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Marcus: Tony, who are you buying all these female clothes for?


Tony: Well, May will be appearing in court tomorrow and she has no decent clothes. I decided to pick up a few for her.


Marcus: So are you also going to ask her to cut her Mohawk hairstyle?


Tony: If she agrees. Otherwise I’ll let her be.


Marcus: Hahahaha. You never cease to amaze me! Alright man, I’ll leave you to it.


Claire is coming over for the weekend.


Tony: Send my love to her.


Marcus: Will do.


(Tony bought 5 female shirts, 3 trousers, a dozen of knickers and bras for May, and made his way to Gilford police station)


Tony: Good afternoon, Miss May.


May: Why are you here? What do you want from me?

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Tony: Are you aware that you are due to appear in Court tomorrow?


May: I am.


Tony: Well, I got you these clothes; you might need them for tomorrow.



May: Yes! Clothes! Clothes! They cover our nakedness, our nakedness is who we truly are, but with clothes and makeups, we hide pains, bitterness, anger and the real us. You want me to appear sane in court tomorrow when in fact, I am insane.


You want me to appear responsible when I am irresponsible, you want me to appear law abiding when I am a law breaker!



Tomorrow, I shall be appearing in that Court just as I am. So that the judge will judge me and not the made up me! Take these away from me. I don’t need them!


Tony: Calm down, Miss May. You are not irresponsible. Your actions may have been irresponsible but I believe there is an underlying reason or reasons why you do the things you do…


May: What do you want from a no good like me? Why do you care so much? What is your mission?


Tony: Too many questions at a time… Well, my personal lawyer will be representing you in Court tomorrow. I will also be there to offer moral support. Please, try not to scream or use obscene languages in court. Ermm, I hope these clothes fit you, because I am not sure of your size.


May: I am a size 10



Tony: Unbelievable! That’s exactly the size I got. I also got you some Thai rice. Are you a fan?


May: And cigarettes?


Tony: No, I don’t think you need it. I’ll take my leave now. See you tomorrow.


May: Bye bye


…To be continued





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