Sat. May 11th, 2024






(Marcus was driving to work when he decided to ring Tony to congratulate him )




Marcus: hello papa!


Tony: what’s up?


Marcus: I’m good. Congratulation, boy! No one would think you would get a woman pregnant so soon!


So all the things you been dey do then, na show abi? Congratulations my brother!


Tony: Thanks. Where’re you off to?


Marcus: I am heading to work, trying to beat the M25 rush hour traffic


Tony: why this early. You start work at 9am


Marcus: yes, because I am working in Croydon today.


Tony: Croydon? Which Hospital?


Marcus: Queen Mary’s


Tony: Queen Mary’s??? ermm lets me call you back


(Tony quickly dropped the phone)


Tony: (to himself) gosh!!! What do I do? What do I do? , what do I do? Phewwwww!


May: What’s the matter? What do you do about what?


Tony: just can’t find one of my important documents. But that’s nothing to worry about. Please, get ready; I want us to go out today.



I realised that I have been neglecting you. I am sorry for putting business before you, It will never happen again.


May: hmmmmm! alright, I’ll go get dressed then. Thank God you realised it yourself because it was beginning to look like I am a nag.


Tony: you are not, sweetie. You are my girl.


(Marcus got to St Mary’s hospital and went straight to the reception)


Receptionist: hiya, how can I help?


Marcus: my name is Doctor Marcus Ikenna. I am on duty this morning in the intensive care unit.


Receptionist: Okay. Can I get you to sign the attendance register , please?


(Marcus signed and went into his office. A few minutes after he sat down, one of the nurses entered into the office carrying some files with her)


Nurse: hello Doctor Marcus, my name is Nina and I am the nurse in charge.


I learnt you will be working with us for one week, so I thought you may want to have a look at the files of our patients, just to give you background knowledge of each patient you will likely come in contact with, during the course of the week.


Marcus: sure!


(Marcus took the files from her and was flipping through them when one file caught his attention, he opened it…)


Marcus: No way!!! What??? No this must be some joke or something


……what!!!!!….nah! There must be some mix up somewhere



Tony and May drove to a very posh and newly constructed bridal shop. Tony got off the car and held the door for May and she stepped out too.



Tony: (pointing to the top of the building where “May Bridals” was boldly and colourfully written) see that?


May: oh yeah! The owner is probably called May. I will ask for a discount because I am called May as well. Just not sure why you brought me to a bridal shop. Do you intend to marry me for the second time?


Tony: May, this is a gift from me to you. It’s only a little token to say thank you for marrying me and for being a fantastic wife and friend to me. Every document to this shop is in your wardrobe.


May: stop kidding!


Tony: I’m not.


May: OH! My goodness! So this explains the endless search from one documentary to the other! Tony, you do too much! Oh my God! So this is mine!!!!! Thanks sweetie


(May hugged him and they both walked into the shop which already have more than 10 busy staff members attending you customers.


Tony introduced May to them as the owner of the shop and they all introduced themselves to each other. Tony then popped a bottle of champagne and poured some for everyone of them.


They toasted and Tony took May by the hand walking her round the shop and showing her all the collections.


As they walked around, Tony suddenly slumped and became unconscious….)


May: Jesus! Somebody help! Get the ambulance please my husband …. My




( in about 10 minutes, the ambulance service arrived wheeled Tony into the ambulance and started giving him CPR as they zoomed off to the hospital with the siren on. In the Ambulance, May decided to inform Marcus of what was happening. She rang him and he picked up immediately….)



May: hello Marcus I don’t know where I am or what is happening. Tony just slumped while we were out..


Marcus: What! Where are you now?


May: on our way to St Thomas’s…..


Marcus: On my way! stay calm…


I might be there before you but you must stay calm. Everything will be alright. Shit!


I’ll see you there.


To be continued





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