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Episode 7


May and Tony lodged in Sani Beach Hotel, Halkidiki in Greece; very happy to have been away from the cold English weather.


One evening, as they sat on the sand by the beach, looking at other tourists and the beautiful seaside, Tony as ever used the opportunity to tell May just how beautiful she looks….



Tony: that two piece looks great on you, and your legs are endless wow! Hold me lord!


May: you intentionally bought them for your viewing pleasure. Didn’t you!


Tony: not gonna say a word on that☺


May: your silence is an answer…


Tony: May, like I told you before, I would love to marry you in every sense of it and I can’t wait to do that. Is there anyone you would like me to formally inform or get consent from?


Anyone you would love to be there? Also, tell me what kind of wedding you would like to have. Now, permit me to brag a wee bit; I can fund any wedding you can think of. When I say ‘any’, I mean every letter in that word.


May: I have only two people in my life; one is here on earth and the other is in heaven. I have you and only you here on earth and God in heaven.


Marry me in the presence of God with Rev Andrews as the officiating minister and whoever you choose as a witness. Marcus, preferably..


Tony: consider it done, baby girl….(coughs)


May: when are you seeing the doctor regarding this cough? It’s been over a week now.

(Join Group)


Tony: as soon as I get home, I’ll get Marcus to run a thorough health check on me. I need to be 100% healthy…….hey! I’m getting married! But I think it’s down to

the cold weather back home.


May: Naughty! Greece is beautiful and the people are very kind to strangers.


Tony: would you like to come back here for our honeymoon then?


May: ermmmmmmm! Erm…..


Tony: don’t be in a rush; you have a month to decide that. You just name the place and I will make it happen. (winks)


May: so amazing how different everything is and how rapidly it happened! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be someone’s bride. I thought I would die a druggie or spend the rest of my life behind bars.



Today, I own a huge business and now about to get married to the one man I’ve ever fallen in love with. It all feels like a dream but please do not wake me up from it.


Tony: and to think I still feel you deserve much more after everything you have been through. Nobody should go through all that. You didn’t deserve it especially being only a minor at the time those horrible incidents happened to you.


You see May, I wish I could go back into your past and make everything okay, but I’ll make sure your present and future is everything bright and beautiful.


May: Awwwwww! The only good thing about my past though was that it brought us together. If I wasn’t that desperate for weed on the day i broke into your property, nothing would have brought us together.


Tony: so tell me, did you plan to break into my property that day or it just happened?

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May: it wasn’t really planned. There is this guy I always borrow weed from when I run out. So that day he told me he didn’t have enough but ended up giving me a wrap. So i asked him how he manages to make money since he does not work.


He told me that he goes to posh areas during work hours and rob their homes. So with my phone I googled posh areas near me and your area came up so I took the bus down there.


I was actually seated at the bus stop watching you. You were on the phone and sort of in a hurry so I kept an eye knowing people are more likely to forget to shut their doors properly when they are rushing out.


And as I wished, you hopped in your car leaving that back door open. Once you drove off, I made my way in…


Tony: wow! I just learnt something now you know? It’s never a great idea to be in a rush. It’s better to wake up way early and take your time to get your acts together. It was Marcus on the phone that day telling me of his numerous escapades with women


May: hehehehe shall we say thanks to Marcus then?



Tony: maybe one funny thing though, that guy has always managed to be a part of everything great that has happened to me.


May: Awwwww! But what did he say to you when you told him you wanted to bring me into your house?


Tony: honestly, he nearly killed me. He thought I had been bewitched or something like that. But I had this strong conviction that there was more to you than a homeless burglar. Today, I am so glad I followed my instinct.


May: I love you, Tony.


Tony: I love you too and I will always do….


May: why don’t you want to share my room with me?


Tony: I will take you to your room but will go back to mine. I do not want to put myself in a position where I would be fighting my natural instincts as a man. I intend to keep every single promise I made you including not touching you until we get married.


When next we would come back here, we are coming as a pair and God knows I shall let my natural self run wild


May: hahahahaha! Anyway, I think I can wait



Tony and May sat by the beach and watched the sun set before retiring to their respective hotel rooms.


To be continued





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