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“No Lizzy, don’t talk like that. This is not your fault. She would be fine. She has to be” He said sharply, both to himself and to Lizzy.


She nodded, trying to accept what Andy said. She leaned against him and he held her but he was detached from his environment. ‘I should have insisted that she use the driver’ he told himself for the umpteenth time. ‘I should have’. He gritted his teeth as tears threatened strongly and he forced them back forcefully. He has to be strong.



Be strong for Jessica. The waiting room door opened and Andy turned, releasing Lizzy but his eyes collided with the dark intense gaze of his father.






Sonia sat in the bus, feeling all sorts of emotions: self-loath, anger, agitation but fear was the most evident of all.


She could not believe that her life had turned into a nightmare within the space of three weeks. She sat in the bus with dark specks covering her eyes. She mopped tears as they seeped out from under the glasses.


Listening to her mother had become the worst thing she had ever done. Ever since Jessica had gotten married to Andy, her mother hadn’t stopped poisoning her mind. Her mother had complained endlessly on why Sonia had been contented with being the bride’s maid of honour instead of being the bride.


“You sat down behind your friend, fanning her and mopping her face; why were you not the bride? As far as I am concerned, you are much more good looking. You are just too dull. If you had been smarter, you would be married to that money-bag and we would be swimming in money by now” Sonia’s mother had said.


Sonia shook her head. She should not have listened to her mother’s continuous talks. She hadn’t at first but then, her mother never stopped.


She continuously poisoned her mind until she found herself becoming Jealous of Jessica. They say blood is thicker than water but now, she preferred water to blood.


Hearing that Jessica had been involved in an accident was more shattering than anything she had experienced. It had taken just the news alone to bring her to her senses. She could not bear to think that Jessica might die; if that happened, she would probably die of guilt and bitterness.


She wanted forgiveness but she did not know if what she had done could be forgiven. She knew she would not forgive if she were in Jessica’s shoes but she still had to try. But what if…


‘No’ she said internally as more tears trickled down her face. ‘She must not die…


Please God… If you never hear me, please hear me today… Jessica can’t die






Andy’s dad had done all he could to see Andy and seek his forgiveness but all his attempts had been truncated by Andy, one way or the other. Even going to Andy’s office and threatening his staff hadn’t worked because Andy had left strict instructions with his staff to never allow his father into his office. Mr. Williams had sent messages but Andy had replied none.


“What do you want dad? Have you not done enough havoc?” Andy said quietly, too quietly.


“I am sorry Andy. I have been saying this for the past two weeks. I made a silly mistake but I was only thinking of your welfare”


“My welfare” Andy repeated. The fact that his dad had done what he did because of him did not make Andy happy at all.


“My welfare? At what expense? You almost ruined Jessica’s life dad. You almost ruined my life. Jessica is my life, my everything; and you deliberately hurt her like that?” Andy shook his head. He was not ready for this conversation now, he had more than enough on his plate already.


“I never knew Andy. How would I have known? I only know what I heard on the…” he looked round the waiting room and saw that some strangers were looking at them.


He moved closer to Andy, talking for his ears alone. “On the tape” he continued. “I never knew that you both had developed feelings for each other, if I had, I would never have done what I did.



I know my move to put it all on her was very wrong and I regret it but I only thought of it at that time in order to protect you” Mr. Williams murmured quietly, his eyes showing signs of remorse.


“Why did you make it your business dad? You could have confronted us or better still, stayed out of it” He was not as aggressive as before.


“You are my business Andy. You became my business immediately you were born; your mum would not have it any other way”. Andy exhaled deeply.


He loved his father so much. His father had taken the responsibility of a father and a mother, ensuring that he had all the love and affection he needed.


How could he not forgive his dad anything? Mr. Williams touched Andy’s shoulder in a manly manner. “I know how much you love her” he whispered. “I saw how depressed and devastated you were when Jessica went missing and I almost died of guilt. I am sorry son”.


Andy looked at his father, and his arrogance disappeared, leaving the fear very visible. Mr. Williams was taken aback.


He had never seen Andy look so vulnerable and scared, not even when his fiancée had died. “She would be OK right?


Dad, I don’t know what I would do if she… if she…” Andy looked twenty again as tears brimmed in his eyes but his stubbornness would not allow them fall. “I can’t do without her dad”.


Andy’s dad drew him into his arms for an awkward father to son hug. “We have to keep our faith up Andy. All would be well”.


Doctor Bright worked endlessly with two other doctors and two nurses. Immediately he saw the patient, he identified her instantly. Who would not know the outstandingly beautiful wife of the richest bachelor in Nigeria?



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