Fri. May 10th, 2024

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“Let go of me!!!!! Get your filthy hands off me you bastard! And why are you hiding my gun you dunce, Yelled May, as she struggled to break loose from Tony’s strong hold.


Tony: shut it! you hopeless burglar! and if you do not want to rot in prison, never mention to the police that you had a gun when they arrive because they will be here soon.


Tony: (picks up the phone) yes officer, the bastard is still here….. Yes number 44


St Andrews Avenue JA17 w95. Thanks!


May: when and if I get out of this, I’m gonna kill you, I promise ya!


Tony: I’ll make sure you go down for having the guts to enter into my property you little rat!







(Tony and Marcus his friend had gone to their usual bar after work on Friday evening to have some drinks)


Marcus: Are you that tired, Tony? You are not you today. What’s up man?


Tony: I am more worried than tired.


Marcus: did you get any girl pregnant. That’s the only thing that gets church men like you looking this lost ; because you don’t know how to explain that bullcrap to your parents, hers and the church committee. Hahahaha!


Seriously man, what’s up? You have been a shadow of yourself. You know you can always talk to me.


Tony: Far from that, man….why would a girl as beautiful as she is, choose that


sort of life. I can’t get my head around it.


Marcus: I know you are occasionally stupid, but please don’t tell me you are thinking about that criminal. She has been handed over to the police, your job is


done! Get over it! Seriously, I don’t want to talk about this again!



Tony: The psychologist in me keeps telling me that something led her into it. I wanna know what.


Marcus: The surgeon in me keeps telling me that you need a brain surgery! Get over this nonsense man! Seriously!


Tony: pheww! I guess I should.


Marcus: And this minute!






(Tony was having a cup of coffee in his office when his secretary walked in and told him that a call had come through to the office and the caller had asked to speak with him. Tony asked her to put the call through to him)


Tony: Tony chukwuka speaking, how can I help?



Officer: Morning sir, I am Officer Warren from Gilford police station. Do you have a minute?


Tony: Sure!


Officer: Just a quick question. When Miss May entered your property on the 17th of April, did she have any weapon on her?


Tony: ermm, No officer. I did not find any weapon on her


Officer: How did she gain entrance into your property, sir? Did she do any damage to your home such as breaking the door or window?


Tony: ermmm actually officer, she gained entrance through the back door that I mistakenly left open.


Officer: how would you describe her attitude when you caught her, was she abusive at all?


Tony: No, she was very remorseful. In fact at some point I felt like letting her go but I know that would be concealing a crime which on its own, is a crime.


Officer: Thanks very much sir for your time. We will contact you, should we require further information from you.


Tony: thanks, officer.


By Rossy Chris Umeweni Oliver







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