Wed. May 29th, 2024





(May had just returned from the hairdresser where she got her hair neatly braided)


Tony: wow! Gorgeous girl! You look absolutely beautiful!


May: Thank you. I was rushing to come prepare dinner for us…


Tony: Nah! We are eating out. Picked up some dresses for you, I left them on your bed..


May: wow!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuu! Let me go try them on. I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. I hope they’ll still look good on me. I feel I have lost my femininity


Tony: May, you are everything a woman! Never think otherwise and yes, a dress that doesn’t look good on you will be a horrible creation of a bad dressmaker. Be fast so that we can come back early enough to enable you wake up early for your classes tomorrow.


May: And don’t forget, we are going to the gym in the morning at 6!


Tony: Yes ma’am!


(Tony and May enjoyed the cool evening breeze as they strolled to a nearby Harvester restaurant. May would occasionally rest her head on Tony’s shoulder and tell him how happier she had become since she met him. They enjoyed a delicious steak and mashed potatoes, strolled back home and said good night to each other as they retired to their individual rooms.


At about 7.30pm the next day, Tony returned from work, and unlike before, May did not come out to welcome him. So he knocked and opened her door, and found her crying so bitterly while ‘LOVE ME THE WAY I AM’ by Lucky Dube played in the background)



Tony: My goodness! May what is the matter. Look how red your eyes are? Did anyone do anything to you when I left you at the gym? Oh come on! Talk to me; what’s the matter?


May: no one did anything to me. I have just been reminiscing on past events, thinking if anyone will ever love me.


Tony: come on May! Come on! But I love you just the way you are. Why is that difficult for you to believe!


May: I know you do, but…


Tony: Guess what? I’ve just bought you a freehold property where you will start your hairdressing business; we have also set up your website and advertised for 10 job vacancies. You are going to be a boss soon. How does that make you feel?


May: You did??? (Wiping her tears) Oh! My God! (Hugs Tony) I feel on top of the world! Can’t believe this is happening in my lifetime! Thank you.


Tony: You are welcome, my dear. By the way, Rev Andrews asked after you and promised to visit us soon.


May: awwwww! That would be nice! He is a really nice man.


Tony: yeah! I’ll go to my room now, shower, change and meet you in the living room so you tell me about your day before I go to bed. Is that oaky?


May: Yes, your dinner will be waiting when you are done



Tony: Oh thanks! I am famished. what did you cook?



May: would you believe it? I tried making the Nigerian jollof rice but without the excess chilies ofcourse. But guess what! It came out great!


Tony: what is jollof rice without that burning sensation that leaves you reaching for a glass of cold drink afterwards. Anyway, I’ll see what it tastes like. There is always the option of ordering food …



May: excuse you! Hahahaha! Did you just insinuate that my food won’t be delicious!


Tony: I never said that, I was just thinking of a plan B just in case something doesn’t go well with plan A.


But come on! As far as you were the one who made it, I’ll eat and lick my plate.


May: I’ll wow your tastebuds!


Tony: go for it! I’ll see you in a bit, yeah!


May: sure! Thanks so much for turning my life around in a way I never thought possible!


Can I give you another hug, please?


Tony: grab it!


To be continued


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