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(It was in the morning, Tony heard footsteps in his bedroom; he hurriedly stood up and switched on his bedside lamp and May was standing a few steps away from his bed, wearing absolutely nothing! Tony immediately turned his back on May, and faced the wall)


Tony: Jesus Christ! May! What is the meaning of this?????? What has come over you? What are you doing in my room at this time naked! Jesus Christ!


May: I am just here to tell you as well as show you that I am a woman! I have everything and I mean everything that every other woman out there has!



Tony: I have never ever doubted your womanhood! May, please put some clothes on and we can talk about this, please! My robe is just behind the door; grab it so we can talk.


I can’t possibly be speaking with you while you are naked. I mean, I don’t feel comfortable.


May: Tony, why don’t you forget my past and love me? And don’t tell me you love me because you know exactly what I mean.


I am a woman, Tony! Look! I am a woman (May breaks down in tears and grabbed Tony’s robe and covered herself.)


Tony: thanks for covering up, now come and sit on the bed, I want to talk to you.


May: (in tears) I am so so..rry. I have not slept all night……


Tony: you don’t need to be sorry. I understand….


Listen May, I am a man. I could undress right in front of you so you can see that I am everything a man. And I mean everything.


I have blood running through my veins not water. You are very attractive and I will be a liar if I deny the fact that I find you s£xually attractive too!


Living with you all these while without touching you has been by the grace of God and only by the grace of God. Yes, I have had nights when thoughts of you had kept me awake for the better part of the night.


But I made you a promise, I promised never to take advantage of your vulnerability.


I adore the very ground you walk on and I wish to honour you as a groom honours his bride. I will fight the urge to be intimate with you, with my last blood until I put a ring on that finger in the presence of God, then I can have you all night, always in my arms here in OUR bed.


It will no longer be my bed. May, help me keep my promise to you and to God.


Please, don’t let me see you naked again, it was hard, trust me it was. Hehehe dear Jesus how beautiful are the works of your hands! if Jesus lived in our time, he would have received an award after creating a woman. Damn!


May: (shy) I’ll go back to my room now….



Tony: I love you.



May: love you too



Tony: (threw himself on the bed) this na temptation o! lord you promised that you will not allow any temptation that is beyond us to come to us, this one was beyond me o. Abeg, make this one no happen again o!. Pheeew!


May: pardon?


Tony: erm, was just talking to myself in pidgin.


May: I’d love to learn that some day. I love it when you communicate with Marcus in it. It’s interesting how you have some English words in it but then it is not pure English! I absolutely love it!


Tony: Oh! We are not even good at it because we’ve spent most of our lives here. When you go to Lagos Nigeria, that’s what people communicate in. You’d definitely love it more.


May: can I just apologise again for what happened. I couldn’t get help myself anymore.


Tony: oh come on! Get over it now. I’m actually glad you are starting to feel like a woman again.

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May: Actually, this is my first attempt at initiating s£x. People have always forced their way into me. For the first time in ages, I actually wanted s£x…


Tony: You are healing mind, body and soul. Don’t beat yourself up for it. I think you should celebrate it.


I would have asked you to jump into my bed let me cuddle away those guilt and whatnot. But hey! I don’t want to commit any iniquity


May: you keep using these ancient words! Where do you get them from!



Tony: heheheh! I think this one is from the bible. Sometimes, the bible would use iniquity instead of sin.


May: I see. So see you later….


Tony: get some more sleep yeah?


May: I will do. Cheers…


To be continued






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