Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Blind in love


*Part 6*


It was hard to act like I am okay. When I raise up my hand teachers ignored me.


When it was school out I saw Sizwe outside and went to confront him.


Nancy: I’ve never met a selfish and self centered person like you! You ruined my life!


Sizwe:(Laughing)I did you good you want a repeat?


Nancy:How could you?I trusted you ! I gave you my body. I gave you my virginity!


The other learners started to form a circle around us.


Nancy:You are sick in the head no wonder your mother left you to stay alone!


Sizwe:(Getting closer to me) Don’t you dare talk about my mother!


Nancy:Or what?You gonna beat me like you always do?I’m used to that.


Simon got in the middle of us.


Simon: He’s not worth it..let’s go.


I left Sizwe alone and I got a letter saying I have been suspended from my cricket team. I got another letter from the university I had applied for , they refused to



have me as their student as I may portray “unruly behaviour”. I couldn’t believe it! For Sizwe everything was going well and for me all was crashing down. I decided to commit suicide on Saturday. My parents went to do grocery shopping and I took and overdose of sleeping pills. I woke up in the hospital.


Maria:Ohh thank God you are awake.


Simon:Do you need anything?


Nancy:Wait..I’m not in heaven.


Nomsa:You are not.


Nancy:Can I have some water?


Simon ran to get it.


Maria:You dad has gone to work let me go call him.


Maria left. Simon came back and gave me the water.


Nomsa:I got to go I’ll see you later.


Nomsa left.


Simon:(Kissing my forehead)I thought you had died.


Nancy:What actually happened?


Simon:I came to check up on you and I found foam forming on your mouth. I called the ambulance but they took too long so I put you in my wheelbarrow and ran you here.


Nancy:(Smiling)You saved my life.


Simon:I did what any guy would have done


Nancy:Sizwe wouldn’t.


Simon: Forget him he’s a jerk.


I got discharged and went home. On Sunday Simon came to check up on me.



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