Sat. May 11th, 2024





(May woke up very early and was getting ready to leave the house when Tony rang her from his own room. She decided to go into his room and find out why he was ringing instead)


May: you okay? Good morning.


Tony: morning. I’m okay. Why are you up so early?


May: I’ve got a lot of things to do today. I need to go to all our 5 branches today to collect the timesheets to enable me pay my staff by Friday.


Tony: I thought you do that electronically?


May: yes, but unfortunately our system crashed and I really don’t want that to stop them from getting paid on pay day; some of them have kids to look after…


Tony: I see. Do make sure you look after yourself while you are at it.


May: will do. Are you working today or not?


Tony: I will be going to the office for just an hour. My body is demanding a break..


May: you work too hard, Tony. Give yourself a break.


Tony: you work harder, May.


May: hehehe! Thanks, let me get back to my room and get ready. I’ll let you know when I am leaving


(May got into her room, picked up her phone and started ringing Emily. Emily is the Managing director of MayGlow Beauty Salon in Ess£x branch. The very posh salon Tony opened for her)






Emily 🙁 (faintly) hello?


May: Hi Emily, sorry to wake you up. It’s May here. Can you do me a huge favour please…..Listen I am in a tight corner. I need to visit all our five branches today to


collect the timesheets so I can process staff wages. Our system packed up last night.


Can I ask that you come to the salon at 6.30 to give me the sheets so I can be able to make my way to the other 4 branches, please?


Emily: oh yea. Actually, I will be in the salon before then. I have an appointment with Victoria Beckham. She wants to have her hair highlighted and she usually comes early to avoid fans following her around.


May: oh! She patronises us?


Emily: oh yea she does not go anywhere else. Rooney’s wife comes to us as well.


We have also worked for Simon Cowell…


May: oh wow! Good job! Thanks and see you soon


Emily: see you soon.



(May was in the office inside the salon sorting out the timesheets when two police officers walked into the salon and asked for her; she came out…)


Police officer: Good morning Madam..



May: good morning, officers how can I help?


Police officer: are you Miss May?


May: yes I am…


Police officer: Miss May, I am arresting you on suspicion of Aggravated Burglary contrary to S. 10 of the Theft Act 1968. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.


Anything you do say however, may be given in evidence against you. Do you understand?


May: what? When? I kept to all my bail conditions! Why has my past come looking for me again!…


(The police officers handcuffed her and led her to the police car parked outside. As they got close to the car, Tony came out of the car and got down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand)


Tony: The past has not caught up with you, this is a new offence. You have stolen my heart, dear May. Please will you marry me?


(Whilst Tony was speaking, the police officers removed the handcuff from May and she immediately jumped on Tony and screamed)


May: YES!!!!!!! Oh myGod!!!


(They both hugged each other and cried. Tony thanked the police officers for a job well done and walked May to a Cab parked some two minutes away from the police car, held the door for her and they both took off)



May: so where are we off to?


Tony: we are heading to the airport. We are spending the weekend in Greece



May: oh no! But I need to pay my staff and I have no clothes with me



Tony: No worries. Marcus will do that. Your system didn’t really crash. We were behind it all. I selected my favourite clothes of yours. They are in the box inside the boot


May: oh my God! You!!!!!! This is the biggest surprise of my life. I love my ring!!!!!!!!!


Tony: I love my girl. Thank you for saying yes.


To be continued






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