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Episode 29


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)


Semi final…….





“what happened? ” I asked as she hanged up and she smiled


“my dad has been released from the prison, I’m just so happy, I have to go ” she said and wanted to run but i stopped her


“let’s go together ” I said and she nod as we both ran to the police station We saw her dad from afar and there were many reporters around him “it’s not ok to go to him right now ” I said and she shook her head “No, it’s ok, i want to see my dad ” she said and ran there


I didn’t want her to go because there was so much dust around the place The reporters were too much


“Ariana wait up ” I called and ran after her as she ran to hug her father


“dad, I miss you ” she sobbed


“who is this young lady? ”


“were you really a fraudster?”


Those were the questions the reporters were asking


Suddenly Ariana started to cough and I ran to her


“Ariana, are you okay? ” her father asked as she held her chest


I brought out an handkerchief from my pocket and covered her mouth with it


“who are you? ” her father asked but I ignored his questions


“I will take Ariana to the hospital ” I said as i piggyback her




I sat in the hospital as her father ran inside


“how is she? ” he asked and the doctor came out


“Mr swift can I talk to you privately ” the doctor said and they both walked far From me


I ran to Ariana Ward and saw her Lying with her eyes closed, I sat beside her and held her hand


After some minutes her father entered as i released her hands and stood up


“young man , who are you? You helped Ariana to the hospital and now you were holding her hands. What is your relationship with her? ” he asked and I sighed


“I’m her boyfriend ” I said and he smiled



“really? Wow what’s your name? ” he asked “Kyle ”


“Kyle, you have a handsome name just like yourself ” he said and I managed to smile


“I can’t believe my Ariana got herself a boyfriend, she is the type that doesn’t care about stuffs like that ” he moved closer to me and held my shoulder


“Kyle, promise me that you will take care of Ariana ” he said and I saw tears gathering in his eyes


“the doctor told me that Ariana can only survive once she has an operation, he also said he doubt if Ariana can survive the operation because the lung cancer has gotten more worse than ever ” he said and I could feel my hand shaking


“Ariana turned to something else after her mother died and it was all my fault because I didn’t have time to take care of her, if I had always been there for her then maybe she wouldn’t have smoke ” he said and before I knew it i could feel tears dripping from my eyes


“if Ariana survived and anything bad happens to me, please take care of Ariana ” he said and wiped his tears


“No, nothing bad will happen to you, please don’t say that again ” I sniffed back my tears


“Ariana will be having her operation in three days ” he said and I nod





I opened my eyes and saw Kyle beside me


“you are awake ” he said in a breaking voice, it’s like he had been crying


“Kyle did you cry? Who is the jerk that made you cry, I’m going to fry that person


I said and wanted to stand up but he held me back “I didn’t cry ” he said with his voice still breaking



“why are you lying when it’s so obvious you cried ” I said and this time he burst into tears


“Kyle ” I called and he wiped his tears


“you will be having the surgery in three days time ” he said and my heart sank


“three days? ” I asked


“yes, Ariana, you have to survive this surgery ” he said and grab my hand


“don’t worry, can’t you tell? I’m strong as always ” I faked a smile


“you don’t have to look happy when you are not ” he said as more tears dripped from his eyes


“gosh, Kyle, you have the talent of crying, you have so much tears in your eyes ” I faked a smile again


He looked at as he took his trembling hands to my neck


“Ariana, this necklace, when you get to the theater room think of this necklace as me ” he said and I nod


“OK, stop crying now and smile ” I said and he managed to smile


I’m sorry Kyle but I don’t think I can survive I’m already dying




“you little witch, I cherished you so much that I did everything you wanted for you even though your mom is a concubine ” my dad yelled at me as I stared at the ground


“how could you ruin someone, why in the world did you reported to the police that Mr swift was a fraudster ” he yelled as my other siblings ran downstairs


“you made it so real that even i believed you” he yelled again



“I’m sorry dad ” I apologized and he was panting heavily


“do you think you can do whatever you want, I am going to remind you if you have forgotten, your mom is not my wife, she’s not a wife ” he yelled as I clenched my fist


“I’m going to send you to New York, go and live with your mother there and don’t even think of returning once you get there ” he said and I looked at him


“dad, you can’t do that” tears gathered in my eyes


“you are not going to tell me what to do ” he said and wanted to leave as I ran after him and grab his hand


“you can’t do that dad, I’m sorry but I’m not going to New York ” I pleaded but he pushed me away


“I’m so disappointed in you Tracy ” he said and walked away angrily





Ariana is having her surgery soon, I took one last look at her and I couldn’t control my tears


“I told you to stop crying, I’m really going to survive ” she said and I nod


“alright, I believe in you” I faked a smile


“Ariana please stay alive because of your father, please ” I pleaded and she smiled “ok crybaby, after the operation I’m going to drain all the water in your eyes to prevent you from crying again ” she said and laughed


“Ariana it’s time ” the doctor said and she stood up


“I’m going Kyle, I will be back ” she said and turned to go as I grab her cloth


She smiled and slowly removed my hand



“I will be back, I promise ” she said and left


I didn’t want her to leave, I didn’t want to let go of her


I stood infront of the theater room pacing up and down with her father


After some minutes the doctor came out


“we need someone to donate blood for Ariana, she lost too much of blood ” the doctor said and I moved to him


“I will do it ” I said but her father stopped me


“no, I will donate the blood you stay here ” he said and left with the doctor


Suddenly my heart started beating fast, I felt something bad had happened


My hands started shaking too and tears rolled down my cheeks


The doctor came out after many hours, his face was not a smiling one


“doctor, what happened? ” I asked and he sighed


“Kyle, Ariana is……………”




Ariana is what?










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