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Blind in love


*Part 11*


I woke up next to Kristen. I looked at the time and it was 4am. My v***na hurt a lot. I woke him up.


Nancy: Kristen what did you do to me?


Kristen: Nothing we just had s£x.


Nancy: No I don’t remember anything did we condomise?


Kristen:Yeah we did. You were drunk.


Nancy:I only had one drink.


Kristen:I’m tired okay


I left and I went home. I bathed and tried to recall what happened but I couldn’t. I just lay on my bed. I then got ready for school. When I arrived at school i didn’t put on makeup. I just went to class.

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Simon:You slept with Kristen?


Nancy:No…yes…that’s what he said.


Simon showed me a picture of Facebook with the caption :” After a hard workout if you know what I mean”. I was asleep in the picture. I approached Kristen.


Nancy: What happened yesterday?


Kristen:Simple we had s£x


Nancy:Why don’t I remember?


Kristen:It’s not my fault your memory is slow .


I felt really down. I kept asking myself questions. First it was the tape now the picture. People will think I’m a real whore. The dirty looks from my classmates began. At break Thando approached me.


Thando:Hey slut.


Nancy:(Feeling like crying)Go away


Thando:I didn’t take you for that type that sleeps around.


Nancy:(Slapping Thando) You don’t know me.


Thando:(Slapping back)I know that you slept with my Simon!


I just couldn’t stand her. I tackled her on the floor. Beating her up and she did too. We were then suspended for 2 weeks. At home I finally remembered that he drugged me. Simon came to visit me.


Simon:Hy Nancy I am really sorry for Thando’s behaviour.


Nancy:Get out.


Simon:I still love you.


Nancy:And you still love Thando right?


Simon:Yes but…


Nancy:(Crying)I give my self to you on a silver platter. You didn’t even bother to


tell me you had a girlfriend.


Simon:I’m sorry


I chased him out and went to the shop. I saw Kristen and Sizwe shaking hands. I got a little bit closer to hear their conversation.


Sizwe:So how was it?


Kristen: Nice she’s quite something




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