Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 30


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)


Final episode………..






“what happened? ” I asked and the doctor sighed


“Ariana survived but her father……… ” he paused as I grab his hand


“what happened to her father? ” I said and he slowly removed his hand from mine


“her father died ” he said and walked away as I stumbled back


No way


How will her father die ?


What will happen to Ariana now?


I walked to her ward and saw her still asleep as tears dripped from my eyes


“I’m sorry Ariana, I’m really sorry ” I cried as her eyes opened immediately


“what are you sorry for?” she asked as she sat up but I couldn’t say anything


“what? ”


“where is my dad, where is he? ” she asked and wanted to stand up but I held her back


“Kyle, do you know any other family member of Ariana family so we can tell them he died ” the doctor entered the ward without noticing Ariana was Awake


“what? Doctor what do you mean by he died? ” she asked the doctor and looked at me


“Kyle, what is the doctor saying ” she said and I couldn’t control my tears as she ran outside and I ran after her


She ran to the ward where her father was and removed the white cloth used to cover him


She knelt beside his corpse and burst into tears



“dad, you are not dead right? ” she said with tears


“dad, wake up now, didn’t you promise never to leave me, dad you are a betrayal, you didn’t fulfill your promise ” she yelled out with tears and I couldn’t help but cry too


“dad, I love you, I love you and I promise to be a good daughter so wake up now ” she yelled as more tears rolled down her cheek


“Ariana ” I called and turned her to me


“Kyle, dad Is not dead right? ” she asked and I wipe my tears


“I’m sorry ” I said and she cried even more as I hug her


“mom left me and now dad is gone too, I’m left alone ” she said and I pat her


“you are not alone Ariana ” I sniffed back my tears





I packed all my clothes, shoes, books and all my stuffs inside my box


My phone started ringing and it was a call from my mom “hello mom ” I said


“Tracy, are you really coming to New York? ” she asked


“yes, dad told me to come and besides it’s been long since I’ve seen you ” I said and smiled


“I will be happy to see you Tracy ” she said and I hang up as I drag my box outside and took a cab to the airport


My phone beeped and I saw a message In the class group chat Martins told everyone Ariana lost her dad


I looked at my wristwatch, I still have one hour before my flight



I ran to her house and saw her sitting on the couch


“Ariana ” I called


She looked at me and looked away


“why are you here? ” she asked and I starred at the floor


“I’m sorry ” I said


“why are you sorry? ” she asked without looking at me


“for throwing the vase down in the library, for burning the building you were inside, for firing your dad and for making people believe he was a fraudster ” I said and I saw tears gathered in her eyes


“after doing all that, do you expect me to forgive you? ” she asked and I nod


“yes, I expect you to forgive me because despite all the things you did to Kyle, he forgave you ” I said and she wiped her tears


“you are right, Kyle forgave me after all the things I did to him, so why shouldn’t i forgive you ” she said and stood up from the couch


“you can go, I’m busy ” she said and turned to go


“have you forgiven me?” I asked and she looked at me


“yes, I forgiven You” she said and I smiled


“but I did it for Kyle and nothing more ” she said and walked upstairs


I sighed and walked outside the house when I bumped into Kyle


“what are you doing here? ” he asked


“I am going back to New York, so I came to ask for forgiveness” I said


“when are you coming back from New York? ” he asked “I’m not coming back ” I paused and looked at him



“Kyle, I’m sorry for saying those hurtful words that day ” I said and he smiled


“it’s okay, I guess I did too much too ” he said


“then we are even now ” I said and he walked inside the house


Wait am I forgetting something?!


I ran to school and saw Justin sitting alone in the library


“Tracy ” he called


“Justin, I came to say goodbye, I guess we won’t be seeing each other anymore ” I faked a smile


“so you didn’t give me An answer till the end ” he said


“what is the point of giving you an answer now, I am going to live In New York till I die ” I said and he nod


“alright, give me a call when you get home ” he said and I smiled


2 weeks later……..





“mom, dad, I promise to take care of Ariana, so please don’t worry too much about her and rest in peace ” Kyle said as we were both standing In my parents graveyard


“I promise not to let her go, even if it just for a second ” he said and paid his last homage to my parents as I wiped my tears




“Kyle, how is Tracy doing? ” I asked as we both walked down the street


“she’s doing perfectly fine, she called yesterday ” he said and I nod


“did you remember that day I asked when you started to like me? ” I asked and he stopped


“yeah, do you need an answer now? ” he asked and I nod


“it was that day ” he said and I arched my brow


“which day? ”


“that day You prevented me from throwing the necklace away on the bridge ” he said and I smiled


“wow, you are so cute ” I grab his cheek


“should I spend the night with you today? ” he asked and I nod with a smile as we both walked to my house


“where should I sleep? ” he asked when we got to my room and I drag him to the bed


“let’s sleep on the same bed ” I smiled “sure ” he said and we both laid on the bed


“Ariana do you like me? ” he asked and I nod “yeah, very much ” I said


“but I don’t like you ” he said and I stood up “what? ”


He pulled me back to the bed


“I don’t like you but I love you ” he said and I sighed


“you almost gave me shock ” I hit his chest


“should I tell you a story?” he asked and I put my head on his chest


“sure ”


“there lived a girl named Ariana, she bullied all her classmates and collected money from them but now she has changed ” he said and I smirked


“are you telling me my story now ” I said


“hey Ariana, close your eyes ” he said and stood up from the bed



“why? ”


“just close it before asking questions ” he said and I closed my eyes


“OK now open it ” he said and I opened my eyes then I saw him on his knees with a small box on his hand


“will you marry me Ariana? ” he asked and I smiled


“Kyle, I will answer your question In the future ”






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