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(Tony got back from the Court and was having a cup of coffee when his phone rang. It was Marcus calling, so he picked up…)


Marcus: What’s up man! How was the hearing?




Tony: Good! Good! You know, the fact that we said that she had no weapon on her and that she was remorseful served as mitigating factors. Also, the judge was very lenient and sympathetic towards her. So she only got a 6- month suspended sentence.


Marcus: Barrister Abraham is the law itself! Anyways, congratulations on your wife’s conditional freedom.


Tony: May is not my wife.



Marcus: So where is she right now, since she claims to have no family at all; the girl with no origin…


Tony: well, I left her with Miriam, my secretary. I’ll be going to see her tomorrow so she decides where she wants to stay and the way forward for her life



Marcus: And maybe pick a wedding date, aye?



Tony: Do you find yourself funny?



Marcus: well, I just hope she doesn’t steal from Miriam. Poor girl, spending the night with a thief must be nerve-racking.


Tony: I believe in change. Maybe, just maybe, something good can come out of Nazareth.


Marcus: Not ready for your biblical allusions now. I’m getting ready to drop Claire home and head to work from there.


Tony: when are you even marrying that girl? Stop enjoying those benefits you are ever so undeserving of!



Marcus: Marriage scares the hellfire outta me bruv! Don’t mention before I have a panic attack. I’m running now. See ya!


Tony: bye, kid.



Marcus: hahahahaha! Guy you be mumu o!




(The next day, Marcus got to Miriam’s house as early as 7.30am and met Miriam about leaving for work)


Tony: Morning Miriam. How is she?


Miriam: She is alright. Slept very well, we had our devotion and breakfast and she has just showered.


I think she is dressing up in the bedroom…


Tony: Excellent! I see you are about leaving for work; I’ll go in and have a word with her. AlsoI will be late for work so take any message for me.


Thank you very much for having her! Cheers!



(Miriam left for work and Tony went inside and met May sitting in the living room…)


May: Good morning, Mr Tony


Tony: Good morning, May. How are you today?


May: I’m very well, thanks.


Tony: Good! I would like to have a few words with you, if you don’t mind..


May: sure!



Tony: You see, some of the questions I will be asking you may be a bit personal, but it’s only because I want to get to know you. And by all means, feel free to ask me anything as well. So tell me, who is May?


May: May is a nobody.


Tony: No mother? Father? Siblings? Just anything to give me an idea of who you



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May: None that I know……


I grew up in Care and at age 12, I was adopted into a family where my adoptive father raped me until rape became as normal as your daily three square meals.


I was so damaged and angry at whatever brought me into the world. I wanted to leave the world but not without destroying it as much as it destroyed me. So I ran out of the house and started living on the streets.


Severally I was raped whilst on the streets. Recently, I got into this sheltered accommodation ……


Every morning at around 10.Am when I am sure people had gone to work, I break into homes, and steal from them to fund my alcohol and nicotine addiction.


That was what I came to do at your property when you apprehended me. So, there is nothing to me at all….


Tony: You have no information regarding your biological parents at all?


May: I learnt they both perished in a car crash. They had left me at home with my


nanny and on their way to a friend’s birthday party…..(silence…. )


Tony: okay, you are getting really upset now. Do you want us to take a break now?


May: yes please…


( Tony held May’s hands and they both walked about in Miriam’s garden, talking about the different plants in it and their names. Two hours later when May had become a bit calm, they went back inside and carried on with their discussion….)



Tony: May, it is difficult to maintain dry eyes while listening to you. I now understand why you are the way, you are. But I am going to ask you to trust a man one more time. And I know it sounds like asking you to take one more bullet.


But permit me to help you heal. You can heal. Yes you can.


I want you to be like a rose that leaves a lovely fragrance on the shoes that crushed it.


To a world that has given you tears and sorrows, I want you to give love. Who knows, you can help a million others going through similar situations come out of it.


Your body may have been violated or damaged as you put it, but I see a warrior in you. Your spirit is unharmed. Let this fire refine you and bring out the gold in you. You can be a great woman. You can rule your world. Yes you can, May.


You see, I have no family, an only child and my parents are late. I am comfortable.


I don’t like to use the word ‘wealthy’ but I can look after you.


I have two unoccupied furnished rooms in my house. You can occupy two of them. Keep the keys and I promise you, I will never ever violate you. You will go back to college, get a degree, and get a job. Make me proud of you. That’s all I’m asking for in return.


Do you think that is something you are willing to do?


May: I wouldn’t want to go back to college. I have always wanted to be a


hairdresser. I think I would like to train to become one….


Tony: absolutely fine by me. I will put you through counselling and get you help with the alcohol and cigarette addiction.


As soon as you complete that, we start your hairdressing career. Deal?


May: Deal.



Tony: off we go then!


To be continued…



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