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(The time is, May and Tony were asleep in their bedroom. May turned and noticed that Tony was awake and appeared lost in some deep thoughts that he did not notice that she had been staring at him for seconds)


May: (gently taps him on the shoulder) babe, why are you not sleeping?


Tony: (startled!) oh! Darling it’s nothing. I have been sleeping all night; Guess I’ve had enough. Get back to sleep.


May: Tony! There is something you are hiding from me! Ever since we got back from our honeymoon two weeks ago, you have been acting strange.


You stopped going to the gym with me, nothing seems to excite you anymore. You are always absent minded and you are losing weight! This isn’t what you promised me, Tony!


Have you suddenly realised that you married a lady with a dirty past? Why don’t you forget the…



Tony:(interrupts!) will you cut that crap! Why are you always going on about your past? You need to get over it! why do you always bring your past into everything? Let it go!


May: so what’s the problem? Please talk to me. If it’s me, I am willing to change


Tony: sweetie, business has been slow and other financial setbacks I have been experiencing lately. But you need not worry, It’s nothing I cannot handle. Trust me.


May: financial problem you said? Tony, what amount of money do you need that I cannot give you? Even if you are not comfortable to take it from me, I wouldn’t mind lending you.


Tony: it hasn’t gotten to that. Come here…(Tony cuddles and comforts May


and….. )



(at, May woke up to get ready for her medical appointment with Marcus, as she has been feeling unwell for the past few days)


Tony: you look beautiful as ever. Are you sure you don’t want me to drop you off?


May: no, I can manage. You did not sleep at all last night. I want you to see if you can get some sleep. I won’t be long.


(May got to Marcus’ clinic and was asked to sit and wait to be called in. After 5 minutes she was called )


Marcus: Mrs Tony! What brought you here? What’s the matter?



May: that’s your job. Find out


Marcus: did you eat anything your body does not agree with whilst on holiday?


May: maybe.


Marcus: you know what? Why don’t we quickly do a pregnancy test?



May: sure!


Marcus gave May a tube to collect her urine.when she got back, Marcus, placed the absorbent tip pointing downwards in the urine for 5 seconds, took it out, looked at it and exclaimed! Yes!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations May, you are pregnant!

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May: Oh! Thank you Jesus! Phewwww! This is something I never thought would happen to me. I am going to be a mum, Marcus!


(May broke down in tears and Marcus gave her a hug for a few seconds then she sat down)


May: Marcus, Tony has been acting strange. Wouldn’t do anything but look into these endless documents at home, always on the phone with Barrister Abraham and I noticed he is losing weight as well. He doesn’t sleep at night either.


Did he tell you exactly what is going on because what he is telling me holds no water at all.


Marcus: you see, May, Tony is of few words and he bottles things up a lot. Although I have noticed the weight loss, I will advise you worry less. Especially in this condition, you do not need the stress at all.


Maybe he could be handling some stuff at work as he said.


But im sure the news of your pregnancy will cheer him up.


May: oh yea! It definitely would! Thanks, Tony, I must be on my way now…


Marcus: take care my love and hey! Drive safely. Nothing must happen to my godson.


May: hahahahaha! Already???? I will do


(Join Group)


(May got home and met Tony flipping through the pages of some huge files)


May: are you still on these! For goodness sakes give yourself a break!



Tony: (still flipping through the files and not making any eye contact with May, responds. ..) hello sweets, is everything okay? Tell me about it…


May: can you put the files away first, please??


Tony: sure.


May: I’m pregnant (drops the test result on his laps)


Tony: (holds his two hands on his head facing downwards)



May: (waves at his face) hello….. i said I am pregnant, that means I am going to


be having your child! you are going to be a dad and I am going to be a mum. Do you understand!!!


Tony: (pheeeeeewwwww!) I heard and understood you clearly the first time you said it. My worst fear has happened.


May: excuse you????


Tony: May, do me this one favour. Will you? Lets get rid of it.



May: what did I just hear you say?


Tony: we are getting rid of it!


May: I must be dreaming, ain’t i?


Tony: you are not. Listen May, I would not want you………


To be continued



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