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Marcus: May, there is absolutely no point in being here and shedding endless tears. Everything is under control now, and I will make sure my brother gets the best medical care possible. When he wakes up, I am sure he will not like to eat hospital food; Tony is very picky with food. Why don’t you come with me to that Marks and Spencer down the road let’s pick up his favourite yoghurt and some fruits?


May: are you sure he will be alright Marcus? I can’t afford to lose Tony. You know I have no life whatsoever without him. Don’t let him die





Marcus: please stop shooting those arrows, May. You are touching some nerves! This man right here is the only brother I know. The only friend I know. The one who loves me the way I am. I will do everything within my reach to make sure he wins this battle. I promise you!


(I was driving home from work and decided to pick up my favourite Marks and Spencer cookies when I saw May and Marcus. Her face looked familiar so I decided to find out if she was someone I know)



Rossy: I’m sorry but you look familiar, do you think the same of me?



May: sorry, but I don’t think I know you

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Rossy: Oh!!! The lady at Sani beach Hotel, Halkidiki…remember?


May: oh! How are you? You seem to be everywhere. What are you doing here?


Rossy: I live here. How is your fiancé?


May: now husband. Critically ill in the hospital


Rossy: oh no! Is it okay to come around and maybe pray for him?


Marcus: You can. Here is my number, Do give me a call before you come so you


don’t come when he is indisposed




Rossy: alright, I will see what I can do. Really sorry to hear this; stay strong and everything will be alright


(I got home that evening and at around 12.30am I hid my number and started calling Marcus.


Each time he picks up, I would not say a thing. I called Marcus approximately one hundred times that night. I honestly cannot tell what came over me. Early in the morning the next day, Marcus called me…)


Marcus: hello, this is Marcus here… Marks and Spencer. Remember?


Rossy: hi, I remember you. Is everything okay?


Marcus: did you by any chance call me last night?


Rossy: not at all. Why would I?



Marcus: some outrageous human being made my life a living hell last night. Anyways, What are you doing today?


Rossy: sorry about your night. I am getting ready to go to work


Marcus: are you driving to work?


Rossy: no. I am going to leave my car with the mechanic for servicing It is due for MOT next week. When I drop it, I will take the train to work.


Marcus: can I pick you up from the mechanic then?


Rossy: do you have to?


Marcus: i want to…


Rossy: okay then. I will text you the address of the place before I leave the house.


Marcus: alright. See you then!


(Marcus picked me up but wouldn’t stop complaining of the cryptic caller and call) Rossy: have you called your girlfriend to find out if she was the one? Marcus: I am currently single. We just broke up so why would she call me?


Rossy: oh! Exes can make your life a nightmare. She could be the one calling.


Marcus: you reckon?



Rossy: call her and warn her to desist



(Marcus immediately started dialling Claire’s number and she picked up..) Marcus: Claire, what was that you did last night??



Rossy: (nods mischievously





Claire: what are you on about






Marcus: oh don’t give me that bullshit! listen, Tony is very ill in the hospital and i spend my whole day with him. When I get home at night, all I wanna do is sleep not to be constantly disturbed with calls.


Do you understand? If this repeats itself, you will not believe what I will do to you. This is not a threat by the way; it is something I will do!


Claire: you must be drunk! So drunk! Now listen, fool. Let this be the very last time you are ringing this number. Nonsense!


Rossy: that’s my office



Marcus: oh! not far away from where I work. Would you like me to pick you up afterwards?


Rossy: ermmm if you don’t mind, so I can go see your friend too.


Marcus: forgive my manners; you look so beautiful and quiet



Me: (to myself) you wish! (To Marcus) thank you and have a good day ahead.


To be continued



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