Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 4


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


’Listen Tracy. I’m no longer the spoilt good for nothing rich dude you used to know. I’m now nothing. I’m now nobody. I can’t even afford to take you out or buy lunch for you like I used to do in the past’’ I confessed for no reason, leaving the young girl totally shocked with my comment.


‘’are you trying to insult me or what?. Are you trying to say that I have been your friend all these while for your money or what?. I see you have nothing to talk about. You know where to find me when you get a grip of yourself’’ she replied with great energy, hissed and headed to the door.


I instantly regretted every word I said to her. It really was the first time she was getting angry with me. I kind of felt it.



‘’I’m so sorry for attacking you. I just haven’t been myself since I lost my dad and returning to the hostel really disorganized my head. I’m sorry’’ I apologized.. She stopped, turned and faced me.


‘’sharing your feelings, confiding in someone you trust can be helpful in your present condition. I suggest you talk to me. Open your heart to me. Share your feelings with me’’ she demanded soothingly, drawing close to me once again. I bit my lips and stared at her for some seconds.


‘’You won’t understand how I feel right now’’ I breathed, staring deep into her eyes. ‘’My dad was murdered. I was told he died in his sleep but that’s a mystery I’m so eager to unravel. My uncles all teamed up and organized a quick burial without considering my feelings with the pretence of cutting costs. My dad was in the country for a business he told me he was setting up the last time we talked. He equally had plans of completing his house in the village and marrying a new wife. No one has been able to give account of how his money grew winds or why he died so mysteriously.


Now out of nowhere, one of my cousins is offering to help me stand on my feet. But I don’t trust him. I feel there is more to his help. I was with him for three weeks and he taught me stuffs that I never knew were real, Stuffs that I’m so ashamed to talk about. Here I’m so confused, so empty and so tired of life’’ I poured out solemnly, covering my face with my palms.


Tracy drew closer, took down my hands and searched my eyes for a while before surprising me with a hug. And yes I badly needed the hug.


‘’you have every reason to be suspicious and concerned. You have every reason to seek for the truth but you are not yet ready for such because if indeed your dad was murdered, it means the murderer is still out there observing your movements. You have to let it go for now at least until you finish your education’’ she advised softly. ‘’you said your cousin is teaching you stuffs?. What exactly is he teaching you?’’ she suddenly demanded, throwing me off balance with her question.


‘’Tracy please don’t ask me that question. I beg of you. Let’s just forget about all I said to you’’ I begged softly. She stared at me suspiciously before shrugging with resignation.



‘’you have to be careful Jude. I hope no one is trying to manipulate or put you in trouble after murdering your father’’ she breathed, leaving the idea embedded in my heart as we stared at each other.


‘’perhaps Kelvin could really be behind my father’s death’’ I wondered for the umpteenth time as Tracy’s eyes met mine.




Meanwhile, at joe’s Gym, works layout, Kelvin’s side of the story continues (Inside the gym)


Kelvin and his friend Joe are seen having a heated discussion. The two guys have been friends for a long time


‘’so I hope your young cousin is learning very fast?’’ Joe asked me.


‘’yes the boy is a quick learner. He has the brain. But seriously I do feel guilty for his father’s death. You can’t believe the man called me to be with him the day he arrived town but I couldn’t honor his invitation because I was busy with Cynthia. I feel the man was murdered and perhaps I would have prevented it supposing I honored his invitation to be with him’’ I confessed with great guilt.


‘’jeez’’ Joe breathed.


‘’I feel so responsible. You can’t believe that the man’s money and everything just disappeared without a trace. He confided in me before coming to the country that he was setting up a business in Nigeria. I don’t have details of the business or names of his partners. His death was just so clean and untraceable’’ I added, shaking my head.


‘’he died in the village?’’ Joe asked. I nodded.


‘’yes and that’s the most confusing thing. The man always spent the night in the city whenever he was in the country but I was surprised that he spent the night in his small old house in the village. You know the old house behind the new



building?’’ I explained to Joe who nodded silently. ‘’whoever killed him will have me to battle. Tomorrow I will be going to the village to confront my father. I feel he is hiding something with his brothers’’ I resolved while my friend shrugged.


‘’you are not good at playing the good guy. I hope you don’t fail in this new quest of yours’’ he grinned, lighting up a cigarette as I looked down with great worry.


To be continued.






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