Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Blind in love


*Part 10*


I decided to ignore Simon. At break I had no one to stay with .


Kristen:Hey Nancy wanna chill?


Nancy: Definitely!


We sat under a tree at the corner of the school.


Kristen:(Taking out a cigarette)Want some?


Nancy:No I’m fine


Kristen:Come on it doesn’t bite.


Nancy:(Taking the cigarette) ok


He lighted it and I smoked. At first I coughed then I got the hang of it. He touched my thigh.


Kristen: You are really beautiful




He kissed me and started to unbutton my shirt.


Nancy:(Buttoning it)We are in school.


Kristen:(Licking his lips)Oryt


He gave me some sweets and sprayed me with a body spray. We went to class.


Simon: I’ve been looking for you everywhere.


Nancy: Why didn’t you get the message?I don’t want to talk to you.


School continued as usual and afterschool Kristen accompanied me home.


Kristen:I’m having a party and my parents are away. Wanna come over?


I wanted to refuse but then I saw Simon passing by.


Nancy:(Kissing Kristen)Sure text me the details.


I went home and when it was 10pm I sneaked out. I got to the party and it wasn’t what I expected. People were playing dirty games.


Kristen: Come with me.


I went with him upstairs to his bedroom. He gave me something to drink. I drank.


Kristen:So what do you want to do? Nancy:(Touching my head)I feel sle…sleepy.


I had a blackout



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