’s see what your followers will say.


Kristen:Please don’t Sizwe told me to do so.


Nancy:You spoke too late I already knew.


I posted the picture with a caption written:”The rapist got what he deserved”. I felt him there bleeding in pain. Next I went to Sizwe. I knocked and he opened.


Sizwe:You look hot


Nancy:I’II be more hotter in your bedroom.


Sizwe:(Licking his lips) Let’s go


I took my bag pack and went with him to his bedroom. He kissed me.


Nancy:Let’s try something different


I pushed him on the bed and cuffed him. I kissed his lips and whispered softly into his ear.


Nancy:(Whispering) You treated me like trash, you raped me and then you posted the tape. You told Kristen to rape me as well. Sizwe:Look I can explain.




I undressed him.


Nancy:You look hot


I took out the knife.


Sizwe:What are you gonna do with that?


Nancy:What should I cut?The p*n*s?The mouth?


Sizwe:(Scared)No please don’t do anything.


Nancy:I said no as well but you continued.


I scratched his cheek and scratched “Nancy”. I scratched his chest and wrote “Rapist”. Hearing him scream reminded me of the day he raped me. I took him a picture and wrote the caption “The biggest rapist is now down crying”. I took the knife and moved to cut his p*n*s. I didn’t blindfold him because I wanted him to suffer.


Nancy:Let’s now cut that thing you forcefully put in my v***na.


I was to cut but then I heard someone calling my name



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